Exploring Europe for a Fortnight: Melodic Celebration, Austrian Brews, and Unforgettable Adventures With Comrades

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When four friends come together, an Euro trip is born..”

A similar occurrence took place with Jyoti and her acquaintances. They had always harbored a desire to embark on an international journey as a group. So, while spending time together one day, they brainstormed the idea of exploring Europe. Unlike many friend groups who are still eagerly awaiting their trip to Goa, Jyoti and her friends promptly took action and spent an exhilarating fortnight in Europe. The rich culture, captivating architecture, and vibrant nightlife were thoroughly enjoyed.

Let’s delve into the details of their two-week European adventure.

Details of the Two-Week European Trip

Type of Trip: Group HolidayTrip Duration: 14 Days, 13 NightsNumber of Participants: 4 adultsTrip Cost: INR 121,000 per personTrip Planner: Street Romeo Travel Planner

Itinerary for Two Weeks in Europe

Days 1-3: Exploring the sights of PragueDays 4-5: Engaging in a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour in MunichDays 6-7: Delving into the wonders of InnsbruckDays 8-9: Exploring the beauty of SalzburgDays 10-11: Discovering the charm of BudapestDays 12-14: Immersing in the cultural riches of Vienna

Prague -> Munich -> Innsbruck -> Salzburg -> Budapest -> Vienna

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Weather Conditions in Europe during June

we arrived at Prague

We embarked on our Euro trip in June. As June marks the summer season in Europe, Prague, Munich, and Vienna experienced scorching temperatures. Salzburg, Budapest, and Hallstatt, on the other hand, had moderate temperatures. Innsbruck proved to be a delightfully pleasant destination.

sitting with friendsday tour of Prague with friends

Unforgettable Moments During Our Two Weeks in Europe

For those contemplating where to visit during a two-week European trip and what memorable experiences to seek, our personal journey can serve as a helpful resource.

exploring the prague

1. Prague

visited landmarks in the city

We commenced our fortnight journey across Europe by exploring the nightclubs in Prague. The following day, we embarked on a walking tour of the city to witness the renowned landmarks such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and so on. We leisurely strolled along the river bridge and relished a delightful dinner by the riverfront. Additionally, we paid a visit to the peculiarly designed Dancing House while wandering around the old town square. Subsequently, we transferred to Munich via bus.

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discover how vibrant life is

2. Munich

In Munich, we initially explored the English Garden, an expansive public park situated in the heart of the city. The subsequent destinations on our itinerary were Marienplatz and Nymphenburg Palace, renowned for their exquisite baroque architecture. We also had the pleasure of visiting Olympic Park, which captivated us with its vastness and beauty. However, the highlight of our Munich visit unquestionably was BMW World, where we marveled at the displayed automobile models. This attraction is conveniently located adjacent to Olympic Park.

exploring the city at your own pacecar showroom

3. Salzburg

During our stay in Salzburg, we experienced a multitude of renowned attractions, including Mozart’s birthplace, a beer factory, a love lock bridge, Mirabell garden, and the formidable Hohensalzburg Fortress. To enhance our Salzburg experience, we took part in a Sound of Music tour, which guided us through the various filming locations used in the movie. Furthermore, we ventured to Hallstatt, a picturesque village in Austria that can be reached by a short 50-minute train ride from Salzburg.

night view of the best attractions of the cityoverview of the city salzburgvisited to Salzburg

4. Innsbruck

enjoying the night

When in Innsbruck, we had a great time visiting Swarovski Crystal World. We wandered around the historic town and checked out the Golden Roof. Hungerburg was also a lovely place to stroll around.

5. Budapest

Budapest was incredible. There was an abundance of things to see and explore. We checked out the Chain Bridge, Buda castle, Parliament building, and St. Stephen’s basilica. We roamed around Hero’s Square and also paid a visit to the Opera House. We also had a great time on a River Cruise during our stay in Budapest. The thermal baths were incredibly refreshing.

visited to Swarovski Crystal World

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amazing views of the surrounding landscapeWe roamed around the old town

6. Vienna

Vienna was once again a fantastic place to discover and explore. From St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Danube Tower and the enormous Ferris Wheel, everything about this place was incredibly beautiful and Instagram-worthy. We relished a taste of Sacher Cake in Vienna. It was absolutely scrumptious, a true delight of Vienna. We even attended an amazing music festival called the Danube Island Festival. It was absolutely fantastic.

we are at Budapestview of the highlights of the city

Accommodations in Europe

We favored staying at hostels and AirBnbs as these lodgings are much more cost-effective and enjoyable compared to hotels.

parliament building in budapest

1. Prague: Plus Prague Hostel

The hostel was pleasant and tidy with welcoming and cordial staff. Thanks to the easy access from the metro and taxi, the location didn’t feel distant from the attractions. It even had an indoor pool and sauna.

enjoy the beauty of the city in the eveningenjoy sightseeing in the beautiful city

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walking tour of the city

2. Munich: The 4You Hostel

The highlight of our stay at the 4You hostel was that the main attractions were within a short walk of less than 10 minutes. There were 8 bunk beds in the dormitory. The staff was amiable and helpful. There was a communal shower area separately designated for males and females.

3. Innsbruck: Upcycling Apartment In Old Farmhouse

We opted to stay at a splendid Airbnb apartment in Innsbruck. The 2BHK apartment came with all modern amenities and was conveniently located near the major attractions. The host graciously provided ample supplies of salt, pepper, sugar, powdered milk, oatmeal, vegetables, and a complimentary bottle of wine.

enjoy fantastic viewsa wonderful place to discover and explore

4. Salzburg: Gasthof Postwirt

We had a delightful stay at Gasthof Postwirt. We had reserved two rooms with en-suite shower facilities. All the main attractions were approximately 15 minutes away by taxi.

city's dazzling night lightsclicked best shots

5. Budapest: Under the Buda Castle Apartment

We had a fantastic stay at an Airbnb in Budapest with all contemporary conveniences. It was within walking distance of all the major attractions. The host had supplied all the necessary essentials.

