Exploring Greece’s Ancient Sites in Pleasant Weather: A Guide for November!

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Greece has been a prominent European tourist spot since the 1970s and is widely recognized for its coastlines and ancient past. The location provides numerous historical and archaeological sites that depict the nation’s history. The country primarily consists of a mountainous terrain, enclosed by water, specifically the Ionian sea and the Aegean sea. Greece comprises over 1400 Islands, featuring extended coastlines and beaches, with only 169 of them being inhabited. However, considering how overwhelming Greece is as a tourist destination in November, it is important to arrange your tickets and itinerary in advance, without procrastination. Ensure that you have an exceptional experience without any second thoughts.

Climate in Greece in November


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The temperature in Greece continues to decrease during November but remains relatively warmer compared to most of northern Europe, making it suitable for exploration during this time of year. The average temperature in November remains around 15°C. Greece receives approximately three hours of sunshine, particularly in November, December, and January. November often witnesses snowfall and foggy days.

Top 8 Activities to Experience in Greece in November

Greece remains vibrant with cultural festivities, especially during November. This is an ideal time to explore museums, historical sites, and cafes where you can savor culinary delights and engage in conversations with the friendly Greeks. Rent a vehicle and let serendipity be your guide as you drive through Greece’s roads. Here are the best activities to engage in during November.

Uncover Lake Plastira

1. Discover Lake Plastira

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Lake Plastira in Greece is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Although the lake is man-made, it is incredibly impressive. This sets it apart from other lakes. The lake is encircled by oak and chestnut trees. This pristine lake offers opportunities for adventure sports such as rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, and hiking along the trails. It provides tourists with scenic beauty and an adventurous afternoon.

Location: Krioneri, Karditsa Region, Greece

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2. Discover Delphi

Explore Delphi

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Delphi possesses the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of Greece’s premier attractions. Delphi is situated on the outskirts of Mount Parnassus and was once a popular destination for pilgrims in ancient times. Visitors used to frequent this place to honor Apollo, the ancient Greek deity of music, divination, healing, and illumination. In recent years, the location has temples, an impressive stadium, a theater, and captivating ancient ruins to captivate its visitors.

Location: Phocis, 6 Miles From The Gulf Of Corinth

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3. Discover The Otherworldly Rock Formations


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The Meteora is a rock formation situated in central Greece hosting one of the most impeccably constructed, grandest structures of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, which is the second most significant after Mount Athos. There are six monasteries built on gigantic natural pillars and rounded rocks resembling a hill that dominate the local area. These magnificent rock formations of the Meteora region are genuinely a must-visit tourist attraction. This awe-inspiring and picturesque landscape also presents incredible opportunities for hikers and climbers.

Location: Near Kalambaka, Plain Of Thessaly

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4. Embrace The Italian-Inspired Lifestyle

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Italianate Lifestyle

Corfu boasts verdant slopes, ancient caverns, and mild climate. The place has also experienced the impact of the wave of tourism development and houses some of Greece’s most incredible attractions, such as the Achilleion summer palace and the old town. Canal d’amour beach is a thrilling location to engage in adventure sports like diving and swimming.

Location: Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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5. Indulge In The Museum Of The Olive And Greek Olive Oil

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Enjoy The Museum

The astonishing Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil invigorates anyone who has been exploring ruins, temples, and historical museums throughout their stay in Greece. The museum unveils the story of the modest olive and how it became one of the most indispensable in Greek life. You can explore various galleries that offer detailed tours about how olive oil was utilized for producing fuel and perfume, and there are numerous ancient oil presses that are still functional.

Location: Othonos Amalias 129, Sparti 231 00

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6. Explore The Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

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Tombs Museum

The Vergina Royal Tombs Museum in Macedonia is a must-visit if you are in the area. Here you can pay a visit to the burial mounds – the ancient tumulus, and go explore the underground royal tombs. The tomb of Phillip II is the highlight here and dates back to 336 BC. You will also have the opportunity to witness the artifacts that were buried alongside him for the afterlife. The preparations included a golden and ivory shield, a suit of armor, and silver chalices.

Location: Vergina, Macedonia

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7. Trek The Corfu Trail

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Hike The Corfu Trail

The visually pleasing Island of Corfu is the home of the Corfu trail where tourists can go hiking. To traverse the 220 kilometers long trail, it takes approximately 8 to 10 days. Tourists can admire various landscapes along the way. A significant portion of the trail consists of dirt paths and you will pass by turquoise lagoons and ascend to picturesque summits.

Location: Corfu, Ionian island, Greece

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8. Bask In Luxury At Psarou Beach

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Psarou Beach is one of the most renowned beach destinations in Greece, known for its distinctive blue sun loungers. The beach is teeming with bars and restaurants where visitors can indulge in delicious meals and beverages and dance all night long. There is a vibrant party atmosphere prevailing in this place. However, it is not one of the most affordable destinations in Greece, and you can gauge the type of clientele by observing the magnificent superyachts anchored just offshore.

Location: Mykonos, Greece

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November Festivals

If you plan to visit Greece in November, be sure to immerse yourself in these lively festivals held during this month.

1. Michaelmas

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Observed on the 8th of November annually, this Greek tradition involves church processions and feasting. The Michaelmas festivities take place on one of the four financial quarter days. It is believed that by celebrating Michaelmas in such a manner, it ensures the family’s prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year.

Date: 8th November

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2. St. Andreas Name Day

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Every November, the residents of Patras celebrate their patron saint with festivities and a magnificent parade. According to Greek tradition, almost every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or martyr. When an individual in Greece is named after one of these saints, their celebration day, known as their “name day,” is celebrated just like their actual birthday.

St. Andreas

Date: 25th November

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Pointers For Exploring Greece In November

While traveling in Greece during November, keep the following points in mind:

  • Put on denim, blouses, tees, and long-sleeved shirts
  • As the temperature drops at night, it’s recommended to carry cozy sweaters, lightweight jackets, etc.
  • Show consideration for the locals
  • Make advance reservations
  • Have all the passport and visa-related documents with you


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Featuring some of the world’s most important historical sites, along with 6000 islands, Greece is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and remarkable culture. Ancient archaeological museums and sites, cliffs cascading into crystal-clear azure waters, pebbled and sandy beaches, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate make Greece in November one of the top tourist destinations and a must-visit on the trip to Europe.

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Common Queries About Greece In November

What is the ideal time to visit Greece?

The optimal time to visit Greece is between late April and early November when there is plenty of sunshine and minimal rainfall.

Is it chilly in Greece in November?

Yes, Greece experiences cold weather in November. Most restaurants, shops, etc. remain closed throughout the winter months.

How many days are enough for a trip to Greece?

A maximum of 10 days should be sufficient to explore Greece. It is advisable to spend at least 5-6 days in Santorini, 2-3 days in Mykonos, and 1-2 days in Athens.

How should you dress in Greece?

During the summer months, dress in tank tops, shorts, skirts, and lightweight cotton dresses. In the winter months, wear woolen sweaters to stay warm.

Is visiting Greece in winter worthwhile?

Exploring Greece in winter is perfect for admiring its ancient landmarks without the crowds of tourists. With the tourist groups gone, the mainland sites are practically empty, allowing for thorough exploration and a unique experience. Additionally, November sees several celebrations, adding to the pleasure of visiting during the winter season.

What can you purchase in Greece?

Items to buy in Greece include extra virgin olive oil, worry beads or Komboloi, a backgammon set or Tavli, Ouzo, a Karagiozis set, Mastiha from Chios island, and Handmade leather sandals from Monastiraki.

Does it rain in November?

Slight rainfall accompanied by showers can be expected in November.

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