Exploring 20 Nearby Hill Retreats in 2023, Near Chennai: A Summer Love Affair that Lasts

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Chennai is not just renowned for its industrial perspective; it has also become a haven for tourists. However, the climate in the area remains hot and humid throughout the year, prompting most visitors to seek solace in the outskirts. Chennai is surrounded by numerous enchanting and scenic hill stations that can transform your vacation into a truly memorable experience. So, now all that remains is for you to pack your bags and embark on an adventure to explore these breathtaking hill stations near Chennai.

20 Hill Stations in the Vicinity of Chennai

While the weather in Chennai may be sweltering and sticky, the good news is that there are numerous cool getaways in the vicinity where you can find respite at any given time. If you’re seeking a mountainous escape, then you have a plethora of options near Chennai. Below, we have listed 20 such hill stations near Chennai that you absolutely must visit if you want to escape the scorching heat. Keep scrolling down and embark on this intriguing journey with us.

  • Yelagiri Hills: A Serene Retreat
  • Kolli Hills: Mesmerizing Green Landscapes
  • Sirumalai: Abundant Flora and Fauna
  • Palani Hills: A Paradise for Trekking
  • Kotagiri: Jaw-Dropping Picturesque Vistas
  • Meghamalai: Pristine Waterfalls
  • Valparai: Majestic Streams
  • Munnar: Tea Plantations and More
  • Madikeri: A Wildlife Safari Awaits
  • Araku Valley: Ancient Caves Unveiled
  • Yercaud: Relaxation at Its Finest
  • Coonoor: Heaven for Nature Enthusiasts
  • Coorg: Unveiling the World of Coffee
  • Ooty: Immerse in Mystical Views
  • Horsley Hills: Embark on Thrilling Hiking Adventures
  • Kodaikanal: The Majestic “Princess of Hill Stations”
  • Chikmagalur: Beauty Enhanced by Picturesque Waterfalls
  • Sakleshpur: A Wonderland of Verdant Greenery
  • Wayanad: Falling in Love with Lakes
  • Thekkady: Exploring Wildlife in Its Habitat

Yelagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu

1. Yelagiri Hills: A Tranquil Retreat

Yelagiri, the nearest hill station to Chennai, is surrounded by serene lakes, valleys, mountains, and vibrant flower orchids. The landscape is adorned with captivating vistas that mesmerize every visitor. It is one of the top hill stations near Chennai, located within a distance of 300 km.

How to reach: Yelagiri is approximately 230 km from Chennai, with the nearest railway station being Jolarpettai Junction.Best time to visit: September to MarchIdeal Duration: 2-3 daysBest Experience: Lake Punganoor. Enjoy a boat ride in pedal or manned rowing boats while taking in the beauty of the surrounding hills during a leisurely cruise.Distance from Chennai: 228 kmPlaces to stay: O Nila Resort, Rhythms Lake View Resort, Dolphin Resort

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2. Kolli Hills: A Paradise of Lush Green Sceneries

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu

Nestled amidst verdant landscapes, this hill station is conveniently located close to Chennai. Renowned for its vast plantations of coffee and tea, it remains untouched by commercial tourism, making it a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, meditation practitioners, and trekkers.

Getting There: Situated 357 kilometers away from Chennai, the nearest railway station is Salem.Recommended Time: February to December Recommended Duration: 3-4 days Highlights: Siddhar Caves – ancient dwellings of sages who practiced medicine in times of yore. These caves are enveloped by mystical groves with healing properties. Additionally, make sure to visit the renowned Arapaleeswarar Temple. Distance from Chennai: 360 kilometers Accommodation Options: Silverline Retreat Hotel, Nallathambi Resort

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3. Sirumalai: Experience the Flora and Fauna

Sirumalai is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu

Sirumalai, nestled in the eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu, showcases a rich variety of flora and fauna, and captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring landscape.

Getting There: Located approximately 465 kilometers away from Chennai, the nearest railway stations are Kodaikanal Road Railway Station and Ambaturai Railway Station. Recommended Time: February and October to December Recommended Duration: 3-4 days Highlights: Dindigul Rock Fort – a popular attraction for its unspoiled surroundings that offer a delightful and enchanting experience to all travelers. Distance from Chennai: 464 kilometers Accommodation Options: Wild Rock, Lion Resorts, Coffee Country Resorts

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4. Palani Hills: Paradise for Trekking Enthusiasts

Palani Hills, situated in the Western Ghats and connecting the Annamalai Range on the west, is predominantly enveloped by dense forests forming the Palanm Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in thrilling activities like trekking and hiking in this area.

