Exploring Egypt’s Breathtaking Beaches: An Unforgettable Getaway in 2023

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Egypt is the nation that connects Africa to Asia. Part of the Arab world, Egypt is the homeland of renowned pharaohs. Egypt has an extensive coastline, with its northern coast bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the red sea on the side. There is also a long and beautiful shoreline along the river Nile. There is a significant contrast between its northern coast and eastern coast. Both coasts have a distinctly different landscape as well as plant and animal life. The northern coast stretches for over a thousand kilometers. Its eastern coastline is famously referred to as the Red Sea Riviera. Beaches in Egypt offer a wide array of experiences – from exhilarating water sports and snorkeling to delectable seaside cuisine, lounging on sunbeds, scuba diving, and immersing oneself in natural beauty. Some of these beaches rank among the most luxurious beachfronts in the world, housing a variety of 5-star resorts and hotels with exceptional amenities.

12 Finest Beaches in Egypt

Below is a list of the most breathtaking top beaches in Egypt. Read further to discover comprehensive information about each one.

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1. Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab

Abu Galoum beach is located in the stunning coastal town of Dahab, which is one of the most popular beach towns in Egypt. Situated on the Sinai Peninsula, the town shares its borders with the red sea coast. Ras Abu Galoum stands out as a unique and highly sought-after beachfront in Dahab. Unlike other commercialized beaches in Egypt, it offers a refreshing change and showcases the beauty of nature. The beach boasts beautiful and tranquil coral reefs, as well as fascinating wildlife, making it famous among visitors. Nearby mountain ranges provide opportunities for hiking and trekking. Visitors can also enjoy a camel safari ride along the breathtaking coastline. Ras Abu Galoum is unquestionably one of the premier destinations to visit in Egypt and should not be missed.

Activities available: Snorkeling, diving, surfing, camel safariLocation: Dahab – Noweabaa, St. Catherine Department, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

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Ras Um Sid beach

2. El Gouna

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El Gouna is one of the most exquisite beaches in Egypt, located on the eastern coast along the northern red sea. This beach exudes style and has been meticulously developed, offering excellent amenities throughout. It is a popular luxury beach destination along Egypt’s eastern coast. Numerous upscale pubs and restaurants can be found here, and the nightlife is vibrant. Visitors can spend their time relaxing on the soft white sand, indulging in delicious food and wines, or engage in a range of exciting water sports offered at this site.

Things to do: Angling, plunging, kitesurfing, swimmingLocation: El Gouna, Egypt

3. Ras Um Sid

Ras Um Sid is arranged in the South Sinai state of Egypt. This is one of the most economicalEgyptian beaches with all of the necessary amenities one can ask for. There are enough sunbeds and restrooms around the beach to make visitors comfortable. Few eateries across the beach serve astounding lip-smacking fresh Egyptian road food. One of the renowned beaches in Egypt, it is located at Sharm El Sheikh bordering the red sea coast. Serene and quiet surroundings are the ideal beach if you want to spend time looking at the waves with a bit of snacking. The beach is also well known among aficionados of submerged jumping and sea adventures.


Things to do: Swimming, diving, kitsurfingLocation: Ras Um El-Sid Cliff, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

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4. Mahmya Island

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Mahmya Island and the beach offer an intriguing experience. One can lease the ferries or journey here to go deep around the island and experience magnificent clear blue water with captivating sea life. The submerged experience on this island is quite captivating and extraordinary. This is a vivid exuberant island, serving incredible food and your preferred drinks while you can sit, relax and have your heavenly food at the beachfront.

Things to do: Island visit on the ferry, water exercises like swimming, deep sea divingLocation: Mahmya Island, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

5. Taba

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Taba is one the most well-known beachside getaway of Egypt. Arranged in the Sinai Peninsula, this beach is close to the borders with Israel. Lovely mountain range, quiet clean blue waters, the view is awe-inspiring. There are additionally well-known resorts and gambling club centers close to this beach. Beach is deliberately arranged with mountains encompassing it, making it significantly more surreal. There is likewise an old fortification and numerous climbing places close to the beach.

Activities to experience: Trekking, swimming with snorkels, kiteboarding, deep-sea explorationPosition: In close proximity to the uppermost point of the Gulf of Aqaba

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6. Ras Shitan

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Ras Shitan is one tranquil and serene beach with ethereal magnificence and a harmonious coastline. There are marvelous seashore encampments close to the seashore – encampments are essentially petite bamboo cabins where one can dwell and bask in the sunshine at the seashore, unwind by the seashore with lavish cuisine being served directly at your encampment. This is a barren coastal township positioned on the coast of the red sea. The seashore facade and the entire township have been exceptionally artistically devised. The place simply revitalizes with its captivating magnificence – the impeccable fusion of the sea and the splendid desert terrain.

Activities to experience: Excursion around the township, aquatic sports, touristic sightseeingPosition: Nueiba, South Sinai, Egypt

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