Exploring Rajasthan: Discover the Majestic Rajputana Heritage through 67 Must-See Destinations in 2023.

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Rajasthan, a place that resides in the dreams of almost everyone, whether it be in enchanting ruins or restored to its former glory. A land of vibrant colors, weathered forts, mesmerizing sand dunes, and a slight air of pride and honor, this expansive state in India holds the remnants of its royal past, transporting you back to the grandeur of its kingdoms. Adorned with majestic forts and palaces, the destinations to explore in Rajasthan rank among the most sought-after tourist spots in India. If you have yet to embark on a journey to any of its cities, now is the time to plan one. Make sure to allocate a few days to each of these vibrant towns, immersing yourself in their splendor, embracing their prominent attractions, indulging in delectable cuisine, and marveling at the exclusive handicrafts, all while gaining a glimpse into the lifestyle of the locals. As we present you with the finest locations in Rajasthan, be sure to secure the necessary permissions for your leave.

An aerial view of the Jaisalmer Fort which is among the most popular places to visit in Rajasthan

67 Astonishing Places to Discover in Rajasthan


Outlined below is an extensive catalog of the paramount locations worth exploring in Rajasthan. Intricately classified into various categories such as exemplary cities and historical sites, this list aims to provide you with the utmost convenience. Take a moment to peruse the collection and remember to include these destinations in your travel itinerary.

20 Unparalleled Urban Gems to Explore in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan boasts impeccable cities that demand to be encountered during your vacation. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Rajasthan and embark on a journey across the regal side of this princely state by venturing into the noteworthy locations it offers. Take a glance at each one of these cities and select those that captivate your heart.

An oarsman rows a boat in the Maota lake in front of Amber fort

Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is renowned as the Golden City for its sun-soaked sand dunes, splendid forts, and rich cultural heritage. Ranked among the top 5 cities to experience in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer enthralls visitors with its forts, palaces, and temples. The city owes its name to Maharaja Jaisal Singh. Interestingly, an aerial view of the city resembles a prince majestically perched on the crest of sand dunes, crowned by the magnificent Jaisalmer fort. When it comes to attractions, Jaisalmer boasts several pivotal places to visit within the span of 3 days, including museums and heritage temples. Moreover, the city annually plays host to the Desert Festival, captivating travelers from around the world as they witness the enchanting magic of Rajasthani art forms and engage in thrilling activities that define the essence of Jaisalmer.

Accommodation options: Fort Rajwada Jaisalmer, Suryagarh Jaisalmer Rajasthan, Hotel Jaisalkot, Sujan, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, Hotel Rang Mahal

Nearest airport: Jodhpur Airport – 284.6 km

Nearest railway station: Jaisalmer railway station – 2.8 km

Best time to visit: September to April

Highlights of Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer Fort, Sam sand dunes, Gadisagar Lake, Tanot Mata Temple

Experiences in Jaisalmer: Participate in the Desert Festival held between January and February, embark on a camel safari to the Sam sand dunes, visit the Longewala border

Famous for: Desert festivals, Jain temples

Top 39 Activities to Engage in Jaipur: Uncovering the Charms of the Pink City Once More

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most important places to see in Rajasthan

2. Jaipur: The Pink City Explained

Behold, the Pink City, which stands as the majestic capital of Rajasthan and holds the position of being the largest city in the state. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, in the year 1727, laid the foundation of this mesmerizing destination, making it one of the most sought-after tourist places in Jaipur. Embellished with a plethora of historic and heritage monuments, Jaipur boasts swift connectivity from major cities and a remarkable city plan where all the streets run from east to west. Undoubtedly, Jaipur is a destination that leaves everyone in awe.

Accommodation options: Madhav Guest House, Hathroi Palace, Ikaki Niwas, Rawla Rawatstar, Jaipur Friendly Villa, Rajputana Guest House

Nearest airport: Sanganer airport-12.0 km

Nearest railway station: Jaipur Junction railway station-4.9 km

Best time to visit: Any time throughout the year, except for the scorching summers when the temperatures are unbearably high.

Major attractions in Jaipur: City Palace, Amber Fort and Palace, Jantar Mantar Observatory, Birla Mandir.

Things to do in Jaipur: Embark on a thrilling wildlife safari, indulge in shopping for exquisite Rajasthani crafts, textiles, and gems.

A view of the city from Bundi Palace

Famous for: Havelis, forts, and bustling shopping markets.