Palani hills is one of the best hill stations near Chennai

Getting There: Palani Hills is approximately 530 kilometers away from Chennai, with the nearest railway station being Madurai. Recommended Time: September to March Recommended Duration: 2-3 days Highlights: Thiru Avinankudi Temple – it is believed that Lord Muruga convenes a majestic assembly at this temple, where saints and deities gather dressed in garments made of deerskin and saffron. Distance from Chennai: 534 kilometers Accommodation Options: Wood Cabins, Greenlands Youth Hostel, The Kodai Heaven

5. Kotagiri: Exploring Captivating Landscapes

Kotagiri stands as an impressive hill station in close proximity to Chennai. Located in the Nilgiris area of Tamil Nadu, this destination is surrounded by enchanting tea plantations and lush green scenery, making it a favored spot for trekking enthusiasts.

Kotgiri in Tamil Nadu

How to get there: Kotagiri is approximately 538 km away from Chennai, with the nearest railway station being Coimbatore.Optimal Time for a Visit: February to May and December.Recommended Duration: 2-3 daysHighlight: Kodanad View Point providing captivating vistas of both Coimbatore Plains and the Mysore Plateau from a single vantage point.Distance from Chennai: 537 KmsAccommodation Options: Silver Spruce, Hanging Huts Resorts, Oak n Tea’s villa

6. Meghamalai: Discovering Untouched Waterfalls

Meghamalai is one of the lesser-known hill stations near Chennai. Upon arrival, you can embark on invigorating treks amidst splendid tea estates and unspoiled forests or indulge in a refreshing bath under the pristine waterfalls. Alternatively, you can find solace in contemplation amidst the dense, evergreen forest covers.

Meghamalai in Tamil Nadu

How to get there: Meghamalai is approximately 554 km away from Chennai, with the nearest railway station being Madurai.Optimal Time for a Visit: October to May.Recommended Duration: 2-3 days.Highlight: Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can have sightings of various migratory and resident wildlife species such as elephants, leopards, Nilgiri tahrs, gaurs, barking deer, sambar, wild boars, porcupines, Nilgiri langurs, bonnet macaques, sloth bears, Grey Junglefowls, Smooth-coated Otters, and flying squirrels.Distance from Chennai: 551 KmsAccommodation Options: Cloud Mountain Bungalow, Sandriver Cottage, Manalar

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7. Valparai: Experiencing Majestic Streams

Valparai, located amidst the Annamalai range of the Western Ghats, is regarded as one of the most exceptional hill stations near Chennai. Positioned at an elevation of about 1193 meters above sea level, this place boasts several forests and is renowned for its magnificent waterfalls and serene streams.

Valparai is a mesmerizing hill station in Tamil Nadu

How to get there: To reach Valparai, one needs to cover a distance of approximately 582 km from Chennai. The nearest railway stations are Pollachi and Coimbatore. Best time to visit: The ideal time to explore Valparai is from May to September. Recommended duration: It is suggested to allocate 3-4 days for a comprehensive visit to Valparai. Noteworthy experiences: Among the various attractions in Valparai, a visit to Chinnakallar Falls stands out. Here, you can savor a refreshing swim or let your children enjoy paddling to their heart’s content. Additionally, the vicinity of the falls is host to numerous wildlife reserves, exhibiting a diverse range of fauna including tigers, sloth bears, pangolins, and more. Distance from Chennai: Valparai is situated 587 km away from Chennai. Places to stay: Some recommended options for accommodations in Valparai include Ganapathy Homestay, Maryland Homestay, and ATS Homestay.

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8. Munnar: The Land of Tea Plantations

Munnar in Kerala

Situated in the Western Ghats, Munnar is renowned for its breathtaking views and vast expanses of tea plantations, making it an ideal hill station near Chennai. Its pride is the highest peak in South India, Anamudi, which offers a perfect setting for adventurous treks.

