Exploring Festive Vibes in Europe in 2023: 13 Danish Christmas Destinations

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Shopping At The Christmas Markets

December in Denmark is a fantasy come true with all the Christmas lights and holiday merriment which fill the atmosphere of this nation. This Scandinavian country with a perpetually present medieval ambience and constructions has a lot to offer its visitors who come here searching for something unique. From the exotic landscapes to the dazzling views, Christmas in Denmark has much to offer to its travelers. However, during Christmas, the celebration reaches its pinnacle with all the liveliness and happiness in the air.

13 Places To Visit During Christmas In Denmark

Christmas in Denmark is truly a remarkable holiday experience. So, if you want to know how Denmark celebrates Christmas, then here’s a list of 13 places that will inform you accordingly.

  • Tivoli Gardens – For An Astonishing And Enchanting Encounter
  • The Round Tower – Capture Instagrammable Photos
  • CopenHill – Enjoy Skiing And Ascending
  • Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market– Stalls And Delightful Christmas Fare
  • Odense – Explore Vibrant Christmas Market
  • Ribe– Witness Christmas Traditions
  • Egeskov Christmas Market– Christmas Market And Scent Of Bonfires
  • Nyborg Christmas Market – Authentic Christmas Shopping Place
  • The Old Town Open-Air Museum – For A Serene Holiday
  • Kayak For Saint Lucia Day – Enjoy Kayaking
  • Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Tables – Inspiring Christmas Table
  • The Nutcracker – For Fun Parties
  • The Frederiksberg Runddel – For Adventure Enthusiasts

The Round Tower

1. Tivoli Gardens – For An Astonishing And Enchanting Encounter

This is one place to hang out on the Christmas day in Denmark. Describing holiday traditions in Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens, words like breathtaking and enchanting are most commonly used. Tivoli offers rides, amusement parks, and fireworks throughout the entire month of December. The gardens are now fully prepared for the food enthusiasts with their new food court that showcases 14 bars. That’s 14 food bars to savor holiday meals from. While there, do visit the Illums Bolighus design store, maybe you will find a last-minute holiday gift.

Location: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, DenmarkWhere to stay: Tivoli Hotel- pool, dining; Nimb: Free Wi-FiSpecial events: Amusement parks and fireworks

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2. The Circular Tower – Capture Insta-worthy Photos

Visit this spot if you are spending the Christmas evening in Denmark. The circular tower has always been a prominent feature of Denmark for the past 375 years and even now it greets visitors with the same enthusiasm to explore the art exhibits. Many artists from around the globe come to display their work here. So, keep your cameras ready when you visit this place, as you will encounter numerous opportunities that are perfect for Instagram. Your Christmas in Copenhagen would certainly be incomplete without a visit to this location while on vacation.


Location: Kømagergade 52A, 1150 Copenhagen, DenmarkWhere to stay: Absalon hotel- exquisite lobby, spotless; Cabinn city- Complimentary Wi-Fi

3. CopenHill – Indulge in Skiing And Climbing

In 2017, the world witnessed the inauguration of the lengthiest man-made ski slopes, which are located right next to the city’s water to energy plant. Named CopenHill, this facility offers a 440-meter slope as well as an impressive 80 m artificial climbing wall. With this news, this Christmas provides you with an opportunity to try something different from the usual celebrations. It offers ski lifts with moving carpets, and there is a stunning cafe that provides access to breathtaking panoramic views. Besides the usual attractions, this place welcomes its visitors to experience year-round skiing and climbing options.


Location: Vindmøllevej 6, 2300 Copenhagen, DenmarkSpecial events: Skiing, Climbing

4. Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market – Stalls And Delectable Christmas Cuisine

As the appellation suggests, it is the birthplace of the renowned fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen. During his era, Christmas held a distinct connotation and this celebration takes center stage in many of his literary works. Yuletide in Denmark and in particular at this venue encompasses an annual Yuletide bazaar in Denmark that exudes an aura of antiquity. The bazaar is teeming with stalls and Carousel rides.

The stalls vend a variety of wares which range from handcrafted items to mouthwatering Danish Yuletide cuisine. Visitors are invited to indulge in the bazaar and relish its myriad offerings, and it goes without saying that children will undoubtedly gravitate towards the Carousel. This is one of the most popular ways to commemorate Christmas in Copenhagen.

