Exploring Italy’s Winter Wonderland: Unveiling the Top 6 Destinations in December 2023!

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No matter what time of the year you visit, Italy is a enchanting place to travel to. However, the country takes on a unique allure of its own in winter. You can embark on leisurely getaways in its astonishing cities and spend your evenings in intimate wine bars or have an exciting adventure on its majestic snow-covered mountains and thrilling alpine ski slopes..

And in case you are visiting Italy in December, embrace the season with fervor like the Italians, and explore its numerous attractions with energy, go shopping with style, and satisfy your taste buds with dishes flavored with the bounties of the season!

Climate In Italy


December is one of the chilliest seasons in Italy. It is also slightly wet during this season. Although it might be a bit cold yet the crowd is slightly smaller which allows travelers to explore more. The prices of hotels and transportation may also decrease a bit.

6 Finest Places To Visit In Italy In December

Having said that, take a look at these five top places to visit that are a must for every traveler while traveling to Italy in December. Make sure you don’t miss out on any!

1. Sicily


The capital city of Sicily, Palermo is a great place to start your tour of the island and an incredible destination to visit in Italy during the winter months. In December and early January, exploring the city is a marvelous experience as you will find countless nativity scenes and Christmas markets – all of which enhance Palermo’s charm. For a medieval experience and a stunning beach, you can also journey to Cefalu, a picturesque coastal town in southern Italy in December. If you are seeking guaranteed winter sunshine and a mild climate in Italy in December, you should definitely travel to Sicily.

Must Have Experience In December: Go on a half-hour ride to Termini Imerese from Palermo, witness the Christmas nativity play that the town organizes on the streets, shop in the glittering Christmas markets, and more.

2. Venice


If you are pondering where to travel in Italy in December, you should definitely contemplate Venice. It is another delightful destination to explore during the winter season. The air is more transparent, and the sights and attractions are calmer than in the summer when the crowd can detract from the surroundings. From stunning baroque architecture to gondola rides and incredible cuisine and wine, there is something for everyone in Venice. If nothing else, you can savor a cup of coffee in St. Mark’s Square and unwind as you observe the world pass by in authentic Italian fashion!

Essential Experiences In December: Even through the mist, a gondola ride is a necessity when you are in Venice and is one of the activities to do in Italy in December. In winter, the scenery becomes more mystical, and you do not have to worry about the crowd.

3. Turin


If you are planning to go skiing in Italy in December, you should definitely first make a trip to Turin, the northern city that serves as a gateway to the Alps. The city is where many skiers come before they head to the mountains for their ski trip. But Turin is a paradise in itself. The annual Luci d’Artista is a major highlight which is an event that celebrates art through illumination and you will see the city illuminated in numerous imaginative and creative ways. If you are a food enthusiast, you will fall in love with Turin as this is where the original ‘Eatly’ store, which showcases the finest Italian produce, is located. Do not forget to explore the thriving restaurant scene where chefs combine Italian favorites with a distinctly alpine flavor.

Essential Experiences In December: Visit Caffe Al Bicerin to indulge in Bicerin, a traditional Piedmontese beverage. Delight in this indulgent mixture of chocolate, coffee, and cream.

4. Rome

Amalfi Coast

In winter, the magnificent capital city of Italy is quieter but equally spectacular. Rome is truly one of the greatest destinations to explore in Italy in December. With fewer crowds to contend with, you can enjoy discovering attractions like the Roman Forum and the Vatican museums at a leisurely pace. Rome is renowned for its many fashion boutiques, but you will also find numerous opportunities for art and craftsmanship in the narrow winding streets of the city. And after a long day of sightseeing, you can savor a meal and beverages at one of its many restaurants and bars, which are equally vibrant and lively in winter just like any other time of the year!