How to get there: The journey from Chennai to Munnar spans approximately 583 km. The nearest railway station is Aluva. Best time to visit: Munnar is best explored during the months of February to May and August to December. Recommended duration: Allocate 3-4 days for an enchanting visit to Munnar. Noteworthy experiences: One extraordinary phenomenon that is a must-see in Munnar is the blooming of the Neelakurinji flower, which occurs once every 12 years, completely transforming the hills into a mesmerizing blue carpet. The next bloom is expected in 2018. Distance from Chennai: Munnar is located 590 km away from Chennai. Places to stay: Consider staying at Talayar Valley Bungalow, Mountain Hut Resorts, or Veetee Midtown for a comfortable stay in Munnar.

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Madikeri is a quaint hill station near Chennai

9. Madikeri: An Abode for Wildlife Safari Enthusiasts

Madikeri, nestled in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, allures tourists with its lush green hills and picturesque forests. The tropical climate experienced here adds to the charm of this place, which has a rich historical background influenced by various dynasties, including the Sultans and British.

How to get there: Madikeri is approximately 585 km away from Chennai. The nearest railway stations are Hassan, Kasaragod, Kanhangad, Kannur, and Thalassery. Best time to visit: The ideal time to explore Madikeri is from February to April and October to December. Recommended duration: For a fulfilling visit, allocate 2-3 days to this mesmerizing destination. Noteworthy experiences: A highly recommended attraction is the Dubare Elephant Camp, where you can enjoy thrilling elephant rides and witness captivating wildlife safaris, along with observing the training of these majestic creatures. Distance from Chennai: Madikeri is situated 586 km away from Chennai. Places to stay: Consider staying at Lotus The Cottages, Spatika Comforts, or Vanavihar Holiday Homes for a remarkable experience during your visit to Madikeri.

Araku Valley amongst the best hill stations near Chennai

10. Araku Valley: Uncovering Ancient Caves

Araku Valley, located 902 meters above sea level, is surrounded by verdant mountains such as Galikonda and Chitamogondi. Renowned for its exquisite coffee plantations, it is an ideal destination for sightseeing.

Getting there: Araku Valley is approximately 895 km away from Chennai, with the nearest railway station being Koraput Junction.Best time to visit: October to MarchRecommended Duration: 2-3 daysTop Experience: Borra Caves. These remarkable caves, dating back 150 million years, seemingly appeared out of thin air. Pilgrims hold these caves in high regard, as they contain a Shivalingam and a captivating cow mural known as Kamdhenu amidst various formations within the caves.Distance from Chennai: 880 KmsPlaces to stay: Vihar Resort, Hill Park Resorts, Dhimsa Resorts

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11. Yercaud: A Relaxing Getaway

Situated in Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is one of the most picturesque hill stations in close proximity to Chennai that will capture your heart during your vacation. With its breathtaking views and pleasant climate, this hill station offers a multitude of fascinating tourist attractions that should not be missed. Some of the top attractions include Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Silk Farm, and Rose Garden.

Getting there: Take a flight to Bangalore Airport and then hire a taxi or take a local bus to Yercaud.Best time to visit: October to JuneRecommended Duration: 1-2 daysTop Experience: Explore notable sites such as Bears Cave, Kottachedu Teak Forest, Tipperary View Point, and Deer ParkDistance from Chennai: 366 KmsPlaces to stay: Valley View Cottage, Rain Rock Villa, Apple Cottage

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12. Coonoor: Paradise for Nature Enthusiasts

Famous for its Nilgiri Tea, Coonoor is a highly sought-after destination in Tamil Nadu. Craving a serene vacation amidst lush green hills? Look no further, Coonoor awaits with its tranquil surroundings, enchanting waterfalls, and thrilling outdoor activities. There are plenty of other activities to indulge in Coonoor that will add excitement to your trip. The local cuisine in this hill station has its own charm, calling out to food enthusiasts. Don’t delay, plan your visit to Coonoor today.

