Exploring Maharashtra’s Cultural Legacy: 30 Historical Forts to Discover in 2023

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The literal interpretation of Maharashtra is “the magnificent land,” which is the realm of Shivaji Maharaj. It is a land where the echoes of battles fought still resonate, and where the glorious past and rich culture of the Marathas and the Mughals can be witnessed. Both empires left behind countless architectural marvels that continue to tell the tales of bygone eras. Maharashtra boasts nearly 350 majestic forts that attract architecture enthusiasts from every corner of the nation. We present to you the 30 most renowned forts that will ignite your love for the history of Maharashtra.

30 Extraordinary Forts in Maharashtra

Enlisted below are the forts in Maharashtra that will acquaint you with the grand and regal history of this Indian state, offering numerous reasons to visit these captivating hubs.

  • Lohagadh Fort, Lonavala
  • Janjira Fort, Murud
  • Daulatabad Fort, Daulatabad
  • Panhala Fort, Panhala
  • Raigadh Fort, Raigadh
  • Shanivarwada Fort, Pune
  • Yashwantgarh Fort, Redi
  • Sindhugarh Fort, Malvan
  • Sinhagadh Fort, Pune
  • Pratapgad Fort, Satara
  • Torna Fort, Pune
  • Kandhar Fort, Nanded
  • Rajmachi Fort, Pune
  • Tikona Fort, Lonavala
  • Vasota Fort, Satara
  • Visapur Fort, Malavali
  • Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli
  • Korigad Fort, Aambi Valley City
  • Akola Fort, Akola District
  • Vasai Fort, Vasai-Virar
  • Prabalgad Fort, Raigad District
  • Harishchandragad Fort, Ahmednagar District
  • Mandangad Fort, Ratnagiri District
  • Vijaydurg Fort, Vijaydurg
  • Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune
  • Ghangad Fort, Tail Baila
  • Purandar Fort, Gherapurandhar
  • Malhargad Fort, Kalewadi
  • Tung Fort, Pune
  • Shivneri Fort, Pune

Lohagarh Fort from above

1. Lohagadh Fort, Lonavala

Among the numerous hill forts in Maharashtra, Lohagadh stands out as a remarkable architectural masterpiece. Situated 52 km northwest of Pune, this fort towers at an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level. It was captured by Shivaji in 1648 CE, then seized by the Mughals in 1665 CE. In 1670 CE, Shivaji Maharaj regained control of the fort and used it to store his looted treasury from Surat. Lohagadh fort also offers a scenic trekking experience in Pune that can be completed in a single day.

Location: Pune District, Maharashtra, IndiaEntry Fees: N/AFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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2. Murud’s Janjira Fort

Murud fort by a lake

Situated in the village of Murud, Maharashtra, Janjira fort, also known as Murud Fort, stands as an impressive fortress near Pune. Surrounded by water on all sides, this fort, constructed by Malik Ambar in the late 17th century, showcases the brilliance of ancient engineering. Enduring the relentless sea waves for centuries, the fort reaches a height of 40 feet. While it once housed 500 cannons, only a few remain today, and its towers now serve as storage for firearms. Undoubtedly one of the most stunning forts in Maharashtra, exploring Janjira is a must on your travel list, even though there are numerous forts in the state that cannot be covered in a single visit. 

Location: MaharashtraEntry Fees: Not ApplicableFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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3. Daulatabad Fort, Daulatabad

Daulatabad fort

Built in the 14th century, Daulatabad Fort, also known as Devagiri, is located around 16 km northwest of Aurangabad. Considered one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra, this fort is an architectural marvel in itself. Over the years, it has been captured by various rulers, including the Mughals, Marathas, Peshwas, and finally falling under the rule of the Nizams of Hyderabad in 1724 AD. A great hike awaits as you climb approximately 750 steps to reach the fort.