Essential Experiences In December: Engage in retail therapy! When you explore Rome during the winter season, you can take advantage of the incredible holiday discounts in various stores throughout the city.

famous city of Italy

5. The Amalfi Coast

With a mild climate, the conditions in southern Italy in December are pleasant, making it an ideal destination for your vacation. The Amalfi Coast in the Province of Salerno offers a delightful coastal experience. It is advisable to embark on a scenic road trip along the coast during the off-peak season when the area is less crowded and peaceful. You can relish everything that the Amalfi Coast has to offer at your own pace. Engage in hiking adventures and discover the vibrant villages and towns as they come alive with festivities during the holiday season.

Essential Experiences In December: Embark on an exploration and seek out Pansa Pasticceria in Piazza del Duomo in Amalfi. This renowned pastry shop has been delighting customers with its delectable pastries and sweets for two centuries, making it as historic as the neighboring cathedral. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the special local desserts exclusively available during the holiday season, along with their famous panettone. Additionally, you can enjoy enchanting music concerts held throughout Amalfi in winter.

famous festival in Italy

6. Florence

Apart from being a hub of Italy’s rich culture evident through its art and architecture, Florence is often referred to as the Athens of the Middle Ages. This city holds a prominent position in the world of fashion and is recognized as one of the top 15 fashion capitals globally. A visit to this capital of Tuscany will certainly leave you amazed, and you’ll find yourself longing to return. Primarily attracting history enthusiasts, tourists from around the world come to this city to admire its towering historical architectural masterpieces.

Essential Experiences In December: Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and Galleria dell’Accademia

December Festivities in Italy

Italy boasts numerous celebrations during this season, with Christmas being the largest. Below are some festivals that are highly recommended for a visit in Italy.

  • Merano Christmas Market embraces the holiday spirit from November 26, 2021, to January 6, 2022. Merano offers a wide array of events and activities for the entire family to delight in.
  • Marché Vert Noël runs from November 20, 2021, to January 6, 2022. This Christmas market extravaganza takes place in Aosta.
  • Toys’ City in Como is open from November 27, 2021, to January 6, 2022. It transforms into a mesmerizing City of Toys, captivating children and their families to Città dei Balocchi.

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Planning a trip to Italy? Be sure to visit in December to savor all the country has to offer in a relaxed manner amidst a genuinely festive atmosphere. For an authentic holiday experience, book a customized journey to Italy with Fred and Fuzzys, and travel worry-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions About December in Italy

Which locations in Italy are ideal for travel during December?

Sicily, Venice, and Rome are among the top destinations to visit in Italy during December.

What are the benefits of visiting Venice in December?

Exploring Venice during winter is even more enchanting. It is less crowded, transportation is less hectic, and every corner is a perfect spot for photography. Additionally, one can indulge in winter delicacies at the finest dining establishments.

What is the uniqueness of Rome?

Rome travel – the perpetual city is a place with centuries of history along with stunning scenery. It also has renowned fashion stores and numerous things to explore and witness like the renowned Trevi Fountain.

How is the climate in Italy in December?

December is the time when it snows in some parts of Italy. Italy’s southern regions are always warmer than the northern part. December isn’t always Italy’s coldest months but yes it is somewhat close.

What can be done in Italy in December?

Some of the enjoyable activities to engage in Italy in December are: 1. Commemorate the oldest fairs in Italy, Oh Bej! Oh Bej. You can expect merry foods and decorations, books and local crafts here. 2. Have a marvelous skiing experience in Sicily. 3. Observe Florence in a distinct illumination each night from December 8th to January 7th as a part of Florence Light Festival. 4. Participate in the fantastic Christmas parade.

Does it snow in Florence Italy in December?

It is quite improbable to experience snow in Florence Italy in December. If you desire to witness snow, visit Florence during the month of January or February. The city predominantly encounters snowfall during this time.

Which are the significant festivals observed in Italy in December?

Aside from Christmas, other popular festivals celebrated in Italy in December are Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, Saint Stephen’s Day.


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