Christmas in Ribe

Locale: Black Brothers Peat 1, 5000 Odense C, DenmarkSpecial occasions: Yuletide bazaar

5. Odense – Discover Lively Yuletide Bazaar

If you are staying in Copenhagen during the holiday season then you absolutely must have this incredible experience! Odense is the part of the city where Christmas in Denmark and all the merriment and happiness associated with it transforms into something more ancient and historic. However, in its Christmas markets, the traditional atmosphere comes with plenty of food and a market for vegetables. But it’s not all straightforward at the market, as there are plenty of entertainment options to enjoy to your heart’s content. If you are here for a longer period and want to explore more of Denmark during the Christmas season, then be sure to visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.


Location: Funen, DenmarkWhere to stay: Hotel Odens- Free Wi-Fi; Scandic Odense-Free Wi-FiSpecial events: Christmas markets

6. Ribe – Witness Christmas Traditions

Ribe is a town that goes about its regular life until Christmas arrives. The place ramps up its activities and uses various beautiful, yet old houses to create the necessary scenery for different kinds of Christmas festivities. But there’s much more history to this place than meets the eye, as the author of the children’s book ‘Peter’s Jul’ lived there with his family, so that is another theme that is incorporated into the decorations. Visiting this place will feel like stepping back in time, while still maintaining a connection to the present. Ribe is where you must go to experience Christmas traditions in Denmark.

Nyborg Christmas Market

Location: NAWhere to stay: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport- free Wi-Fi

7. Egeskov Christmas Market – Christmas Market And Scent Of Bonfires

The enchanting setting in the Egeskov Castle is like something out of a fairytale and is a sight to behold for everyone who visits. In this Christmas market, people buy and sell everything from gourmet foods to handmade crafts to individuals dressed as Christmas elves. The surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for the Christmas market and also involve rows of candles, all of which lead to the exhibition buildings. Visitors should take note that the market is located within the museum, which creates a cozy atmosphere. As for finding wreaths and other greenery, those can be found in the greenhouse. Enjoy a glass of spiced wine while taking in the aroma of nearby bonfires and roasted almonds.

The Old Town Open-Air Museum

Location: Not Applicable

Where to stay: Best Western Hotel Fredericia- Complimentary Wi-Fi; Hotel Postgaarden- Complimentary Wi-Fi.

Special events: Christmas market

8. Nyborg Christmas Market – Genuine Christmas Shopping Place

This is where you would find all the things you need for Christmas festivities in Denmark. Nyborg is a medieval town located directly on the travel route between Copenhagen and Odense. This place hosts one of the most impressive, largest and authentic Christmas markets. However, it is still an undiscovered treasure to many. When here, visitors will find various stalls selling everything from ornaments to delicacies. Of course, all of it is accompanied by plenty of carousels and other enjoyable activities. All of these make it an excellent place to visit with family. It is open from 1st December to the 3rd and then from 8th to 10th December 2017.

Location: Nørrevoldgade 5800 Nyborg, DenmarkWhere to stay: Nyborg Strand- Complimentary Wi-Fi, Storebælt Sinatur Hotel & Konference- Complimentary Wi-FiSpecial events: Christmas markets

9. The Old Town Open-Air Museum – For A Serene Holiday

This historical Old Town Open-Air Museum is a renowned spot to visit by the tourists during the holidays. This museum has more than 80 relocated historical structures which are complete with horse rides, stores, costumed interpretive staff and more. The month of December sees the museums being adorned in the style of the bygone years. It was only in 2017 that a new Aarhus heritage museum was inaugurated within the open air museum which tells the story of the Viking era. This place is perfect for people who want a calm and tranquil vacation.

Location: Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C, DenmarkSpecial events: Museums

10. Kayak For Saint Lucia Day – Enjoy Canoeing

Another intriguing activity to do in Denmark on Christmas is canoeing for Saint Lucia Day. Here at Saint Lucia Day parade you will paddle the canals with numerous other enthusiasts. The captivating views of canoes adorned with candles will surely give the fantastic Christmas atmosphere. Don’t worry about renting canoes while staying in Denmark. There are numerous outlets that rent out canoes in Denmark during Christmas. 

Location: Kayak Republic Børskaj 12, København KWhere to stay: Bedwood Hostel, Generator CopenhagenSpecial events: Canoeing

Christmas Party At Blues Kitchen, London

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11. Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Tables – Inspiring Christmas Table

You can stroll down Copenhagen’s pedestrian walking street, that is, Stroget, to catch a glimpse of the exhilarating light display. You can also indulge in Christmas shopping here as this is the time when almost all the stores on this street offer attractive deals. Here you can also visit the Royal Copenhagen China store and attend the inspiring Christmas table displays here. 