Location: MH SH 22, Daulatabad, Maharashtra 431002Entry Fees: Not ApplicableFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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4. Panhala Fort, Panhala

Located 20 km away from the main city of Kolhapur, Panhala Fort enjoys a strategic position overlooking a pass that was once a major trade route from Bijapur in the heart of Maharashtra. In the magnificent Sahyadri mountain range, this fort holds historical significance as it was the place where the queen regent of Kolhapur, Tarabai, spent her early years. Although some parts of the fort are still intact, it is highly recommended for architecture enthusiasts and adventure lovers, as it offers a fantastic trekking route.

Panhala fort

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Location: Panhala Fort is situated in Panhala, Maharashtra 416201, while Raigadh Fort is located in Raigad, Maharashtra 402305. Shanivarwada Fort can be found in Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030. Lastly, Yashwantgarh Fort is situated in Redi.

Entry Fees: The entry fees for these forts are not available.

Famous For: These forts are known for sightseeing, trekking, and photography opportunities.

Raigadh Fort

5. Raigadh Fort, Raigadh

To gain access to Raigadh Fort, one must climb 1737 steps. This fort is nestled on the picturesque Sahyadri mountain range and stands at an elevation of 820 meters. It offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the valley below. With a history of being considered the most impregnable fort in the region, it holds great significance for the Marathas. Throughout different empires, it has been referred to by various names such as Reddi, Shivlanka, and Raigadh. The fort also served as a prison during the Nizamshahi rule.

Location: Raigadh Fort is located in Raigad, Maharashtra 402305.

Entry Fees: The entry fees for Raigadh Fort are not available.

6. Shanivarwada Fort, Pune

Shanivarwada Fort served as the seat of the Maratha empire from 1730 to 1818. This impressive fort in Pune holds immense historical importance and has been a witness to significant events in Indian history. Unfortunately, it has faced attacks and was mostly destroyed in an unexplained fire in 1828. It is said that the spirit of Peshwa Narayanrao haunts the fort. Apart from being one of the most popular forts in Maharashtra, Shanivarwada Fort is also considered a prominent monument in India.

Shanivar Vada Fort

Location: Shanivarwada Fort is situated in Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030.

Entry Fees: The entry fees for Shanivarwada Fort are not available.

7. Yashwantgarh Fort, Redi

Yashwantgarh Fort is another notable fort located in Redi. Unfortunately, further information about this fort is not provided.

Location: Yashwantgarh Fort is located in Redi.

Entry Fees: The entry fees for Yashwantgarh Fort are not available.

Yashwantgarh Fort

Famous For: Yashwantgarh Fort is known for sightseeing, trekking, and photography opportunities.

Located near the border of Maharashtra and Goa, the Yashwantgadh fort stands today as a mere collection of ruins. Commonly referred to as Redi fort, this architectural wonder was constructed by the Marathas in the 16th century. However, the British managed to seize control of the fort in 1765, eventually selling the surrounding land to locals while retaining ownership of the fort walls. If you have an appreciation for the beauty of ruins, a visit to this fort is an absolute must.

Geographical Coordinates: Redi, Khalchikar, Maharashtra 416517Admission Fee: Not applicableRenowned For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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Sindhugarh Fort

8. Sindhugarh Fort, Malvan

Erected by the esteemed Shivaji Maharaj between 1664 and 1667 AD, the Sindhugarh fort sprawls across a vast expanse of 48 acres on a rocky island. Legends suggest that this location was personally selected by Shivaji himself. Notably, the fort’s foundation stones were securely laid in molten lead, lending it an air of grandeur. The solid walls and exquisite gateways further enhance its majestic appeal. With a solid, meandering wall spanning 4 kilometers in length and towering 9 kilometers in height, this fort stands as one of Maharashtra’s best-preserved architectural marvels. Within the fort’s boundaries, a small temple dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj can be found, offering a place of spiritual solace and tranquility. Additionally, the fort provides an idyllic backdrop for capturing breathtaking photographs against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

Geographical Coordinates: Malvan, Maharashtra 416606Admission Fee: Not applicableRenowned For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

Sinhagarh Fort

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9. Sinhagadh Fort, Pune

Perched atop a hill approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Pune, the Sinhagadh fort offers sweeping vistas of its surroundings. Situated at an elevation of 1,312 meters above sea level, historical records suggest that the fort may have been constructed over 2000 years ago. Over time, it has borne witness to numerous battles, with the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670 being one of the most significant.

