Exploring Belarus: Unforgettable Experiences in Eastern Europe

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Belarus is a concealed gem amidst the Eastern European nations Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. It has recently unlocked its borders to tourists and has emerged as a trendy travel destination within a brief period. The country is engulfed by woodlands and also encompasses vast expanses of marshy lands. This nation also adorns itself with numerous streams and lakes that traverse the country. Because of its distinctive natural environment, this country remains the dwelling place for many uncommon plants and animal species.

Noteworthy Places To Visit In Belarus

Here is a compilation of 10 noteworthy places to visit in Belarus in no particular sequence. These locations are indispensable while exploring this region:

Nesvizh Castle in Nesvizh

1. Belarusian Folk Museum of Architecture and Rural Life, Minsk

The capital of Belarus, Minsk is one of the supreme places to visit in Belarus due to many reasons. This evergreen and immaculate city with numerous parks and intriguing yet unconventional museums, including the renowned Belarusian Folk Museum of Architecture and Rural Life, captures the attention of every visitor. This museum situated in Minsk is an alluring destination that should not be missed while exploring Belarus as it provides insight into the bygone lifestyle of the Belarusian people.

Location: Ozertso village, Minsk District, 223021, BelarusKey Attractions: Dwellings; Vineyards and mills from diverse regions of Belarus; Kirmash Mall; Titan Mall; Museum of Interactive SciencePlaces to Stay: Zvezda, IBB Hotel, Green City Hotel, Aparthotel Comfort.How to Reach: Opting for air travel is the optimal choice as Minsk is well-linked with other major cities in the country through regular flights.

Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

2. Nesvizh Castle in Nesvizh

It is a well-stocked fortress and is highly comparable with its identical sibling in Mir situated only about 30 kilometers away. Even the road leading up to the fortress is stunning and so is the lake adjacent to it. The fortress exemplifies a remarkably prestigious aristocrat with substantial wealth. It is an excellent spot for a picnic and a family excursion.

Location: Leninskaya 19, Nesvizh 222603, Belarus

Key Attractions: Corpus Christi Church; City Hall in Nesvizh; Niasvizh Park

Places to Stay: Nesvizh Hotel, Mirsky Posad, Hotel Horizont, Villa Sarra.

How to Reach: Nesvizh is well-connected via Air to major European and Asian cities directly. Taxis and buses connect this city with the airport.

National Library of Belarus in Minsk

3. The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus mustn’t be overlooked for its art collection holds over more than thirty thousand pieces from domestic and international art – traditional to contemporary. There is also an impressive collection of Russian and Belarusian art over the years with the work from the 19th century being the most notable ones.

Location: Lenina 20, Minsk 220030, Belarus

Key Attractions: Museum Strana Mini; Oktyabrskaya Square

Places to Stay: Hotel Oktyabrskaya, President Hotel Minsk, Hotel Europe, Crown Plaza Minsk Hotel.

How to Reach: By air, the National Airport Minsk connects this city with the major global destinations.

Lida Castle in Lida

4. National Library of Belarus in Minsk

The National Library of Belarus is definitely one of the most renowned places to explore in Belarus. Its enormous diamond glass structure gleams at night. You can freely discover the initial two floors, but entrance to the central section is prohibited. It houses an extensive collection of books with over 10 million titles. Another highlight is the open-air rooftop panorama observation deck.

Location: Nezavisimosti 116, Minsk 220114, BelarusMain Attractions: Church of All Saints; Dana Mall; Observation Deck of National Library of Belarus.Accommodation Options: Beltransgaz, Agat, IT Time Hotel, Gostinitsa 40 Let Pobedy.How to Reach: Air travel is the most convenient option from any part of the world, followed by local taxi exploration.

Memorial War Complex

5. Lida Castle in Lida

This splendid castle is an all-year-round tourist attraction that entices thousands of visitors annually and is among the ideal places to visit in Belarus for families. During summers, competitions for knights are regularly organized in this castle. And, during winters, the inner courtyard, which spans an area of approximately 80m by 80m, is transformed into an ice-skating rink.

Location: Pobedy Street, Lida, BelarusMain Attractions: Exaltation of the Cross Roman Catholic Church (1760-1765); Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church.Accommodation Options: Lida Hotel, Hotel Ekvator, Crocus Hotel.How to Reach: It is situated around 160 km from Grondo and a similar distance from Minsk. Lida also has a train station from which you can travel. Buses ply here from Grodno and Minsk as well.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park in Belarus

6. Tour To Memorial War Complex – Brest Fortress

This stronghold is extremely impressive with its grounds, walls, and memorial standing apart there and telling the frightening aspect of the war. The entrance is a remarkable concrete block that is placed on the walls of the fortress. When you walk beneath it, you can hear military music through the speakers. The church has been fully restored and is now one of the most captivating tourist destinations to explore in Belarus.

