Exploring Miami’s Untamed Wilderness: 8 Captivating Safaris to Experience the Wilds of Florida!

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Miami is a location that offers a plethora of attractions to visitors, making it the second biggest tourist hub in the USA. The lush greenery and forests, the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the stunning sunny beaches adorned with palm trees are among the main highlights of Miami that leave tourists in awe. Once you depart from this place, you will find yourself yearning to return repeatedly to enrich your experiences and uncover hidden gems. Miami boasts some of the finest Safaris that transport you to unexplored and remote areas, leaving you with unforgettable memories to cherish throughout your lifetime.

Miami Safaris

Top 8 Safaris In Miami

Behold the ultimate compilation of the top 8 Safaris to visit in Miami when seeking an adventurous escapade during your trip. Continue scrolling to unveil more!

1. Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari

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Situated 78 miles away from Miami, this magnificent Lion Safari beckons you to spend a day amidst more than 1000 animals. It not only serves as a Safari but also doubles as an amusement park, allowing you to enjoy the entire day as if on a picnic amidst the natural habitat of the animals. The Safari offers a plethora of extraordinary experiences, including animal feeding, five exhilarating rides, a water sprayground, shopping, and delectable food options. Undoubtedly, this is the ultimate Lion Safari in Miami.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 10 AM- 4 PM

Saturday & Sunday – 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM

Entrance Fee: $37 per person


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Everglades Safari Park

2. Everglades Safari Park

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Everglades Safari park is renowned for its sizable airboats spacious enough to accommodate individuals, couples, and even large families. The airboat takes you on an unforgettable expedition through nature’s river of grass to provide you with an extraordinary experience. All tours encompass a walking trail teeming with crocodiles, an alligator wildlife show, and the world-renowned airboat rides. You will be accompanied by expert guides who will vividly depict the marvels of the distinct ecosystem, furnishing you with the ultimate Safari adventure.

Address- 26700 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33194, USATimings: Monday to Friday – 9 AM- 6 PM.

Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM- 5 PM

Miami Photo Safari

Admission charges: $49 per person


3. Miami Photo Safari

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Miami Photo Safari provides a distinctive tour where sightseeing intersects with photography. These tours are crafted to impart knowledge of digital photography while appreciating the captivating and cherished history of Miami. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a seasoned one, possessing a high-end camera or a modest one, Miami Photo Safari caters to all. Encounter the unexplored and expand your horizons.

Address: 3250 NE 1st Ave, Suite 305, Miami, FL 33137-4191

Timings: 10 AM- 2 PMAdmission charges: $69 per personWebsite

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Safari Edventure

4. Safari Edventure

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Safari Edventure is the finest location in Miami to spend time with the untamed creatures in their natural surroundings amidst woodland and verdure. Safari Edventure guarantees a lovely and unforgettable experience for you that you can treasure for a lifetime. Observing the untamed animals in their natural habitat is something that lingers in your memory for an extended period. Not only can you observe the animals, but you can also even touch and nourish them, which is a distinct experience altogether. You can even embrace a Kangaroo and hold an Alligator. Safari Edventure, which is situated on a 5-acre property, is adorned with 100 mature extraordinary trees and animals that are so stunning.

Address- 23700 SW 142nd Ave, Miami, FL 33032-2201 Operating Hours: Wed-Sun 10 AM- 5 PM. Closed on Mon and Tues.Entrance Fee- $18 per person (Adults) Website


5. Ocean Safari Diving Adventures

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Ocean Safari diving adventures offer you the ultimate experience of the ocean safari. Just like when you visit a jungle safari and encounter the wildlife, in the same way, you can visit the Ocean Safari and experience the aquatic and marine life. The scuba diving and snorkelling boat trips bring you closer to the marine life, and you can actually swim alongside the stunning and vibrant tropical fishes, which is completely a distinct experience.

Address- Ocean Safari Diving, 677 SW 1st street, Miami, FL 33130Operating Hours: Boat departs at 8 AM every dayEntrance Fee- $85 per person Website

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