Exploring Greece like Never Before: Your Handy Guide for February 2023

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Greece, the name prevailing since centuries still remains to be on the top choice for enthusiastic travelers. Even though it is one of the oldest countries in the world, Greece never fails to impress even the youngest member of the family. It is a compact package in itself. Getting to know about Greece is indeed a delightful journey. Exploring Greece in February allows you to delve into the place further as it is less crowded. There are some details about Greece, which are worth noting. Without any further delay, let’s embark on the journey to discover more of Greece in February 2023.

Climate In Greece


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Situated in a strategic location near the Mediterranean, but also bordering the European Continent, Greece experiences varying levels of weather throughout the year. Greece is visited by people from neighboring cold European nations and other colder regions around the world, primarily for its weather and scenic beauty. The temperature in Greece in February is not excessively hot, making it an ideal time for planning a honeymoon. It is also the off season, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.

Although there are times of the year when it snows in Greece, the duration is not extensive. Otherwise, the temperature ranges from moderate to mildly cold.

4 Top Destinations To Explore In Greece In February

Greece is a city rich in culture and ensures that you have plenty of opportunities to explore the entire region. There are multiple destinations in Greece that you should never miss on your trip. Plan bravely and prepare to be surprised by a plethora of stunning places.

  • Santorini: A Tranquil Island
  • Nafplion: A Planned Greek City
  • Thessaloniki: Where the Old World Persists
  • Athens: The Cultural Hub

1. Santorini: A Tranquil Island


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The twin cities of Oia and Fira perched atop a hill are visually captivating even in pictures. The ancient blue and white colored buildings are a visual feast. These charming structures have been transformed into resorts and hotels with a sea view. This island is well connected to other stunning locations in Greece via ferries and other water transport. It is mesmerizing to contemplate the volcanic hills partially submerged in the dark blue waters from your hotel windows. Santorini is also connected to various nearby archaeological sites that date back more than 3600 years. Sunbathing, romantic candlelit dinners, and island hopping are some of the best indulgences in Santorini.

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2. Nafplion: An Organized Greek Town

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This is one of the earliest contemporary arranged metropolises in Greece. The greatest aspect of this metropolis is that you can discover the narrow lanes of these eras as well as the ancient wonders that resurrect the depictions of Babylonian hanging gardens. Nafplion is an awe-inspiring sight on its own. There is a twist connected to each individual nook of the place. Cafes, vintage shops, the stone steps transport you back to the 80s movies. You can reside at any of the accommodations here located near the base of the hillocks.

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Aerial View Of Athens

3. Thessaloniki: Where Ancient World Endures

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Thessaloniki encompasses the entirety of Greece. It is inundated with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient Byzantine Churches, Fortresses, and other Roman monuments. If Roman history and architecture pique your interest, then Thessaloniki is the city to visit. This is the primary choice for travelers who are pressed for time and still wish to encounter the complete essence of Greece. These locations are the finest to explore in Greece in February.

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Tour Around The Acropolis

4. Athens: The Capital of Culture

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Athens is the capital of Greece and serves as the heart of Ancient Greece, a formidable civilization and empire of its era. Landmarks from the 5th century BC, including the Acropolis, a citadel situated atop a hill adorned with ancient structures like the colonnaded Parthenon temple, still reign over the city. Several museums like the Acropolis Museum, in addition to the National Archaeological Museum, safeguard sculptures, jewelry, and more from Ancient Greece.

4 Top Activities To Experience In Greece In February

Greece is a magnificent destination to partake in all sorts of thrilling endeavors. The liveliness of the place influences everything, allowing you to engage in a plethora of activities that guarantee an enjoyable time. If you find yourself short on time, make sure not to overlook these three activities. 

  • Explore The Acropolis: The Historical Center
  • Sunbathe At Balos Beach: A Serene Pursuit
  • Embark On Corfu Trails: Trekking Adventure
  • Go Island Hopping: A Truly Entertaining Experience

Sunbath At Balos Beach

1. Explore The Acropolis: The Historical Center

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While other parts of the world boast towering artificial skyscrapers, Greece showcases its ancient marvel in its capital. This location enthralls anyone with even the slightest interest in architecture. Take a tour around the area and marvel at its grandeur. The most notable feature of the Acropolis is the colossal structure of the Parthenon and Athena, the Greek Goddess. There is an abundance of discoveries to be made by strolling through the Acropolis. Location: Athens 105 58, Greece.

