Exploring China’s Attractions in the Month of May

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Have you ever desired to explore a land abundant in culture and history; a nation that exerts its influence on the world, then and now. A land which embraces its past traditions and has firmly established itself in today’s modern world. This land is none other than the land of China. There are so many things that one can do in China, particularly in May. Visiting China in May will be an experience worth treasuring. China is one of the superpowers of the world. It is remarkable how the people of China have very elegantly preserved their country’s history and heritage.

A few renowned things that one can recall while discussing about China are dumplings, the Great Wall and dragons (dragons have played a significant role in Chinese mythologies). China is a splendid place to visit. One’s trip to Asia remains incomplete unless they have at least set foot in China.


Climate In China In May

China is a splendid place to visit in May. May, in China, marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer. This particularly makes it a perfect time to visit China as the climate is pleasant; the weather is both warm and slightly cool. One can see the sun emerging more gradually and the cold and rain diminishing.

Hence one need not pack a lot of winter clothes, just one set for the night. Though the climate is warm and sunny during the day, at the start of April, the temperature can drop down to one degree Celsius at night.

Why You Should Visit China In May


May is an ideal time to visit China because it is the time of the year when the land celebrates Mother’s Day (May 10). Other incredible events or festivals include the Luoyang Peony Fair (from mid-April to mid-May; when the Peony flowers blossom and folk performances are organized at Luoyang National Peony Garden) and the Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon (May 16; a 42.2 KM race on the Great Wall).

A trip to China is generally affordable, but the month of May warrants lesser tourist crowds and cheaper travel and accommodation offers due it being the off-season for tourism. Typically, people visit China during June and July to spend the summer vacation.

5 Places To Visit In China In May

Here are some of the top places to visit in China during the month of May. Check them out!


1. Beijing

Are you ready for some montage videos? Then start jogging along the Great Wall of China! This is one of the planet’s Seven Wonders and is the sole monument that can even be observed from space. May offers an ideal opportunity to avoid the summer tourist crowds. Beijing is the capital of China, signifying that one can discover the most extraordinary nightlife and a picturesque cityscape there. With shopping centers and so much more, Beijing is one of the liveliest places in China.


2. Shanghai

Rural Shanghai is a delightful experience. The rural parts of Shanghai are essentially water towns; travel by boat along the Chinese canals.. It’s like Venice in Asia, but with a Chinese twist. This is a stunning getaway from the bustling city and an incredible place to savor the tranquil Chinese countryside life. Shanghai is the largest city in China and also provides some of the finest urban activities and entertainment.


3. Guilin

However, the ultimate place to enjoy a genuinely rejuvenating and peaceful country life would be at Guilin. Guilin is a mountainous region in China that practices terrace farming. The landscape and scenery resemble a scene from a Chinese artwork. The mist and mountains in the background add to the uniqueness of bamboo rafting on the Yulong River.

4. Huangshan

  • Huangshan is a hilly and wooded region situated in Eastern China. It borders Shanghai. It is the ultimate hiking and camping spot in China. Peaks, unusually shaped pine trees and fog, discover all of this here at Huangshan. But the most impressive aspect of Huangshan is the breathtaking sunrise scenery.

Planning your vacation but unsure of where to go? These travel stories assist you in finding your most exceptional journey yet!

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