Geographical Coordinates: Sinhagad Ghat Rd, Thoptewadi, Maharashtra 411025Admission Fee: Not applicableRenowned For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

Pratap Garh Fort

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10. Pratapgad Fort, Satara

Located in Satara, the Pratapgad fort stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Constructed during a bygone era, this fort has stood the test of time.

Pratapgad is an immense fortress situated in Satara that stands as a testament to the legacy of Shivaji Maharaj. Its construction dates back to 1657, and it offers an awe-inspiring glimpse of the coastal Konkan region. Merely 8 km away from Mahabaleshwar, this fort ranks among the most renowned strongholds in Maharashtra. In 1960, a guest house and a national park were established within its confines. The illustrious Udyanraje Bhosale, the 13th Chhatrapati of the former Satara state, currently owns this majestic structure.

Torna Fort

Location: Hinjavadi, Maan Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 400033Entry Fees: N/AFamous For: Exploring, Trekking, Capturing Memories

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11. Torna Fort, Pune

Torna Fort, also recognized as Prachandagad, is a must-visit stronghold in Pune. Perched at an elevation of 1,403 m above sea level, it proudly claims the title of being the highest hill fort in Pune. With historical significance, it serves as the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1643 at the tender age of 16. The fort mesmerizes with its splendid towers and architectural marvels that grace its interior.

Kandhar Fort

Location: Rajgad – Torna Trek Path, Charhat Wadi, Maharashtra 412212Entry Fees: N/AFamous For: Exploring, Trekking, Photography

12. Kandhar Fort, Nanded

Situated 50 km away from Ranthambhore National Park, Kandhar Fort was constructed almost 1200 years ago under the reign of King Krishna III of Malkhed. Resembling the splendid forts of Shivneri in Maharashtra, this fort showcases incredible architecture and is surrounded by a water-filled canal. Make sure to visit this fort and enrich your trip to the region!

Rajmachi Fort In Maharashtra

Location: Khilla Road, NandedEntry Fees: N/AFamous For: Exploring, Trekking, Photography

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13. Rajmachi Fort, Pune

The Rajmachi Fort, a stunning fortification in Maharashtra, is the result of the merging of two forts: Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort. Situated in the picturesque village of Rajmachi in the Sahyadri mountains, this fort is renowned and a must-visit destination in Maharashtra. It offers a truly enchanting natural experience.

Location:Admission: Not applicableRenowned for: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

Tikona Fort View

14. Tikona Fort, Lonavala

Tikona, meaning ‘triangle’ in translation, is a pyramidal fort standing at an impressive height of 3500 feet near Lonavala. It offers breathtaking panoramic views and is arguably the most picturesque fort in Maharashtra. Trekking enthusiasts also flock to this destination, which is famous for its grand entrances. Ensure it is on your Maharashtra itinerary.

Location: Tikona, Tikonapeth tal, dist, Mulshi, Maharashtra 412108Admission: Not applicableRenowned for: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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Vasota Fort View

15. Vasota Fort, Satara

The Vasota Fort, located amidst the backwaters of the Koyna river, offers breathtaking views of the Shivsagar lake and Nageshwar peak. The journey to the fort is equally captivating, as it takes you through the mesmerizing Kas pathar, also known as the Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra 415001Admission: Not applicableRenowned for: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

Visapur Fort View

16. Visapur Fort, Malavali

Also referred to as the Visapoor Fort, this fort in Maharashtra is a component of the Visapur-Lohagarh fortification. Situated near the village of Visapur, this fort is exceptionally beautiful, standing at an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level. Its mesmerizing charm is sure to captivate you.