3. Jodhpur: Indulge in Royal Splendor

Jodhpur can be perceived as an extension of the regal magnificence that pervades through Jaisalmer and Jaipur. This city, which once served as the power center of Mewar state, immerses travelers from all corners of the world into a world of forts, palaces, and temples. Known as the Sun City due to its perpetually sunny weather, and the Blue City due to its resplendent blue houses near the awe-inspiring Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur has captured the attention of esteemed photographer Steve McCurry. The captivating blue houses have served as his muse, and you can admire his stunning photographs of Jodhpur city by clicking here.

Accommodation options: Mihir Garh, Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, Rohetgarh, Hari Mahal, Indana Palace, Park Plaza

Nearest airport: Jodhpur Airport-9.6 km

Nearest railway station: Jodhpur Junction-9.2 km

Best time to visit: Any time throughout the year

Places To Visit In Jodhpur: Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Jaswant Thada, Kalyana Lake and Garden, Ghanta Ghar, Sardar Samand Lake and Masuria Hills

Things to do in Jodhpur: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the palaces, with the Mehrangarh Fort being an absolute must-visit.

Famous for: Palaces and forts.

Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur: An Exemplification of Grandeur and Magnificence

Junagarh Fort is among the most popular places to see in Rajasthan

4. Bundi: Dive into the World of Baoris

Bundi – The Hidden Gem in Rajasthan

Often overlooked among the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Bundi is a city that holds immense significance. Located 210 km away from Jaipur, Bundi takes its name from the indigenous Bunda Meena tribe. The city is renowned for its grand forts, step reservoirs known as baoris, mesmerizing lakes, and ancient architectural wonders.

Where to Stay: Experience the charm of Hotel Bundi House, Hotel Bundi Haveli, Haveli Taragarh Palace, Haveli Braj Bhushanjee, or Kasera Heritage View.

Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport, situated 210.1 km away.

Nearest Railway Station: Bundi railway station, only 3.2 km away.

Best Time to Visit: Bundi welcomes visitors throughout the year.

Major Attractions in Bundi: Discover the enchanting Nawal Sagar, Sukh Mahal, Dabhai Kund, Taragarh Fort, Bundi Palace, and numerous other spectacular step well reservoirs.

Things to Do in Bundi: Uncover the ancient paintings depicting the opium trade in Badal Mahal within Taragarh Fort, explore the fascinating technique of water harvesting in baoris, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring forts and palaces.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah decorated during Eid is another important place to see in Rajasthan

Famous For: Palaces, lakes, and reservoirs.

Bikaner – Home to Temples and Forts

Established by Rao Bhika and the Nehra jats, Bikaner dazzles with its assortment of temples, forts, and palaces. The city is renowned for its Camel Festival, which takes place annually in January-February. Usta and Chadwa artforms, characterized by floral and geometric patterns, add to the vibrant atmosphere of Bikaner.

Where to Stay: Experience luxury at Narendra Bhawan, Hotel Raj Vilas Palace, Gajner Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, or Heritage Resort.

Nearest Airport: Jodhpur Airport, around 248.6 km away.

Nearest Railway Station: Bikaner Junction railway station, conveniently located just 1.4 km away.

Best Time to Visit: January-February, especially during the Camel Festival.

Major Attractions in Bikaner: Explore the majestic Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Karni Mata Temple, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Laxmi Nath Temple, and the colorful Bikaner Camel Festival.

Things to Do in Bikaner: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Bikaner Camel Festival, and acquire Usta and Chadwa artifacts and handicrafts.

Famous For: Majestic forts and palaces.

Discover Popular Cafes in Bikaner

Kids riding camels during the Pushkar Camel Fair which is one of the most popular animal festivals in world

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Ajmer – The City of Dargah Sharif

Ajmer, the fifth-largest city in Rajasthan, is famed for its iconic Dargah Sharif, the shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti. Nestled amidst the Aravalli range and protected by the Naag Pathar range, Ajmer offers a breathtaking setting away from the Thar desert. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Rajasthan and attracts numerous celebrities seeking blessings at the revered dargah.

Where to Stay: Enjoy a comfortable stay at Hotel New Jannat, The Royal Melange Ajmer Hotel, Hotel Sahil, Hotel Moon Star, or Hotel Plaza Inn.

Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport, located approximately 140.1 km away.

Nearest Railway Station: Ajmer Junction, conveniently situated only 1.6 km away.