How to Get There: The closest airport to Conoor is Coimbatore Aiport, and you can either hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach your destination.Best Time to Visit: October to MarchRecommended Duration: 1-2 days.Top Experience: Trekking, Discovering the Art of Cheese Making, Exploring Indian Bakery and Indulging in Delectable Baked GoodsDistance from Chennai: 539 KmsPlaces to Stay: HS Holiday Homes, The Xanadu, Vasanth Vihar Homestay

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13. Coorg: Where Coffee Enthusiasts Unite


For all the coffee lovers out there, Coorg, our next recommendation on this list of hill stations near Chennai, will be a true delight. Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg lures visitors with its stunning landscapes and renowned coffee plantations. This remarkable hill station offers a wide range of activities and attractions for travelers to explore during their vacation. Whether you choose to embark on a hiking expedition or immerse yourself in a camp nestled amidst the lush green hills, Coorg guarantees an unforgettable experience.

How to Get There: The nearest airport to Conoor is Mangalore Aiport, and from there, you can book a taxi or take a local bus to reach your destination.Best Time to Visit: October to AprilRecommended Duration: 2-3 daysTop Experience: Camping, Fishing, River Rafting, Heritage Tour, Microlight FlyingDistance from Chennai: 586 KmsPlaces to Stay: Serene Woods, Bhagavathy Budget Cottage, Lotus The Cottages

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14. Ooty: Where Magic Awaits


Located in the mesmerizing Nilgiris District, Ooty is renowned for its enchanting tea plantations and breathtaking views. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation during the summer, offering a refreshing escape from the sweltering heat. While visiting Ooty, don’t miss the opportunity to explore attractions such as Botanical Gardens, Dolphin’s Nose, Toda Huts, and the Tea Museum. Treat yourself to a cup of local tea served near the plantations, and don’t forget to bring back some tea leaves as souvenirs for your dear ones.

How to Get There: The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport, and you can easily reach Ooty by hiring a taxi from the airport.Best Time to Visit: October to June.Recommended Duration: 2-3 daysTop Experience: Get lost in the tea plantations, indulge in local tea shopping, visit the Tamilnadu Tourism Ooty Boat House and Doddabetta PeakDistance from Chennai: 555 KmsPlaces to Stay: Meadows Residency, Astoria Residency, Paradise Perfect

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15. Horsley Hills: Where Hiking Adventures Await

Rajaraman Sundaram for Wikimedia commons

horsley hills

Horsley Hills serve as one of the entertaining destinations in Chennai, where you can have a delightful summer getaway. The refreshing and pleasant climate will provide you with a welcome relief from the scorching temperatures. Horsley Hills stands as one of the renowned elevated locations in Andhra Pradesh that requires no introduction. With the oldest Banyan tree and Eucalyptus tree, the rich green landscapes of the Eastern Ghats will captivate your senses. This destination is a must-visit hill station near Chennai within a 300 km radius.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to Horsley Hills is Madanapalle. You also have the option of taking a taxi from Chennai to Horsley Hills.Best time to visit: December-MarchIdeal Duration: 1-2 daysBest experiences: Enjoy bird watching, go for hikes, and indulge in photographyDistance from Chennai: 276 KmsPlaces to stay: Choose from various accommodation options including Horsley Hills Haritha Hill Resort, Horsley Hills Holiday Homes, and JNR Grand

16. Kodaikanal: A Haven Among Hill Stations

Silvershockey for Wikimedia commons


If you are in search of chilly retreats near Chennai, then Kodaikanal should be on top of your list. Also recognized as the “Nature’s Gift”, Kodaikanal offers breathtaking vistas of the Western Ghats. The lush green surroundings will rejuvenate your senses and fill you with joy and contentment. Its tranquil and serene environment made it a preferred summer resort for the British during their rule. Due to its ethereal beauty, Kodaikanal is often referred to as the “Queen among hill stations”. Explore all the notable attractions in Kodaikanal during your vacation.

How to reach: You can take a direct train from Chennai to reach Kodaikanal.Best time to visit: Anytime throughout the yearIdeal Duration: 2-3 daysBest experiences: Enjoy boating, venture into caves, and take a drive to Berijam LakeDistance from Chennai: 529 KmsPlaces to stay: Consider accommodations like Town Country Guest House, Kodai Drizzle, or Clouds And Mist Cottage

17. Chikmagalur: A Haven of Picturesque Waterfalls

Vinod Tiwari captures the captivating essence of Chikmagalur in this image for Wikimedia Commons.