Location: Malavli, Maharashtra 410406Admission: Not applicableFamous For: Exploring the scenery, Hiking, Capturing photographs

Suvarnadurg Fort View

17. Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli

Imagine a journey to a maritime fortress. Now, learn about Suvarnadurg Fort and share with us if there is any valid reason not to visit this mesmerizing maritime stronghold in Maharashtra. Located on a small island in the Arabian Sea, near Harnai, this fort is an epitome of beauty. Constructed by the Marathas, the fort holds an enchanting allure.

Location: Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli, MaharashtraAdmission: Not applicableFamous For: Exploring the scenery, Hiking, Capturing photographs

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18. Korigad Fort, Aambi Valley City

Korigad Fort View

Also referred to as Koraigad, the Korigad Fort is situated merely 20 kilometers away from Lonavala and near a village known as Peth Shahpur. Constructed during the reign of Chatrapati Shivaji, this fort is a significant historical locale that one must not overlook when in Maharashtra. History enthusiasts will unquestionably fall in love with this destination. The view from this magnificent fort in Maharashtra is truly remarkable.

Location: Aamby Valley City, Maharashtra 412108Admission: Not applicableFamous For: Exploring the scenery, Hiking, Capturing photographs

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19. Akola Fort, Akola District

Also referred to as the Asadgad fort, this iconic structure is one of the most noteworthy fortifications in the Akola district. If you are planning a cultural expedition in Maharashtra, it is highly likely that this locale will be one of the top attractions on your sightseeing list. The initial construction of the fort was carried out using mud by Akol Singh and later transformed into a magnificent architectural marvel that we all marvel at today.

Location: Dagdi Pul, Shivaji Nagar, Akola, Maharashtra 444002Admission: Not applicableFamous For: Akol Singh’s historical significance and associations

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20. Vasai Fort, Vasai-Virar

Locally renowned as the Court of Bassein or Fort Bassein, the splendid ruins of Vasai Fort continue to captivate tourists with their historical significance in the Palghar district of Konkan. If you are yearning for an immersive journey through history during your stay in Maharashtra, this place deserves your attention. 

Location: Killa Rd, Police Colony, Vasai West, Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra 401201Entrance Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Influences of Indo-Portuguese architecture

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21. Prabalgad Fort, Raigad District

Situated at the converging point of Matheran and Panvel, the Prabalgad Fort stands as an eternal testimony to architectural brilliance amidst its barren surroundings. With the sublime Sahyadri mountain ranges as its backdrop, it holds immense appeal for sightseers and serves as an ideal weekend getaway for the locals and residents of Maharashtra alike. 

Location: Raigad District, MaharashtraEntrance Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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22. Harishchandragad Fort, Ahmednagar District

More than a mere hill fort in Ahmednagar, Harishchandragad Fort stands as an imposing sentinel that commands the surrounding regions. Embarking on a hike to the summit, exploring scenic viewpoints, and indulging in a delightful camping experience in the vicinity are the best ways to discover the charm of this extraordinary landmark. 

Location:Entrance Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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23. Mandangad Fort, Ratnagiri District

Situated just 2 kilometers away from the town of Mandangad, this formidable fort offers breathtaking vistas, timeless architecture, and a 400-year-old cannon that serves as its main attraction. Embark on a historical journey, take in the panoramic views, indulge in a delightful picnic, and be sure to capture the beauty of this marvel in photographs before bidding it farewell.

Location:Entry Fees: NoneFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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24. Vijaydurg Fort, Vijaydurg

This magnificent gem of Maharashtra stands as a rare spectacle, encircled by the sea on all sides. The Vijaydurg Fort, the oldest fort and archaeological structure on the Sindhudurg coast, was built during the rule of Raja Bhoj. Today, it attracts numerous tourists who come to marvel at its beauty and explore its historical significance.