Best Time to Visit: Ajmer welcomes visitors all year round.

Major Attractions in Ajmer: Pay a visit to the renowned Dargah Sharif, explore the serene Ana Sagar Lake, and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the Naag Pathar ranges.

An illuminated Lake Palace is a popular tourist attraction in Rajasthan

Things to Do in Ajmer: Attend a mesmerizing Qawwali performance at Dargah Sharif and offer chadar to the grave of the Sufi saint.

Famous For: Dargah Sharif.

These captivating destinations in Rajasthan offer a truly diverse and enchanting experience that will surely leave you spellbound.

7. Pushkar: An Eclectic Fusion of Colors

Pushkar is renowned as an exceptional destination for tourists in Rajasthan. It embodies a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. This sacred city has gained global recognition for its annual Camel Fair. As one of India’s ancient cities, Pushkar proudly hosts the rare Brahma Temple. Additionally, the Pushkar Lake serves as a significant Hindu pilgrimage site, adorned with grandiose ghats that host spectacular evening aarti ceremonies. Partaking in the evening aarti is an absolute must-do activity in Pushkar. Photography enthusiasts will find Pushkar irresistible, as it encapsulates the essence of rural India in its most authentic form.

Recommended Accommodations: Hotel Brahma Horizon, Pushkar Bagh, Bhanwar Singh Palace, Hotel Sun Set Cafe, Hotel Master Paradise

Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport – 154.3 km

Nearest Railway Station: Ajmer Junction – 14.0 km

Best Time to Visit: October-November, during the world-famous Pushkar Camel Fair

Major Attractions in Pushkar: The renowned camel fair, the serene Pushkar Lake, and the Meerabai Temple

Noteworthy Activities in Pushkar: Boating on the lake, capturing memorable photographs at the fair

Famous for: The iconic Camel Fair

Guru Shikhar in Mount Abu

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8. Udaipur: A Haven of Exquisite Lakes

Are you in search of the most astonishing sights in Rajasthan? Look no further than Udaipur, the ultimate destination for you. Previously serving as the capital of the Mewar kingdom, Udaipur is renowned as the City of Lakes and a captivating place to explore in Rajasthan. With enchanting landmarks such as the Lake Palace, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, and more, Udaipur is often referred to as the Venice of the East. The city boasts splendid winters, attracting visitors with its fascinating history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant traditions.

Recommended Accommodations: Little Prince Heritage Home, Hill Top Cottage, Advent Guest House, Udai Haveli Guest House, Nandini Paying Guest House

Nearest Airport: Maharana Pratap Airport – 20.0 km

Nearest Railway Station: Udaipur Railway Station – 4.3 km

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon (July to September) and Winter (November to February)

Major Attractions in Udaipur: Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, City Palace, Jag Mandir, Udai Sagar Lake, Jagdish Temple, Monsoon Palace, Swaroop Sagar, Kumbhalgarh Fort

Tigers play in a pool at the Ranthambhore National Park

Noteworthy Activities in Udaipur: Boating on Lake Pichola, exploring the grand palaces, visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort, capturing captivating photographs

Famous for: Its picturesque lakes and magnificent palaces

9. Mount Abu: Rajasthan’s Delightful Hill Station

Mount Abu boasts the distinction of being the sole hill station amidst the vast desert and parched plains of Rajasthan. It stands proudly as one of the top attractions to visit with friends in Rajasthan. A true haven for travelers, Mount Abu resides in the Aravalli Mountain range, at the intersection of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Apart from offering respite from the blazing heat of Rajasthan, thanks to its natural splendor and pleasant weather year-round, Mount Abu is also acknowledged as a significant pilgrimage site.

Accommodation Options:

– Palace Hotel

– Cama Rajput Club Resort

– Ratan Villas

– The Colonial Manek Manor

– Hotel Hilltone

Closest airport: Udaipur airport, which is approximately 176.0 km away.

The nearest railway station is Abu Road railway station, located at a distance of 27.3 km.

The ideal time to visit Mount Abu is all year round.

Some popular places to visit in Mount Abu include Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Peace Park, and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Activities to enjoy in Mount Abu include boating in Nakki Lake, trekking to Guru Shikhar, camping in the Aravali Range, birdwatching at Trevors Tank, and wildlife spotting at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bharatpur Palace

Mount Abu is renowned for its stunning waterfalls and beautiful Jain temples.

