Explore 13 Undiscovered Camping Destinations Near Delhi That Are A Must-Try In 2023.

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Searching for an affordable camping escapade? Well, that’s precisely what many young urban dwellers are seeking. A quick yet thrilling getaway from the bustling streets of Delhi and the frantic corporate culture, where you can refresh your senses and recharge your energy. Camping offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a relatively rugged lifestyle, a stark contrast to the luxuries of a high-end resort. Undoubtedly, there are numerous popular camping options in the vicinity of NCR, but we have managed to unearth the finest among the few – a compilation of unexplored retreats that are perfect for those seeking camping adventures near Delhi!

Camping Near Delhi: Must-Visit Destinations

So, while you must be eagerly planning your long-awaited camping expedition near Delhi, have a look at these extraordinary destinations that promise an exhilarating experience when you set up your tents!

Camp Mustang in Sohna, Gurgaon

1. Camp Mustang, Sohna Road

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Nestled amidst the picturesque Aravalli hills and expansive landscapes, this idyllic location is perfect for camping with your family or friends, organizing gatherings, or hosting events. Prepare yourself for an array of thrilling activities such as trekking, rock climbing, shooting, team building exercises, zorbing, cycling, farming, obstacle courses, village walks, astronomy, rocketry, and much more.

Distance from Delhi to Camp Mustang: 50 km; 20 km from GurgaonContact: For more information, visit www.campmustang.com or call 9911039423.

zorbing at camp tikkling

2. Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon

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With a wide range of activities catering to all age groups, Camp Tikkling offers paramotoring, paintball, zorbing, jummaring, and many other exciting experiences. This lesser-known gem among the various camping destinations near Delhi is waiting to be discovered. When do you plan on embarking on your camping adventure here?

Distance from Delhi to Camp Tikkling: 60 km; 20 km from GurgaonContact: For more information, visit www.camptikkling.com or call 011-4509 8537.

Dhauj is the nearest site for camping around Delhi

3. Camp Wild Dhauj, Gurgaon-Faridabad Border

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Renowned as one of the most popular camps in close proximity to Delhi, Camp Wild Dhauj offers a plethora of amenities, ranging from adventurous sports activities to comfortable tents and sumptuous cuisine. Thrill-seekers can enjoy activities like rappelling, rock climbing, flying fox, hiking, mountain biking, ATV rides, and zorbing at Dhauj. Additionally, they also organize DJ nights and bonfires to create an unforgettable winter evening.

Distance from Delhi to Dhauj: The distance between Delhi and Dhauj is 61.5 km, with a 32 km distance from Gurgaon. If you are interested in Dhauj Camps, you can get in touch with Camp Wild and Adventure Nation. Camp Wild’s website can be found at [link], and Adventure Nation’s website can be found at [link]. You can contact Camp Wild at 011-65100333 and Adventure Nation at 0124-3040506.

Damdama Lake is a popular destination for day picnic and camping near Delhi

4. Damdama Lake, Gurgaon

Damdama Lake is a popular adventure camp near Delhi where you can enjoy activities such as boating, rock climbing, commando net, balance walk, and spider net. Additionally, you can go trekking in the Aravali mountain range that surrounds the island. Don’t miss out on the charming experience of Damdama Lake camping, as it is one of the best places for luxury camping near Delhi.

Distance from Delhi to Damdama Lake: The distance from Delhi to Damdama Lake is 62.5 km, with a 24 km distance from Gurgaon. If you are interested in Damdama Camps, you can contact Damdama Adventure Camp, Wanderlust Camps, and Dare Adventures.

Adventure Sites For Camping Around Delhi

If you’re looking for adventure sites for a memorable camping experience near Delhi, take a look at this list of the best picks:

5. Kangojodi, Sirmaur

Located amidst lush pine forests, Kangojodi offers a stunning view and tranquil surroundings. You can engage in activities like trekking, hiking, nature walks, rope balancing, rappelling, and birdwatching. It’s the perfect place to try self camping near Delhi.

Camping tents amidst tall pine trees in Kangojodi

Distance from Delhi to Kangojodi: The distance from Delhi to Kangojodi is 275 km. If you’re interested in Kangojodi Camps, you can get in touch with MCG Camp Roxx, based in Delhi. Contact them at 919911024426 for more information.

6. Kasauli, Solan

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in Kasauli, the perfect spot for camping. Trekking, cycling, archery, shooting, rock climbing, zip lining, and more await you in this breathtaking destination near Delhi. Kasauli offers one of the most stunning locations for camping. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling experience?

Eco tents at Sanawar Nature Camp in Kasauli

Distance from Delhi to Kasauli: 288 km. Organizers of Kasauli Camp: Contact Sanawar Camp at 09805461137/ 09418593017 for bookings.

