Exploring Europe’s Top 5 Iconic Cafes

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The ancient legend that the renowned cafes in Europe are places where people discover some of the finest coffee nooks is alive and, more importantly, fiercely accurate. Whether you find yourself strolling through cobblestone streets in Berlin or lazily lounging near a beach on a Sunday in Italy, a traditional cup of coffee or a contemporary and flavorful sip can enhance your gourmet experience in the country. From some of the oldest and top-notch coffee makers to new exotic franchises that are revolutionizing Europe, here are the most prominent cafes in Europe where you’ll be able to satisfy your caffeine craving.

Finest Cafes In Europe To Enhance Your Itinerary

Numerous destinations are overflowing with some of the leading cafes in Europe where you can sample your preferred coffee. Keep reading to discover more about our suggestions.

1. Ditta Artigianale, Florence, Italy

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Francesco Sanapo and his business partner Patrick Hoffer established Ditta Artigianale in 2013 with the aim of bringing “coffee of extreme quality” to Italy. Ditta is also a coffee roaster, and Sanapo imports coffee directly through his longstanding relationships with coffee producers and his frequent visits to coffee plantations. Because Sanapo wants to maintain quality control throughout the production process, this approach ensures that its coffee maintains its excellence. In countries like Italy where the majority of coffee served in cafes is inferior, Sanapo is striving to set a higher benchmark.

Location: Via dei Neri, 30/32 R, 50122 Firenze FI, ItalyOperating Hours: 8am–8pm

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2. Bonanza Coffee, Berlin, Germany

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Unlike their initial cafe—which is situated on Oderberger Straße in Prenzlauer Berg—the coffee roastery is positioned in a tranquil courtyard off Adalbertsraße next to a curiously located petting zoo. Once you’ve made your way past the ponies, you’ll find yourself in front of the brick factory building, where you can indulge in exceptional coffee, pastries, and amusing Polish anecdotes. Long-haired baristas swiftly navigate between tables and amidst plants, serving customers the perfect cup of coffee and more. The cafe and roastery are separated by a sizable glass barrier, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process. It is one of the most frequented cafes in Europe and a highly recommended choice as well.

Location: Adalbertstraße 70, 10999 Berlin, GermanyOperating Hours: 9am–6pm

3. MOK, Brussels, Belgium

Mok Coffee

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Leuven-based Mok Coffee, although not from Brussels, is one of many companies that have helped rejuvenate the Brussels Canal, a waterway that connects Molenbeek and the city center. Mok Coffee is one of a growing number of firms that are bringing economic development to one of Europe’s most impoverished areas by roasting beans in small batches. Because they are able to monitor the flavor profile of each bean, they are capable of roasting them in limited quantities.

Location: Rue Antoine Dansaert 196, 1000 Bruxelles, BelgiumOperating Hours: 8am–6pm

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4. Jonas Reindl, Vienna, Austria

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There are numerous options when it comes to selecting a location to enjoy a cup of coffee in Vienna, but Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters is among the most renowned. Their Westbahnstrasse 13 cafe offers a variety of espresso and cappuccino choices, as well as pour-over and coffee tonic beverages. In other words, you can sample coffee that is as close to the roasting process as possible in Vienna at Jonas Reindl. It is made from beans obtained from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua, among other places. It is also considered one of the most stunning cafes in Europe.

Location: Waehringer Strasse 2-4, Vienna 1090 Austria

5. Established Coffee, Belfast, Ireland

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This cafe is renowned for its delectable coffee, subtle design, and welcoming atmosphere in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This charming Belfast coffee shop is gaining rapid popularity; they began roasting their own coffee in 2020 and, as a result, their already delightful coffees became even more irresistible. This cafe is considered one of the best in the world due to its incredibly local atmosphere and cozy vibe.

Location: 54 Hill St, Belfast BT1 2LB, United KingdomOperating Hours: 7am–4:30pm

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Whether you are a traveler who is backpacking through several nations at once or an expatriate who will be staying longer to explore the finest coffeehouses in Europe but also investigate the local breweries, this list is the impeccable guide to commence your journey. If you are searching for the finest Europe travel packages, explore them here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Most Notable Coffeehouses in Europe

Which nation in Europe has the finest coffee?

While there is no one nation that claims this particular throne, some of the most suggested places you can visit are France, Italy, Brussels and Spain.

What is the coffee capital of Europe?

While it is technically considered only politically a part of the EU, Dublin has been designated as the coffee capital of Europe.

What is customary Italian coffee?

If you order a customary coffee in Italy, it is usually served as Espresso or a coffee drink made with Espresso.

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