Location: Amagertorv 6, 1160 KøbenhavnWhere to stay: Copenhagen Admiral HotelSpecial events: Christmas Table

Ice Skating Shoes

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12. The Nutcracker – For Fun Parties

Nutcracker, the place adored by young people during Christmas for their parties. You can attend The Nutcracker in Denmark during Christmas either with the Royal Danish Ballet or at the Tivoli Ballet. If you are attending it at Tivoli then you will get a chance to check out the sets and costumes designed by Queen Margrethe. The Nutcracker is truly an ultimate Christmas celebration in Denmark. 

Location: The Royal Danish Ballet, Tivoli BalletWhere to stay: Steel House Copenhagen, Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGERSpecial events: Dance parties 

13. The Frederiksberg Runddel – For Adventurers

Experience ice skating at the frozen lakes of Frederiksberg Runddel for a perfect Christmas celebration in Denmark. If you are truly an adventure enthusiast and enjoy engaging in various activities then you must definitely go to Frederiksberg Runddel. Don’t worry if you don’t have your skates with you as there are numerous vendors offering skates at an affordable price here. 

Location: Frederiksberg Runddel 1, 1621 København VWhere to stay: Bedwood Hostel, Generator CopenhagenSpecial events: Ice Skating

Denmark Christmas Customs

: Clindy O for Pixabay

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

From consuming lots of glogg to amazing Christmas TV series, Christmas in Denmark is truly a magnificent one. Explore the most vital and enjoyable customs of Danish people.

1. Christmas Calendar TV Series – Christmas Calendar is a TV show with 24 episodes. Each day one episode is shown in the month of December with the final one being aired on the day of Christmas celebration in Denmark. The different versions of the series follow the same storyline with someone attempting to ruin Christmas and the main characters preserving the excitement of the joyful day. One can also create their own countdown series to watch each night with family and friends.

2. Christmas Trees – Decorating the Christmas tree with real candles, sparkling lights is the most enjoyable part of Denmark Christmas celebration. Another popular decoration item is featuring the national flag and once it is all done, families sing joyfully and dance around the Christmas tree.

3. Paper Star Lanterns – Hanging paper star lanterns illuminating windows and doors is another enjoyable Christmas traditions in Denmark. You can find these paper lanterns online too at an affordable price.

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated lavishly and every street of the country is painted red. Therefore, if you are eager to spend your Christmas holidays in Denmark, then it’s a fantastic idea. Plan a trip to Europe right away and be a part of the joyful celebrations of Christmas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas In Denmark

How do they celebrate Christmas in Denmark?

In Denmark, Christmas is celebrated on 24 December i.e. on the Christmas Eve. People exchange gifts, prepare special Christmas dinners in which Danish families come together to eat, drink and celebrate.

How do you say Merry Christmas in Denmark?

In Danish Happy or Merry Christmas is said as ‘Glædelig Jul’.

What is Santa Claus called in Denmark?

In Denmark, Santa Claus is called ‘Julemanden’ which literally means “the Yule Man”, because he is believed to arrive on a sleigh that is pulled by reindeers.

What is a traditional Danish Christmas dinner?

Denmark’s Christmas customs hold significant importance which is also reflected through food. The traditional Danish Christmas dinner usually includes roast pork, boiled potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. Roast duck and goose have also become a popular dish. As dessert, they have ‘ris à l’amande’ which is a cold rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla, almonds and hot cherry sauce, or ‘risengrød’, which is a hot rice pudding.

What is there to do in Copenhagen at Christmas?

Some of the things to do in Copenhagen at Christmas include: Shopping at Christmas markets 1. Ice skating. 2. Exploring Tivoli Gardens 3. Taking a stroll at Kronprinsensgade 4. Enjoying a hot sauna

Is Denmark expensive?

Yes, Denmark is expensive but if you compare it with the USA, the place is relatively cheaper.

What is good to buy in Denmark?

You can purchase numerous fantastic items from Denmark such as Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware, Georg Jensen Jewellery, Somods Bolcher Bonbons, Ole Henriksen Skin Products, Kahler Ceramics, etc.


What is Denmark famous for?

Denmark is renowned for its delectable cuisine and picturesque beauty.

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