Exploring Seoul: 8 Fascinating Activities for an Unforgettable South Korean Journey in 2023

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We have always been fascinated by the contrasting cultures of South Korea and North Korea. The inclusiveness of the former, as a society has earned admiration from the world. The culturally affluent country has become one of the most popular destinations for unconventional travel. The society of this place embodies hints of its ancient royal past and Buddhist influences, along with its rapid modernization. This exceptional blend is worth experiencing as a traveler. There are some genuinely thrilling activities to engage in Seoul that you must attempt during your visit to this South Korean capital.

Best Things To Do In Seoul

8 Activities to Engage in Seoul

Here are several of the extraordinary activities to engage in Seoul to make your South Korean vacation an unforgettable one:

1. Bukchon Hanok Village – Explore

: Herbert_Lee for Pixabay Bukchon Hanok Village is situated on the peak of a hill between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace, and Jongmyo Royal Shrine. This traditional village conserves a 600-year-old urban environment. The rusticity of this place will enchant you and transport you back in history. The village is comprised of numerous passages and hanok houses (a traditional Korean house) dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. People still reside in Bukchon Hanok Village. From this village perched on the hilltop, it overlooks the urban settlement. Exploring this village is one of the finest activities to engage in Seoul.

Bukchon Hanok Village View

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2. Myeongdong – Purchase Cosmetics

Myeongdong In Seoul

: tragrpx for Pixabay If you are exploring South Korea, shopping is an obligatory activity. And for the ultimate shopping experience in this city, you must certainly visit Myeong-dong. This bustling shopping district in Seoul is a paradise for enthusiasts of cosmetics. It is incredibly packed with stores of global fashion brands and upscale department stores. Myeong-dong is renowned for its culinary delights as well. There are local dining establishments serving Korean dumplings and ginseng chicken soup. You will also come across numerous street vendors selling Japanese and Thai snacks. After shopping, you can also make your way to the nearby Myeongdong Nanta Theatre to witness some stage performances that combine traditional music and drama. Another option is the Myeong-dong Cathedral that showcases a Gothic-style bell tower from the 19th century.

Gyeongbokgung Palace In Seoul

3. Gyeongbokgung Palace – Cultural Experience

: lperron for Pixabay Constructed in 1395, Gyeongbokgung was the primary majestic palace of the Joseon dynasty. Also recognized as Gyeongbokgung Palace or Gyeongbok Palace, this location exudes the archaic Korean majestic atmosphere. The stunning palace is constructed in the traditional architectural style with impressive roof structures. This location is famous for the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony which is likewise called the Gwanghwamun Gate Guard-on-Duty Performance. Make certain you attend it on your visit. You can also don the attire of a gatekeeper by borrowing the costume offered at the Sumunjangcheong Building, located behind the Gwanghwamun Gate.

Everland In Seoul

4. Everland – Most Extreme Roller Coaster Ride

To introduce a dash of excitement to your South Korean getaway, head to Everland. This amusement park, situated at the Everland Resort in Yongin, is the largest in the nation. With an annual attendance of over 7.3 million, it ranked 16th globally in terms of attendance in 2014. This immense outdoor theme park comprises 5 intriguing zones of rides and attractions. Test your bravery by riding the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster at Everland. The theme park also features South Korea’s solitary safari.

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