6. Vienna: A & T Holiday Hostel

The hostel’s location was a bit far from the main attractions, but it took us 15 minutes by taxi to reach the city center. The hostel provided free Wi-Fi and recreational amenities like billiards and table football.

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meeting with new people

Dining Establishments Visited During Our Two-Week Trip in Europe

Here are all the restaurants that we patronized during our vacation in various locations.

1. Prague

We had a meal at the Cross Club, where the entire architecture was constructed with metal and upcycled materials. It had self-service and the cuisine was delectable. There was a dance area on the ground floor. A Chicken Pizza cost around INR 500 bucks and the beer was INR 120 bucks. The other eatery was near Rasinovo Nabrezi Riverbank and featured outdoor seating. The ambiance was delightful and the food was superb. A serving of Caesar’s Salad cost us approximately INR 370 bucks.

2. Munich

We relished the freshly brewed beer at Augustiner Keller. It had a vast open area and was always bustling with crowds. The personnel were amiable but the service was a tad sluggish. A pint of beer here would set you back about 8 Euros. La Fiesta had a delightful atmosphere and affable staff. We derived as much pleasure from the music as we did from the cuisine.

3. Salzburg

We ventured to M32, a rooftop eatery situated on the hilltop. The primary reason we were fond of this place was the panoramic view it provided. The food was satisfactory and the staff was friendly.

4. Vienna

We visited a renowned dessert establishment in Vienna called Trichy. The decor was unconventional and vibrant, and the staff were approachable. We paid 2 Euros for 2 scoops of ice cream.

In Budapest, we reveled in the nightlife at Ankert Club and also attended the Danube Island Festival.

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a piece of sweet cakedelicious food with beer

Europe Travel Tips

Here are some crucial suggestions that I would like to propose to fellow travelers for a smooth-sailing trip.

  • Select a comfortable month for your European journey.
  • Avoid taking guided tours of Prague during the summer.
  • Opt for comfy walking shoes.
  • It is advisable to explore Europe on foot rather than relying on public transportation.
  • Prefer buses or trains for intercity travel. Not only will it be light on your wallet, but you will also take pleasure in the scenic views along the way.
  • If you’re hiring a taxi from the airport to your hotel, load your own luggage as the cab driver may charge you 5 to 10 euros for assistance.
  • Board the cab promptly upon its arrival. The cab driver will charge you even for a minute’s delay.
  • In Prague and Budapest, it is advisable to carry the local currency. Numerous establishments here do not accept Euros.
  • Avoid panoramic/hop on hop off bus tours in Salzburg as everything is within walking distance. You can even rent a bike, which costs approximately 10 euros per hour.
  • Carry your own snacks and an ample amount of water during the summer months.
  • Food can be purchased from DM stores, Billa, or Spar.
  • Do visit the Swarovski museum and Hungerburg in Innsbruck.
  • Get a travel pass that is valid for trains, metro, and trams. Travel passes are valid for either 30 minutes or 90 minutes.
  • Avoid buying souvenirs from the main tourist areas or shopping centers as they may be pricey. Purchase them from small street shops. Chocolates, perfumes, and cosmetics are cheaper than in India and can be bought from DM stores.

How To Reach Europe

We had made reservations with Turkish Airlines from Mumbai to Prague. We had a layover at Istanbul airport for 90 minutes. The usual waiting time is 50 minutes, but due to our delayed flight, we waited for 90 minutes before boarding our flight from Istanbul to Prague. Here are the timings for our flight:

Mumbai to Istanbul – Departure at 6:30 am. Arrive in Istanbul at 10:45 am. Istanbul to Prague – 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm.

Experience With Fred and Fuzzys

Overall experience with Fred and Fuzzys was simply excellent. 10 on 10. Street Romeo and Mr Jigar took all possible care regarding our budget, customized the package as per our preferences, and were available throughout via phone when needed. The cost of the trip worked out well and we are satisfied. Although it would have been better if we had AC rooms as it was difficult to sleep during the summer in Europe. Personally, I believe that the Hop on Hop off bus passes could have a validity of 48 hours which includes a lunch at the Danube River Cruise (Budapest) with additional charges.

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The people were very friendly and helpful except in Prague. The locals in Prague were very impolite and unwilling to assist with navigation. However, in other cities, they were extremely helpful. All in all, our two weeks in Europe were incredible. Any trip with friends is enjoyable, but when it is in Europe, the fun and experience are taken to another level. All the excitement depicted in movies about the Euro Trip with friends is absolutely true.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How much does a trip to Europe cost for 2 weeks?

It cost us approximately 1, 60, 000 per person including visa fees, airfare, accommodations, and intercity and intracity transfers. The cost depends on your itinerary and the experiences you choose to have.

How many countries can you visit in Europe in 2 weeks?

You can visit up to 5 countries in Europe in 2 weeks. However, it is recommended to allocate enough time for each place instead of rushing from one city to another.

How much money do I need per day in Europe?

The amount of money you need per day in Europe depends on the specific region you are visiting. Western Europe typically requires INR 5000-7000 per day for expenses. In Eastern Europe, around INR 4,000 per day is sufficient for daily activities. Central Europe tends to be cheaper compared to other parts of Europe.

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