7. Kanatal, Near Dhanaulti

Indulge in the serenity of Kanatal, a picturesque adventure camp near Delhi offering comfortable and well-designed camps. Get your adrenaline pumping with activities like Tarzan swings, Mowgli walks, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, and commando crawls. Additionally, you can embark on a trek to the Kaudia forest or the Surkhanda Devi temple. For those seeking relaxation, a bonfire, barbecue night, and outdoor games are a must-do as this is among the best places for night camping near Delhi.

Camps-in-Kanatal_22nd oct

Distance from Delhi to Kanatal: 317 km. The best camp organizers in Kanatal are Wildex, Kanatal Adventure Camp, Camp Little Jaguar, and Kanatal Camps. Visit their websites for complete details.

Discover the Ultimate Selection of Weekend Getaways Near Delhi

8. Shoghi, Near Shimla

Get ready for a rejuvenating and laid-back escape in Shoghi, near Shimla, where the weather remains pleasantly cool even in the summer months. Embrace the warmth of a bonfire, go trekking, or simply bask in the breathtaking views from the site. Adventure enthusiasts can embark on village walks, forest treks, and engage in outdoor activities like valley crossing, spider web challenges, tire webs, and target shooting. Shoghi undoubtedly ranks high on the list of tranquil camping destinations near Delhi.

A Parkwood tent camp in Shoghi

Delhi-Shoghi Distance: 330 kilometersOrganizers for Shoghi Camp: Parkwoods and Adventure Compass

9. Binsar, Close to Almora

Immerse yourself in breathtaking views of Kedarnath, Nanda devi, and Panchachuli at this renowned hill station. With its location amidst a forest filled with rhododendron, oak trees, and approximately 200 species of flora and fauna, one can truly relish a leisurely stroll through the forest, engage in bird watching, or trek to the summit of the hill. Camping activities include woodland camping, riverside treks, rappelling, sanctuary treks, and more. This destination is ideal for an exciting experience of riverside camping near Delhi!

Camping in Binsar near Almora

Delhi-Binsar Distance: 380 kilometersOrganizers for Binsar Camp: Binsar Eco Camp and Adventure Karma. Contact them at 9675544799 and 91-011-42730099, respectively.

10. Kausani, Bageshwar

The similarity of the Kausani hills to the Swiss Alps truly earns it the title of the Switzerland of India. Untouched by commercial influences, this place is home to camps that offer adventurous camping activities such as bird watching, trekking, tyre web, and more. If you yearn for camping amidst the starry skies near Delhi, this is undoubtedly the place to be!

A single camping tent in Kausani - a popular destination for camping near Delhi

Delhi-Kausani Distance: 440 kilometersOrganizers for Kausani Camp: Eco Adventure Camps. For bookings and inquiries, call 9412044610.

11. Mountain Camping, Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a perfect weekend getaway near Delhi. This picturesque town in the Indian Himalayas is famously known as the Queen of Hills and is a popular choice for campsites near Delhi due to its delightful weather. You can engage in various activities including valley crossing, rafting, and trekking. Unwind around the campfire at night and feel the rhythm of the music. 

camping sight og

Delhi-Mussoorie Distance: 295 kilometersOrganizers for Mussoorie Camp: Winter Line Adventure Camp. For bookings and inquiries, call 9557392101.

12. Beachside Exploration Camp, Rishikesh

Enchanting Adventure Getaway Locations Near Delhi on the serene banks of the sacred Ganga River present a captivating opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate on the weekends. Immerse yourself in exhilarating activities like river rafting and kayaking amidst the dynamic rapids of the Ganga. Spend the night marveling at the celestial wonders and relish a delectable barbecue feast by the bonfire. Traverse through untamed beaches and explore the untamed jungles that blanket these coastal wonders. 

Beautiful tents aligned by the riverside in Rishikesh

Distance between Delhi and Rishikesh: 260 kilometersRishikesh Camp Organizers: Outbound Adventure. Contact 9897519897 for bookings and inquiries.

13. Mukteshwar, Nainital

Mukteshwar, an enchanting destination near Delhi, offers an abundance of picturesque camping experiences. This quaint hill town is renowned for its thrilling adventure sports, including rock climbing and rappelling. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan ranges. Additionally, the camp at Mukteshwar offers an incredible bonfire experience, informative forestry workshops, and endless servings of aromatic tea. 

best camping place

Distance between Delhi and Mukteshwar: 344 kilometersMukteshwar Camp Organizers: Wildrift Adventures. Contact 9810808448 for bookings and inquiries.

Essential Camping Tips

Here are some key pointers to ensure a remarkable camping experience near Delhi NCR:

warming up before the roaring bonfire

1. If you are a novice camper, opt for locations near your home.

2. Pack ample clothing to suit varying weather conditions.

3. Adhere to the codes and regulations of the camping ground.

4. Remember to carry waterproof mosquito repellents.

5. Exercise caution when handling flashlights and lanterns.

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