Location:Entry Fees: NoneFamous For: Sightseeing, Trekking, Photography

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25. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Constructed in 1732, this 18th-century historical fort serves as a living testament to the glorious era of the Maratha Empire and its influence in the region. It is highly recommended to have a local or tour guide during your visit to the fort, as they can provide valuable insights into the site’s history and significant time periods.

Location: Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030Entry Fees: NoneFamous For: Association with the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire

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26. Ghangad Fort, Tail Baila

Situated 30 kilometers from Lonavla-Khandala and 100 kilometers from Pune, this 300-year-old fort holds a significant position in the history tours of the district. Currently, the Shivaji Trail group, in collaboration with the local community, is undertaking restoration work on this structure.

Location: The road from Bhabarde to Ekole, in the Pune district of Ekole, Maharashtra, with the postal code 412108Entry Fees: Not applicableFamous For: A significant historical site with a 300-year-old heritage

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27. Gherapurandhar’s Purandar Fort

This historical fort situated on the mountaintop is known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding regions. Standing tall at an elevation of 4472 ft above sea level, the fort holds immense significance in the local area as it symbolizes Shivaji’s resistance against the Adil Shahi Bijapur Sultanate. 

Location: Purandar Rd, Gherapurandhar, Maharashtra 412205Entry Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Being the birthplace of Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

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28. Kalewadi’s Malhargad Fort

If you happen to be in or around Pune, this fort is a must-visit attraction, showcasing the architectural grandeur of the 18th century. It also offers a wonderful opportunity for a short trekking adventure with your loved ones. Commonly known as Sonuricha Killa, a 30-minute hike to the summit rewards you with majestic views of the surrounding area.

Location: Kalewadi, Maharashtra 412301Entry Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Being the last fort built by the Marathas

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29. Pune’s Tung Fort

Tung Fort is a classic hill fort in Maharashtra known for its popularity among tourists for trekking and sightseeing. It stands out as one of the most remarkable fortifications in the state, offering panoramic views of Maharashtra’s landscape.

Location: Maharashtra, IndiaEntry Fees: Not applicableFamous For: Trekking

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30. Pune’s Shivneri Fort

Located in the northern region of the Pune district, Shivneri Fort is a treasured attraction that holds great cultural significance as it serves as the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The marvelous architecture of the fort adds to its allure. 

Location: Junnar – Ghodegaon Rd, Bodake Nagar, Junnar, Maharashtra 410502Entry Fees: INR 5.00Famous For: Its association with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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Feeling intrigued? Embark on a fascinating journey by planning a trip to Maharashtra right away to explore these magnificent landmarks, reminiscent of a bygone royal era. For an extended stay in Maharashtra, you can also include Vijaydurg Fort, Irshalgad, Gwalighur, Lailing Fort, Antur Fort, Naldurg Fort, and Udgir Fort in your itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Forts in Maharashtra

Is it safe to visit Maharashtra during the ongoing pandemic?

Yes, it is completely safe to visit Maharashtra as the state has a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases. However, we recommend checking the latest travel advisories, COVID-19 guidelines, and the number of cases before your departure. It is advisable to undertake solo travel or travel in small groups to less crowded places at the moment for added safety.

How many forts did Shivaji Maharaj have?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had a total of 370 forts across India. The vast number of forts symbolizes the rich history and architectural brilliance witnessed by this region over the centuries.

Which state boasts the most forts in India?

Rajasthan is home to the largest number of forts in India. The forts in Rajasthan not only have historical significance but also showcase breathtaking beauty.

Which is the largest fort in Maharashtra?

The Rajgad Fort, believed to be the largest fort in Maharashtra, requires around 2-3 hours and a guide to explore its entirety. It is a captivating attraction for history enthusiasts.

How many jyotirlinga temples are there in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is home to five jyotirlinga temples. These temples are Aundha Nagnath, Bhimashankar, Ghrishneshwar, Parali Vajinath, and Trimbakeshwar.

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