Location: Geroyev Oborony Brestskoi Kreposti St., 60, Brest 224018, BelarusKey Attractions: Brest Railway Museum; Berestye Archeological Museum; War Museum – Territory of the World.Places to Stay: Hotel Vesta, Hermitage Hotel, Hotel Bug, Brest-In-tourist Hotel.How to Reach: It can be reached on foot from the City Centre in half an hour, or by public transport going to the Museum of Railway Engineering.

Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble in Gomel, Belarus

7. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park in Belarus

This is one of the most renowned places to explore in Belarus. With its area of 64 sq. km., the forest has historically hosted untamed creatures from bears to boars to the famous bison and horses. You can take an extensive stroll around this forest for hours, hire a bicycle to relish the scenery, or join a guided bus tour of this area.

Location: Kamianiuki, BelarusKey Attractions: Bialowieza Forest; Tower of Kamyanets; Holy Trinity Orthodox Church; Brest Fortress; Belaya Vezha Tower in Kamenyets.Places to Stay: Druzhba, Yunost, Ideya-Studiya Hotel, Hotel Bug.How to Reach: The National Park Belovezhskaya is around 60 km to the north of Brest and 20 km from the nearest town of Kamenets. Each day, five buses commute between Brest and the village of Kamenyuki where the park’s administrative center is located.

Central Botanical Garden, Belarus

8. Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble in Gomel, Belarus

The Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble is a truly captivating place in Belarus. It will definitely make your journey to Belarus a memorable one. Observing the beauty of such a historic park and relishing the tranquility allows you to appreciate the awe-inspiring surroundings with genuine delight. This park is filled with many well-conserved mature trees. The promenades of hand-laid stone make it effortless to navigate its seemingly endless pathways. This park is genuinely unforgettable and not to be overlooked during a trip.

Location: Lenina 4, Gomel 246050, BelarusMain Attractions: Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches; Observation Tower; The Chapel and the Burial Vault of the Paskevich.Accommodation Options: Hotel Zamkovyj, Circus Hotel, Amaks Vizit Hotel, Gomel Hotel.How to Reach: Traveling via air is the optimal choice. Minsk is well connected to other major cities of the country through regular flights.

Mir Castle In Belarus

9. Central Botanical Garden, Belarus

The Botanical garden is among the top places to explore in Belarus located at the core of the city. The garden showcases expansive shaded paths through tall wooden avenues, benches, blooming garden beds, a hothouse, kiosks, and a restaurant. This garden also features pine and deciduous trees that are visually invigorating. Your entire visit will be akin to a natural spa. The duration of your stay here cannot be restricted or prescribed.

Location: Surhanova 2V, Next to the metro station Akademiya Nauk, Minsk 220012, BelarusMain Attractions: Military Cemetery; Casino XO; Belarussian Academy of Science.Accommodation Options: Gostinitsa 40 Let Pobedy, Hotel Polonez, Beijing Hotel, Juravinka.How to Reach: By air, the National Airport Minsk connects this city with global destinations.

10. Mir Castle

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The fortress has been beautifully and precisely restored for centuries. It is one of the most frequented sites in Belarus, and also hard to overlook. You will enjoy spine-chilling strolls up the steep towers and can also witness the underground prison here. The remarkable aspect about this castle is that it is situated on a lake which is pleasant to walk around.

Location: Krasnoarmeyskaya 2, Mir 231444, BelarusMain Attractions: Nesvizh Castle; Glass Plant Neman Museum; Sula History Park-Museum.Places to Stay: Mirskiy Posad, Nesvizh Hotel, Crocus Hotel, Hotel Horizont.How to Get There: It is easily reachable by road as it is just 15 minutes off the main Minsk to Brest M1 motorway. By bus, Mir is on the Minsk-Novogrudok route. The journey takes around two hours.

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Belarus is one of the swiftly emerging countries in Eastern Europe that has embraced the arrival of travelers since the past few decades. Its extraordinary beauty will keep you captivated. Most prominent places to explore in Belarus are ones where you will have to spend less and gain a lot more. It is worth considering a trip to Belarus as many locations in the country are still undiscovered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sites To Visit In Belarus

Which airlines fly to Belarus?

The three international carriers which connect to Belarus are Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, and Aeroflot.

Is English spoken in Belarus?

Yes, English is used in communication in Belarus, similar to the neighboring countries. Elderly individuals and villagers typically do not speak English, while the younger population and residents are fluent in English. Other languages spoken include German, French, and Polish.

What is the currency of Belarus?

The currency of Belarus is the Belarusian ruble. Dollar, Euro, and Russian rubles are the most suitable currencies to exchange in Minsk.

Is Visa required for traveling to Belarus from India?

Visa-free travel is granted for Indian citizens for a maximum of 30 days. Additionally, a valid Indian national passport or any other substitute document for traveling abroad is required.

What time zone is Belarus in?

Belarus is in the Eastern European Standard (EET) Time Zone. EET is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT 3).

Is Belarus safe for travelers?

Belarus is generally a secure destination for travelers.

Is there any International Airport in Belarus which connects to the major cities?


Minsk National Airport in Belarus is the primary international airport connecting Minsk to all major cities.

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