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10. Sawai Madhopur: A Paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Sawai Madhopur district, established by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh in 1763, is one of the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan. It is home to the renowned Ranthambhore National Park, famous for its tiger population. Another attraction in the area is Ranthambhore Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases the rich cultural history of various clans, kings, and architectural styles. If you’re looking for a two-day Rajasthan itinerary, Sawai Madhopur is an excellent choice.

Accommodation Options:

– Ranthambhore National Resort

– Regenta Resort Vanya Mahal

– Tiger Safari Resort

– Jungle View Resort Ranthambhore

– The Pugmark (A Wildlife Resort)

The closest airport is Jaipur airport, approximately 168.6 km away.

The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Junction railway station, which is 900.0 m from the district.

The best time to visit is from November to February, as it offers favorable conditions for tiger sightings in the national park.

An aerial view of the haunted Bhangarh house

Major attractions in Sawai Madhopur include the tigers at Ranthambhore National Park and the 10th-century Ranthambore Palace.

Top activities to enjoy in Sawai Madhopur include jungle safaris, photography, and birdwatching.

Sawai Madhopur is well-known for the Sawai Man Singh Sanctuary.

11. Bharatpur: A Marvelous Beauty

Looking for the finest places to explore in Rajasthan? Bharatpur is a magnificent city renowned for its unbeatable charm. Situated in the Braj region of Rajasthan, this city is divided into around 50 wards and stands at an elevation of approximately 600 ft. above sea level. It is also known by other names like “Lohagarh” and the “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan.” Bharatpur is a paradise for flora and fauna, with the famous Keoladeo National Park serving as a home to diverse species. Exploring the wild side of Rajasthan is a must for all travelers.

Accommodation Options:

– The Birder’s Inn

– The Bagh

– Shiv Vilas Palace

– Hotel The Raj Palace

– Laxmi Vilas Palace

The closest airport is Delhi International Airport, approximately 208.3 km away.

The nearest railway station is Bharatpur Junction railway station, which is 3.6 km from the city.

The best time to visit Bharatpur is from August to November.

Major attractions in Bharatpur include Bharatpur Palace and Museum, Keoladeo National Park, Lohagarh Fort, and Deeg.

Top activities to enjoy in Bharatpur include birdwatching at Keoladeo, exploring the palaces, and having a picnic near Kakund River.

temple in Pali in Rajasthan

Bharatpur is famous for the Keoladeo National Park.

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12. Alwar: Perfect for Enthusiasts of the Past

Once called Ulwar, the captivating city of Alwar was established by the Rajput ruler Pratap Singh in 1770. For history enthusiasts, this city stands out as the first, among others, to form a treaty with the East India Company and has gained renown for its involvement in numerous battles and military encounters. Alwar is also infamous for the eerie Bhangarh fort, while being a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna, exemplifying an impeccable ecological balance.

Options for accommodation: Lemon Tree Hotel, Dadhikar Fort Hotel, Neemrana Fort Palace Hotel, GenX Aravalli, Burja Haveli Hotel Nearest airport: Sanganer Airport-162.8 km Nearest railway station: Alwar Junction-2.0 km Optimal time to visit: October to March Main attractions in Alwar: Bhangarh fort, Sariska Tiger reserve, Pandupol, Karni Mata temple Activities to engage in Alwar: Explore the haunted Bhangarh fort Famous for: Majestic forts and palaces

Chittorgarh Fort in the city of Chittorgarh is a historic place to see in Rajasthan

13. Pali: A Sacred and Unique Retreat

What captivates wanderers the most about Pali is its distinctive serpentine shape, undulating plains, and scattered hills, along with the abundance of renowned temples in Rajasthan. Encircled by the districts of Jodhpur in the north and Udaipur in the southeast, it shares a common border with eight different districts of Rajasthan. Encompassing a vast geographical area of 12387 square kilometers, it stands out as one of the most offbeat locations to explore in Rajasthan.

Options for accommodation: Jawai Leopard Safari Lodge, Hotel Rawla Narlai, Hotel Pushpak Nearest airport: Jodhpur Airport-73.8 km Nearest railway station: Pali Marwar railway station-1.5 km Optimal time to visit Pali: October to April Main attractions in Pali: Chhatra Sagar, Jawai Leopard Camp, Om Banna Temple, Ranakpur Jain Temple, and more Activities to engage in Pali: Embark on hikes and treks, desert safaris, village safari tours, lakeside camping, and more Famous for: Temples

Hanumangarh Ghaggar river

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14. Chittorgarh: Cradle of Historical Icons

Among the oldest cities in Indian history, Chittorgarh was established by the Maurya dynasty in 734 AD. This city has witnessed the birth of various historical figures, including Maharana Pratap and Meera Bai. Situated along the banks of the Berach river, it showcases a multitude of heritage forts, monuments, and captivating tales and legends.