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Corfu Trails

2. Sunbathe At Balos Beach: A Serene Pursuit

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Amidst the numerous beaches in Greece, Balos Beach stands out as something truly special. The lagoons and the crystalline turquoise waters provide an unobstructed view of the marine life in the vicinity. The beach is impeccably clean, allowing you to bask under the sun for extended periods. Additionally, you can also partake in various water sports at this beach. Location: Kissamos, Crete 734 00, Greece.

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A Boat in a Sea

3. Corfu Trails: Journey Your Way

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This island is divided into numerous clusters. The entire span covers approximately 220 km. You can hike through a specific distance. Each kilometer has a distinct breathtaking view to offer. The stone seats laid along the entire trail provide the opportunity to sit and gaze. Despite the influx of a large number of tourists to the area, the trails do not become congested due to their expansive size.

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4. Island Hopping: An Incredibly Enjoyable Time

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With the influx of tourists, the winter island life becomes unique. You can hop between multiple beautiful islands that ensure you explore a variety. The sociable locals make for engaging, amicable visits. The larger islands remain the liveliest, with their significant local populations.

What To Wear In Greece In February

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If you are planning a trip to Greece, then packing is never a challenging task. It does snow in Greece, but you can be certain that your luggage will be lightweight. Apart from the garments, there are a few essentials that should be packed for the journey. Being aware of the weather in Greece in February will give you an idea of how much clothing you need to carry. January to February is the period when snowfall usually occurs in Greece. However, at the same time, Greece experiences different temperature ranges in different parts of the country. Therefore, these items will be necessary to bring along.

  • A stylish pair of sunglasses. You cannot afford to miss out on some of the splendid views due to the intense rays of the sun.
  • Swimsuits for the beaches. There are numerous beaches in and around Greece that you need to have one or purchase one there.
  • Sunscreen to shield your skin from the harsh sunlight.
  • Relaxed trousers that are not billowy to avoid excessive laundry after the trip.
  • Beach cushions for a rejuvenating sunbath at the beaches. They also aid in protecting your skin.
  • Camera to capture exceptional photos and mobile phone for navigation and communication. These electronic devices are essential when traveling to a destination like Greece. The country is filled with an abundance of beauty that every single moment needs to be documented.
  • Saviors when you decide to economize by not purchasing a new charger.
  • One trendy pair of shoes for hiking and strolling around Greece. The location is better enjoyed on foot so carry shoes with you.
  • Some winter garments if you are traveling to the northern part of Greece from January to February.

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These are some of the things you need to know about Greece in February if you are planning to visit this stunning location at the desired time. Greece is a place which would entice you to visit over and over again as you would never get enough of it. So, plan a journey to Greece and indulge in the fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Greece In February

Which language is spoken in Santorini, Greece?

The official language of Santorini is Greek.

Is February a good time to visit Greece?

Greece in February is cool with gray skies and plenty of rain. There are plenty of good places to enjoy some winter sun and attractions without the crowds.

How hot is Greece in February?

The average temperature in February is around 10°C – with lows of 7°C and highs of 13°C. The average daily sunshine in February is just four hours, higher than January.

Is February a good time to visit Santorini?

Yes. There will be less crowd and a more peaceful vacation. Although, there would be limited restaurants open yet you enjoy your time in this peaceful island.

How many days in Greece is enough?

It takes approximately 20 days to completely travel Greece. Out of this around-5 days go to Athens as it will be an enjoyable trip for you. The Acropolis and Parthenon are two iconic sites in Greece which would take approximately 2 days to fully explore.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Greece?

High season in Greece is considered to be between June and July. The most inexpensive and most affordable month to fly to Greece is February.

What airport do you fly into for Greece?

The 2 main airports in Greece are located in Athens and Thessaloniki. The airport of Athens, El. Venizelos International airport, receives direct flights from th


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