Exploring Naples 2023: Ten Picturesque Islands You Won’t Want to Miss!

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Naples is renowned for many things! However, its largest claim to fame remains its close proximity to the volcanic Mount Vesuvius. The mountain is a part of the Campania volcanic arc that has resulted in the creation of numerous islands in the Gulf of Naples. Many of these islands close to Naples are inhabited such as Capri and Procida and are well-liked tourist destinations, while the other islands are recognized for their nature reserves and celebrated for their legends and geology.

10 Breathtaking Islands Close to Naples

From Procida to Ischia, here is a compilation of our favorite islands close to Naples – the city recognized far and wide for its unrivaled history, culture, and nightlife.

  • Procida: Little Paradise
  • Capri: The Birthplace Of Capri Pants
  • Ischia: Green Island
  • Nisida: Beautiful Harbors
  • Vivara: Enigmatic Island
  • Gaiola Island: The Fatal Island
  • Ventotene: Stroll Through Old Italy
  • Isola Palmarola: Most Exquisite Island
  • Ponza: Best Concealed Secret
  • Santo Stefano: A Piece Of History


1. Procida: Little Paradise

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Procida is one of the smaller islands close to Naples Italy, and not tainted by mass tourism. Although locals visit it from Naples during August, other times of the year, it is completely free from tourists. The island is densely populated and is home to approximately 10,000 people, nevertheless, it provides an ideal opportunity to experience the Italian culture and way of life. The island features a few settlements from the medieval era including a church and fortresses at the highest level. The main areas of Corricella and Marina di Chiaiolella embrace the ocean, and the cliffs support the vibrant homes of the fishermen. There aren’t many large beaches, but the finest one is the Lido di Procida.

How to reach: By ferry from Naples

Best time to visit: August

Finest restaurants: Caracale, La Lampara, Ristorante Gorgonia

Finest places to stay: Villa Rosalia, Hotel Savoaia, Hotel Tirrano Residence

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2. Capri: The Birthplace Of Capri Pants


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If you were reminded of cropped pants, you are not incorrect! The renowned trouser style ‘Capri’ originates from this island where it was a trend during the 1960s and 1970s. Capri is one of the finest islands near Naples and a popular destination even for international travelers. The island has served as a resort town since Roman times, and there are still archaeological remnants today. The primary attractions on the island are the Marina Piccola, the rocky cliffs of Faraglioni, the town of Anacapri, and the breathtaking sea cave known as the Blue Grotto. The island is the playground of affluent and renowned individuals, and you will find numerous high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and yacht clubs on the island.

How to arrive: By ferry from Naples, Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi

Optimal timing for a visit: April-June, September-October

Finest dining establishments: Villa Margherita, Da Tonino, Capri Rooftop

Top accommodation suggestions: Melia Villa Capri, Hotel Caesar Augustus, La Reginella

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3. Ischia: Verdant Island

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Ischia is recognized as the green island due to its lush green mountain slopes. While many tourists gravitate towards islands for some sun and sea, Ischia offers a fantastic opportunity to engage in trekking the highest mountain on the island, ‘Mount Epomeo.’ The views from the peak are breathtaking and will allow you to truly appreciate the captivating area of the Bay of Naples and the beaches of Ischia. It is also one of the volcanic islands near Naples, and many visitors flock to the hot springs and spas that have emerged due to volcanic activity. Other captivating sights on the island include the Aragonese Castle, the Gardens of La Mortella and Villa Ravino, and the Bay of Sorgeto and Poseidon Gardens with their thermal hot springs.

How to arrive: By ferry from Naples or Pozzuoli

Optimal timing for a visit: May & September

Finest dining establishments: Ristorante Dortas Ischia, Aenaria beach restaurant, Ischia steak house

Top accommodation suggestions: Strand hotel Delfini, Sorisso Thermae resort, Pensione Casa Gennaro


4. Nisida: Attractive Harbors

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Nisida is a petite islet close to Naples, and even its name originates from the Greek word for islet. Unlike other volcanic island near Naples, Nisida is linked to the mainland by a stone bridge. The islet is connected to the Cape of Posillipo and possesses a charming marina and harbor that is frequently visited by tourists who explore the resort town of Posillipo. Nisida is relatively diminutive, with a circumference of merely two kilometers, but it boasts a circular shape and even features a volcanic crater at its center, which is now submerged in water. The islet resembles a radiant emerald emerging from the sea and currently serves as the location for the Italian Navy office and a correctional facility.

How to arrive: By traversing the bridge from Posillipo

Optimal time to visit: April, May, October

Finest dining establishments: No dining establishments on the islet

Finest accommodation options: No accommodations available

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5. Vivara: Enigmatic Islet

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Vivara is among the renowned island near Naples, Italy, although it garners attention not due to tourism but because of its enigmatic nature. The entire islet is inaccessible due to its ecological significance; it serves as a habitat for over 200 endangered avian species. While the islet is connected to the island of Procida through a bridge, it remains safeguarded by the Italian government. The islet is adorned with indigenous vegetation known as ‘macchia Mediterranea,’ which is depleting in other regions. Extensive research is carried out on the islet, and to ensure the preservation of flora and fauna, it is restricted to tourist activities. The islet also contains archaeological evidence from Mycenaean and pre-Mycenaean eras, substantiating the historical occupation of this islet by ancient Greeks!

