Explore These 10 Remote Islands for an Unforgettable 2023 Adventure!

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Jaco Island

Due to inaccessibility, severe living conditions, absence of flora and fauna, numerous islands remain abandoned. Quite a few undergo the cycles of habitation and desertion intermittently. Since childhood, we have all grown up hearing stories of abandoned islands, shipwrecks, and survivors, which is why uninhabited islands are such popular tourist attractions worldwide.

10 Top Abandoned Islands

To have a tranquil vacation, it is therefore beneficial to discover uninhabited islands that provide accommodation as tourist resorts. Continue reading to learn more about ten abandoned islands that you should certainly visit:

  • Eccentric Clipperton Island
  • Grand Barra Isles
  • Gorgeous Okunoshima Island
  • Fantastical Ball’s Pyramid
  • Alluring Jaco Island
  • Fascinating Chacachacare Island
  • Calm Maldives Desert Islands
  • Mysterious Antipodes Islands
  • Untouched Devon Island
  • Breathtaking Aldabra Atoll

Barra Isles

1. Clipperton Island

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One of the renowned and largest abandoned islands in the Pacific, Clipperton sprawls over a six sq. km. area southwest of Central America. The island is considered a French territory and its possession has changed hands among the French, Americans, and Mexicans frequently in the past two centuries. The island has scarce greenery, and you might encounter a few coconut or palm trees. It is predominantly uninhabited and visited occasionally by researchers.

Location: Pacific Ocean

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Okunoshima Island

2. Barra Isles

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These uninhabited Scottish islands are renowned as Bishop’s Isles as well. Comprised of nine small islands, this archipelago has only one inhabited island – Vatersay – and eight abandoned ones. It is intriguing to observe that out of the eight, four have witnessed a human population at one point or another. Due to their location and proximity to Scandinavian countries, these islands often appear in folklores there as well. In case you happen to visit these deserted islands, make sure to visit the stack named Biruaslum.

Location: Outer Hebrides, Scotland

3. Okunoshima Island

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One of the most popular and frightening uninhabited islands in the world, this deserted place was a weapon hotspot during the first half of the twentieth century. During the Second World War, this is the place where plants and factories were established to produce chemical warfare for Japan. However, today there are no humans here. Interestingly, this place is teeming with rabbits, who do not traditionally belong to this place.

Location: Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

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4. Ball’s Pyramid

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Named in this manner due to its unusual structure (and the man who discovered it, Mr. Henry Ball), this picturesque place is approximately six million years old. It is, in fact, the remains of a volcano and serves as a component of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park in Australia. Standing at 1844 feet, this breathtaking natural wonder is the tallest volcanic column of its kind in the entire world. Its summit was successfully reached only in 1979 by a group of Australians, however, shortly after in 1982, climbing here was prohibited.

Location: Near Lord Howe Island, Australia

5. Jaco Island

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Another remarkable inclusion on this register of deserted islands with fresh water, Jaco is uninhabited because the locals regard it as sacred territory since the point where the Banda and Timor seas converge. It is captivating to observe how the locals avoid this area, yet tourists are more than invited. You are not allowed to formally visit the place, nevertheless, local fishermen provide transportation by boat to the site. You can opt for daylong excursions or indulge in camping. Jaco or Jako is also a component of Nino Konis Santana National Park.

Where it is situated: East Timor, Indian Ocean

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