Accommodation Options: Hotel Royal Inn, Padmavati Lake Resort, Palette – Amrit Manthan, Hotel Meera, Hotel Pratap Palace

Closest airport: Udaipur Airport-119.3 km

Closest railway station: Chittaurgarh Junction railway station-2.2 km

Optimal Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Key Attractions in Chittorgarh: Chittorgarh fort, Rana Kumbha’s palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Rani Padmini’s palace, Kumbhaswamini temple, Kirti Stambh, Vijay Stambha, Kalika Mata temple

Activities in Chittorgarh: Indulge in the folklore shared by the villagers, savor the authentic Rajasthani gastronomy

An historical attraction in Rajasthan

Renowned for: Chittorgarh fort, palaces, and temples

15. Hanumangarh: A Treasure Trove of History & Artifacts

Positioned on the banks of the Ghaggar River, Hanumangarh is an ancient city situated in the northern region of Rajasthan. In 1951, archaeological findings of the Indus Valley Civilization at more than 100 villages scattered across the city and its surrounding river unveiled the connection between Hanumangarh and this magnificent settlement dating back almost 5000 years. Unearthed artifacts encompassed human remains, seals, coins, enigmatic scripts, jewelry, terracotta embellishments, utensils, wells, toys, statues, forts, and market streets. Many of these artifacts are now on exhibit at the Museum of Kalibangan and the National Museum of Delhi. Some of these historical sites allow public access and leave travelers awe-inspired!

Closest airport: Ludhiana airport-251.2 km

Closest railway station: Hanumangarh Junction-5.1 km

Recommended Time to Visit Hanumangarh: September to March

Major Points of Interest in Hanumangarh: Gogamedi Temple, Shri Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh Gurudwara, Kalibanga, Bhatner Fort, Shri Gorakh Nath Ji Temple, and more

Things to Engage in at Hanumangarh: Observe remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization, explore the forts and palaces, seek blessings at the temples and gurudwaras, visit the Kalibanga Museum, and more

Known for: Forts and palaces

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An historical attraction in Rajasthan

16. Jhunjhunu: The Hidden Gem

Jhunjhunu, the heart of the Jhunjhunu District in Rajasthan, boasts captivating frescoes and magnificent palaces. This enchanting destination remains off the beaten path, making it a hidden gem among Rajasthan’s many attractions. Shree Rani Sati Dadi Mandir, Khetri Mahal, Bandhe Ka Balaji Temple, Hanuman Mandir are among the must-visit sites in Jhunjhunu.

Closest airport: Jaipur International Airport-193.2 km

Closest railway station: Jhunjhunun Railway station-4.0 km

Renowned for: Temples

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A rare bird specie of Rajasthan

17. Jhalawar: Experience the Grandeur of Royal Palaces

Jhalawar, positioned in the southeast of Rajasthan, boasts remnants of its glorious history as the former capital of the princely state of Jhalawar in India. Today, it stands as the district headquarters carrying the same name. With its location on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, a visit to this city offers an opportunity to explore majestic royal palaces like Prithvi Palace and Virendra Bhawan.

Closest airport: Raja Bhoj Airport – 245.0 km

Closest railway station: Jhalawar City railway station – 3.2 km

Best time to visit: October to March

Key attractions in Jhalawar: Prithvi Palace, Virendra Bhawan, Bhawani Natyashala, Government Museum, Gagron Fort

Activities in Jhalawar: Unavailable

Famous for: Museums and palaces

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An historical attraction in Rajasthan

18. Churu: Gateway to the Splendors of Thar Desert

Churu holds the prestigious title of being the “gateway to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan.” Positioned on the connecting route of several significant cities in Rajasthan, this charming destination is home to numerous havelis or palaces waiting to be explored. Embrace the tranquility of the golden sand dunes and escape the chaotic urban life.