Chikmagalur, while not being the closest hill station to Chennai, is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring. This place encompasses all the elements necessary for a rejuvenating vacation amidst picturesque landscapes and stunning waterfalls. What sets it apart is the pleasant weather that envelops the region throughout the year, making it an ideal getaway destination for all seasons.


Directions: Board a train from Chennai to Bangalore, and from there, catch another train to Kadur, which is approximately 40 km away from Chikmagalur.Best time to visit: September to MayIdeal Duration: 1-2 daysTop experiences: Embark on thrilling treks, indulge in camping adventures, and go on a serene tea plantation walkDistance from Chennai: 596 KmsAccommodation options: Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Aadrika, Java Rain Resorts

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18. Sakleshpur: A Haven of Verdant Greenery

Shameersh captures the beauty of Sakleshpur in this image for Wikimedia Commons.

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is a renowned hill station in Karnataka. It is renowned for its sweeping mountain vistas and sprawling rice plantations. However, the true star of this town is the 28th-century Manjarabad Fort, famous for its unique star-shaped structure. Apart from its historical significance, Sakleshpur boasts abundant flora and fauna, offering opportunities for encounters with deers, cobras, and various bird species at the Bisle Reserve Forest. Don’t miss the breathtaking views from the Jenukallu Gudda Peak. The town also offers a plethora of fascinating tourist attractions.


Directions: Fly from Chennai to Bangalore and hire a cab to reach Sakleshpur.Best time to visit: October to MarchIdeal Duration: 1-2 daysTop experiences: Immerse in camping escapades, explore the numerous captivating attractions, and witness the majestic waterfallsDistance from Chennai: 574 KmsAccommodation options: Kaanana Home Stay, Nyrit Villa Homestay, Misty Mountains Homestay

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19. Wayanad: A Paradise of Lakes

Vinay Robin Antony captures the breathtaking beauty of Wayanad in this image for Wikimedia Commons.


Wayanad, though distant from Chennai, offers an enchanting retreat for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Book a cozy homestay and wake up to stunning views of lush green mountains right outside your window. Beyond its rich flora and fauna and sprawling coffee plantations, Wayanad guarantees to leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. With a plethora of captivating tourist attractions, it is undeniably one of the best places to unwind and relax.

Directions: Fly from Chennai to Kozhikode, and from there, hire a cab to reach Thekkady.Best time to visit: October to MayIdeal Duration: 2-3 daysTop experiences: Embark on thrilling cave explorations, enjoy tranquil boating experiences, and indulge in memorable camping adventuresDistance from Chennai: 610 KmsAccommodation options: Wayanad Wild, Mount Xanadu, Wayanad Village Hotel

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20. Thekkady: An Abode of Wildlife

Ben3John captures the vibrant spirit of Thekkady in this image for Wikimedia Commons.


Though not the closest hill station to Chennai, Thekkady truly stands out as a remarkable destination that attracts countless visitors. The lush green landscapes work wonders in revitalizing your senses. Besides being home to India’s largest tiger bio reserve, Thekkady offers an array of mesmerizing tourist attractions. Its dense forests are teeming with diverse wildlife, including various wild animals. While here, don’t miss out on delightful activities like bamboo rafting and wildlife safaris.

Directions: Take a train from Chennai to Kottayam, and from there, hire a cab to reach Thekkady.Best time to visit: October to FebruaryIdeal Duration: 2-3 daysTop experiences: Embark on thrilling elephant safaris, hike through breathtaking trails, indulge in bamboo rafting adventures, and explore spice plantationsDistance from Chennai: 592 KmsAccommodation options: Kairali Palace Homestay, Able Homestay, Thekkady Homestay

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So, where will your summer adventures lead you? Do these beautiful hill stations near Chennai entice you? If so, don’t hesitate to apply for leave, pack your bags, and commence planning your Chennai vacation right away. We eagerly await your comments below, where you can share the highlights of your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Chennai

Is Pondicherry a hill station?

No, Pondicherry is not classified as a hill station. Instead, it is a captivating destination known for its pristine beaches and remnants of French colonies.

Which hill stations are located in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is home to several breathtaking hill stations in close proximity to Chennai. Here are some of the most enchanting and lush green destinations in the region:

1. Yercaud

2. Coonoor

3. Kodaikanal

4. Kotagiri

5. Kolli Hills

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