Exploring China Square’s Historic Past: Discover 5 Fascinating Museums in Singapore

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Appreciate the chronicles of Singapore that are exquisitely restored in these museums located in China Square of Singapore. Roam through the corridors and galleries of these splendid and artistic edifices that house some of the rarest artifacts and masterpieces, delicately embodying the history and vibrant culture of Singapore. Behold the unique treasures and take away countless memories from your trip to Singapore.

Singapore is a destination for vacations that offers numerous attractions and activities for you to indulge in during your holiday. Explore this compilation of museums to visit in China Square on your vacation to Singapore.

Museums In China Square

Embark upon a journey to these museums in China Square to gain insight into the history of Singapore and enhance your vacation experience.

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Singapore City Gallery showcases the remarkable metamorphosis of Singapore over the past 50 years, aiming to establish itself as one of the most livable cities in Asia. Immerse yourself in 40 interactive exhibits that provide insights into the challenges faced during Singapore’s development and the innovative solutions devised to overcome them.

Location: Singapore City Gallery, 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118Timings: 9 am – 5 pm

Fuk Tak Chi Museum in Singapore

2. Singapore Musical Box Museum

Music is an integral facet of our lives, transitioning through various emotions and harmonizing our thoughts by embracing the soothing melodies. This museum plays a vital role in the progress and evolution of musical boxes, which were symbolic of European culture during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Singapore’s inaugural musical box museum aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the historical background of musical boxes, from their rise to their decline, and their journey to Singapore in the 19th century, as witnessed by the public.

Location: Singapore Musical Box Museum, 168 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068619Timings: 10 am – 6 pm


3. Fuk Tak Chi Museum

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Fuk Tak Chi Museum is the first street museum in Singapore that showcases abundant Chinese history and culture with artifacts on the experiences of early Chinese migrants in Singapore. The museum was beautifully restored by skilled workers from Malaysia and China to recreate the past era.

Location: Fuk Tak Chi Museum, Far East Square, 76 Telok Ayer StreetOpening Hours: 10 am – 10 pmNearby Station: Raffles Place MRT Station & Telok


4. Asian Civilizations Museum

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Discover and witness the comprehensive Asian heritage, particularly the diverse offerings of Singaporean heritage. The museum presents an impressive fusion of distinct traditions from various countries such as India, China, and other Southeast Asian regions. The architectural style of this place follows the neoclassical design that was prevalent during Singapore’s colonial period. The museum’s objective is to showcase different art forms, languages, and creative concepts that are associated with various religions. Guided tours are available for one hour each. If hunger strikes or if you feel fatigued while exploring this expansive venue, there is an in-house eatery that serves authentic Singaporean cuisine, allowing you to savor your breakfast and lunch right here.

Location: The Historic Empress Place Building.Operating Hours: Saturdays to Thursdays: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Fridays: 10:00 am to 9:00 pmAdmission: Depends on the chosen tour.

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5. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

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Although this temple and museum were constructed only a decade ago, they embody a history that spans centuries. Situated in Chinatown, the temple draws inspiration from the architectural style of the ancient Chinese Tang dynasty. It houses the sacred relic of Buddha’s tooth, which holds great significance in Buddhism, making it a must-visit Buddhist temple in Singapore.

In addition, the temple also showcases numerous exquisite artworks depicting the life of Lord Buddha, alongside a serene garden and a bookstore.

Location: 288 South Bridge Road, SingaporeOpening Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Singapore is a land of numerous things that are to be cherished and enjoyed while on your holiday trip, but these museums are definitely not to be missed. Make sure you pay a visit to these museums on your trip and enhance your vacation experience in Singapore.


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