How to arrive: Closed to tourists

Optimal time to visit: May-June

Finest dining establishments: Closed to tourists

Finest accommodation options: Closed to tourists

Gaiola Island

6. Gaiola Island: The Lethal Islet

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‘Gaiola’s Curse’ is what gives the Gaiola Island its reputation among the renowned islands close to Naples. This tiny island is situated just off the Posillipo coast and one can even swim to it. There is an ancient dwelling on the island that is infamous for its curse! Whoever possesses the house or has any connection to it faces misfortune, including death! Throughout the past century, all previous owners of the house have met mysterious deaths. Even the last owner of the island, Gianpasquale Grappone, ended up in jail!! Nevertheless, the island is significant as it is now a part of the marine reserve known as the Gaiola Underwater Park.

How to reach: Not accessible for tourists.

Optimal time to visit: June-August.

Finest dining establishments: A Fenestella, Ristorante Marechiaro Hostaria la Vela, Cicciotto Trattoria dal 1942.

Top lodging options: No hotels.

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7. Ventotene: Step into Old Italy


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Ventotene is among the islands near Naples that offers an authentic rustic ambiance of Italian isles. It is a vestige of an ancient volcano and is relatively small, spanning a mere 3 KM in length and around 800m in width. The island boasts a small settlement that accommodates approximately 700 individuals and attracts numerous tourists during the summer season. Historically, the island served as a place of exile for prominent prisoners of the Roman Empire, and it preserves remnants of the houses, which are maintained in the island’s archaeological museum. The museum, ancient Roman ruins, a lighthouse, and the ancient Roman harbor are among the island’s attractions. You can spend a day exploring the island, which offers a handful of quality restaurants and bakeries.

How to get there: By ferry from Formia, Inzio, and Ischia.

Best time to visit: April & October.

Finest dining establishments: Marisqueria restaurant, Bacio Nel Vento, Mast Aniello.

Top lodging options: Albergo Isolabella, Hotel Mezzatorre, Hotel Agave Ginestra.

8. Isola Palmarola: Exquisite Island


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Palmarola is one of the most exquisite islands near Naples, and the renowned French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau claimed that it was ‘The most stunning island in the Mediterranean Sea.’ One glance at the island, and you would be inclined to agree! It resembles a natural cathedral; it possesses seven cave-like apertures that lead to bird-inhabited caverns. It is a sanctuary of nature, and there are no permanent inhabitants on the island; however, there are harbors where tourists can alight on the shoreline, and during the summer, locals from Naples establish food stalls. The verdant jagged cliffs guide the way to stunningly clear waters that evoke the essence of exotic islands!

How to reach: By private vessel from Naples

Optimal time for a visit: May-June

Finest dining establishments: O Francese, II Pescatore, Tramonto

Superb accommodations: Casa Di Civitina, Grand Hotel Santa Dimitilia, Villa Adele Ponza

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9. Ponza: Well-Guarded Secret


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Ponza is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets! This delightful island is a summer getaway for numerous Italians, yet it has not yet captured the attention of international tourists. It retains the rustic allure of a traditional Italian island, with its quaint cafes and eateries that serve freshly caught seafood. The island is encircled by numerous caves, and the waters surrounding it are perfect for swimming. The island boasts a myriad of historical connections and is rumored to be the fabled Aeaea from Homer’s Odyssey. The small settlement is vibrant and hosts beautiful beaches at Frontone and Santa Maria. The optimal way to savor the island is to ascend and marvel at its harbors, beaches, and caves from a bird’s-eye perspective.

How to reach: By ferry from Formia

Optimal time for a visit: May, June, September

Finest dining establishments: Il Pescatore, Tramonto, Ristorante Eea

Superb accommodations: Hotel Chiaia Di Luna, Hotel Fisherman’s village, Ortensisa

10. Santo Stefano: A Historical Gem

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Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano is a fragment of history in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is home to an ancient penitentiary with gruesome stories to recount! The prison, shaped like a horseshoe, was a pioneering creation in the 17th century, designed to enable guards to observe all prisoners simultaneously without arousing their suspicion! Although the prison is not meticulously maintained, it remains a tourist attraction, and guided tours of the island are regularly conducted by boats from Ventotene, where many eminent individuals were once incarcerated. No one stays on the island, making it an excellent destination for a day trip when visiting nearby islands.

How to arrive: By personal boat from Ventotene

Optimal time to visit: April – July

Excellent dining establishments: Ristorante Pizzeria Santo Stefano, Ristorante L’Edicola del Gusto, Trattoria Santo Stefano

Top accommodations: No hotels

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The UNESCO World-heritage City Center, Neapolitan Pizza, S.S.C Napoli Football Cup, and the highest Michelin Stars of any Italian City, share a commonality, Naples. If you adore the concept of vacationing in these islands close to Naples while enjoying your holidays in Italy, you will be pleasantly surprised. They will undoubtedly provide a reprieve from the bustling tourist locales in Italy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Islands Near Naples

What islands are situated close to Naples?

A selection of stunning islands near Naples includes Procida, Capri, and Ischia. These islands offer breathtaking views and unspoiled beaches.

Which is the most stunning island in Italy?

Some of the most stunning islands in Italy are 1. Capri 2. Ischia 3. Sicily

How can I reach Capri?

The sole means of reaching Capri is by water routes. Numerous ferries depart from Naples and Sorrento, transporting you to Capri.

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