Closest airport: Jaipur International Airport – 217.4 km

Closest railway station: Churu Junction railway station – 600.0 m

An historical attraction in Rajasthan

Best time to visit: October to March

Famous for: Exquisite architectural wonders

19. Kota: The Epitome of Education

Kota, one of the remarkable destinations to visit in Rajasthan, rests peacefully by the Chambal River. While renowned as an educational hub in India, Kota also offers numerous tourist attractions. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of City Palace, Maharao Madho Singh Museum, Chambal Garden, and Jagmandir Palace, which are among the popular places to explore in Kota.

Accommodation options: Hotel Lilac, Hotel Gokul, Hotel Sarovar Plaza, Hotel Shakun Palace

Closest airport: Sanganer Airport – 243.8 km

Closest railway station: Kota Junction – 2.9 km

Best time to visit: October to March

Main attractions in Kota: City Palace, Maharao Madho Singh Museum, Chambal Garden, Jagmandir Palace

Famous for: Ancient architectural marvels, educational hub

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Jaisalmer Fort

20. Sikar – A Gem of History

Sikar remains one of the lesser-known places to explore in the majestic state of Rajasthan. Situated between Agra and Bikaner, Sikar exists as a captivating city within the borders of Rajasthan. It is also found within the district that bears its name. This truly historical city houses numerous ancient palaces and structures.

Nearest airport: Jaipur International Airport-127.4 km Nearest railway station: Sikar Junction railway station-1.5 km Recommended time to visit: October to March Noteworthy attractions in Sikar: Chandpole Gate, Saraf Hanuman Mandir, Nehru Park, Rani Sati Mandir, Devgarh Fort Famous for: Art and culture

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12 Astonishing Historical Sites in Rajasthan

Prepare for an extraordinary journey through Rajasthan’s grandeur by visiting these awe-inspiring historical sites. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and profound history of Rajasthan as you explore these magnificent places.


21. Jaisalmer Fort: Captivating Beauty Carved in Yellow Sandstone

Renowned as one of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort earned its Golden Fort title due to its walls crafted from beautiful yellow sandstone. This living fort stands out with its exquisite havelis, Laxminath temple, Jain temples, and other remarkable structures. Visitors from across the globe flock to the fort in order to witness the breathtaking sunset, as the sun’s golden rays cast a mesmerizing glow upon the fort. Undoubtedly, this is among the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan that must not be missed.

Location: On fort kothri para, Rajasthan Operating hours: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. TripAdvisor Reviews

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fort of mehrangarh

22. City Palace: A Must-Explore Gem in Jaipur

Another prominent destination on our list of the finest sites to visit in Rajasthan is the City Palace. Celebrated for being the former seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur, the City Palace encompasses the Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal, which are famed for their exceptional architectural marvels. Constructed between 1729 and 1732, during the reign of Maharaja Jay Singh II of Amber, this palace complex finds its place in the heart of the Pink City. Make sure to visit the palace’s museum while navigating through the captivating tourist attractions in Jaipur.

Location: Tulsi Marg, Gangori Bazaar, J.D.A. Market, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan Operating hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. TripAdvisor Reviews

Ranthambhore Fort with incredible sunset backdrop

23. Mehrangarh Fort: A Glimpse into Glorious History

Mehrangarh Fort, standing tall as one of the largest forts in India, also bears the name Mehran Fort. It was erected in 1459 by Rao Jodha and still displays the imprints of cannon balls from past battles. The fort’s most fascinating feature lies in its seven gates, built by Maharaja Man Singh to commemorate his victories. Make sure to explore each of these gates as you embark on your memorable journey.

Nearest airport: Jodhpur Airport-(8.5 km Nearest railway station: Jodhpur Junction-6.9 km Location: Rajputana Rd, Paota, Jodhpur, Rajasthan Operating hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. TripAdvisor Reviews

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24. Ranthambore Fort: Embrace the Legacy of UNESCO

Ranthambore Fort proudly stands as a distinguished UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting countless explorers seeking a glimpse into Rajasthan’s captivating past. Nestled in the heart of the renowned Ranthambore National Park, this fortified structure carries a long and significant history of the battles fought to conquer it.

Places to stay: Aman-i- Khas, Sher Bagh, Vanya Vilas, Nahargarh Hotel, Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge Nearest airport: Sanganer Airport-181.3 km Nearest railway station: Sawai Madhopur Railway Station-13.0 km Location: Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan 322001, India Operating hours: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. TripAdvisor Reviews

Planning a trip to Rajasthan but feeling overwhelmed about what to do? Let these evocative travel tales from Rajasthan guide you towards your most unforgettable journey yet!

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