Experiencing the Authentic Vibrancy of Punjab’s Culture: Top 10 Festivals to Attend in 2023

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Punjab is globally recognized for its lively spirit and extravagant way of life. Endowed with abundant natural resources, including fertile land, five rivers, mountains, and lush greenery, Punjab epitomizes opulence and prosperity in its finest form. The festivals of Punjab showcase the vibrant culture of this region in its most magnificent form.

If you are planning a trip to Punjab, be sure to consult the calendar for one of these festivals, as it will allow you to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the state. Here is a comprehensive list of festivals celebrated throughout the year in Punjab. Make sure to include at least one of these festivals in your travel itinerary to make your trip even more worthwhile.

10 Captivating Festivals of Punjab

The festivals of Punjab offer a beautiful opportunity to experience the traditions and culture of this region. Take a look at this compilation of the top festivals of Punjab that everyone should participate in at least once in their lifetime.

– Lohri – Festival of Winter Harvest

– Baisakhi – Punjab’s Harvest Festival

– Hola Mohalla – Immerse in Spiritual Vibes

– Karwa Chauth – Celebrate the Bond of Marriage

– Basant Panchami – Signifies the Arrival of Spring

– Teeyan – Welcomes the Monsoon Season

– Chappar Mela – Cultural Fair

– Jor Mela – Religious Congregation

– Tikka – Celebrating Siblinghood

– Gurupurab – Colorful Sikh Festival

1. Lohri – Festival of Winter Harvest

When the Earth is enveloped in mist, fog, and cold waves on the longest night of winter, the sacred fire of Lohri is ignited, reaching towards the sky. Sesame seeds, jaggery, and other warm offerings are presented to the fire, while the joyous folk music and dance of the people fill the air with a festive atmosphere. Lohri is celebrated in Punjab because it signifies the beginning of longer and warmer days after the festival.

women wearing traditional clothes during Baisakhi

Significance: Lohri is dedicated to the winter harvest and is believed to invoke the Sun God through songs to seek warmth. Legend has it that Lohri is celebrated in honor of the benevolent Dulla Bhatti, who saved Hindu girls from being abducted by the Mughals. Lohri songs often mention two girls named Sundari and Mundri, whom Dulla Bhatti rescued.

Key attraction: The main highlight of this significant festival in Punjab is the bonfire, accompanied by folk songs and dances around it. People offer the winter harvest produce, including gurh, gachak, sesame seeds, and dry fruits, into the fire. These offerings are then distributed among the people, leading to a grand feast featuring traditional dishes such as Til Rice, Makki di roti, and Sarson da saag, among others.

When: Lohri is celebrated on the day of the winter solstice or the last day of the month when the winter solstice occurs.

Where: Punjab

Lohri 2022: 13th January

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2. Vaisakhi – Punjab’s Festive Celebration of Harvest

In India, festivals hold a significant place in honoring our livelihoods as they contribute to our sustenance. One such festival is Vaisakhi, the annual harvest festival of Punjab. It serves as a celebration of the first crop yield, filling the entire state with joy and gratitude for the hard work put in during the winter season.

Importance: Commemorating the first harvest of the year and marking the beginning of the Sikh new year.Main Attraction: During this renowned Punjabi festival, every household adorns itself beautifully, people don traditional attire, and fairs are held across the state. The air resonates with the beats of dhol and folk music as people indulge in the popular dance form of Bhangra. Moreover, the cherry on the cake is the sumptuous spread of authentic Punjabi cuisine. If you happen to visit Punjab during this time, you will witness a vibrant atmosphere like no other.

Hola Mohalla

When: Celebrated in the middle of April.Vaisakhi 2022: April 14th

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3. Hola Mohalla – Immerse Yourself in Spiritual Vibes

Taking place a day after the nation celebrates Holi, Hola Mohalla is a festival observed in Punjab, specifically in Anandpur Sahib and Kiratpur Sahib. It honors the establishment of the Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh. Gurdwaras are adorned with decorations, kirtan (devotional songs), path (scripture recitation), and langar (community kitchen) are organized. The entire region is immersed in a spiritual ambiance, where people remember and relive the teachings, actions, and philosophies of the revered Sikh Gurus.

Karwa Chauth

Importance: Founded by Guru Gobind Singh, the festival celebrates the bravery and intellectual prowess of the Khalsa Panth and showcases the poetry composed by Sikh poets.Main attractions: Kirtan, religious programs, path, and langar at the Gurdwaras; Gatka, the martial art of Punjab; horse riding by Nihangs; and cultural activities.

When: The day following Holi, on the second day of the month of Chaitra, which usually falls in March according to the Gregorian calendar.Location: PunjabHola Mohalla 2022: March 18th – 20th

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4. Karwa Chauth – Celebrating the Bond of Marriage

Karwa Chauth, a widely celebrated festival in Punjab, has gained immense popularity, thanks to Bollywood’s glamorization. This festival falls on the fourth day of the waning moon fortnight in the month of Kartik. Married and engaged women observe a fast from sunrise to moonrise, praying for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. Karwa Chauth is a significant occasion that symbolizes the bond between husband and wife.

Importance: On this day, married women fast to ensure the prosperity and long life of their husbands. In the past, men were regarded as the primary support system, breadwinners, and providers for women. Thus, being able to fast and pray for their well-being was considered a blessing.

Basant Panchami

Main Attraction: Women dress up and adorn themselves, reminiscent of their wedding day. The day begins with a special breakfast called Sargi, prepared by the mother-in-law before dawn. Throughout the day, women observe a fast, participate in special prayers and rituals conducted by married and soon-to-be married women. The fast is broken only after sighting the moon and performing specific rituals, followed by the first sip of water.

When: Karwa Chauth falls in the month of Kartik on the fourth day of the waning moon, usually in the last week of October according to the Gregorian calendar.

Where: This festival is celebrated throughout North India, particularly in Punjab.

Karwa Chauth 2022: 13th October

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5. Basant Panchmi – Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

Basant Panchmi, the main festival of Punjab, is a joyous Hindu celebration observed throughout the country with great enthusiasm. This colorful festival marks the arrival of spring in India and holds immense significance. On this day, people worship Goddess Saraswati, the deity of learning and knowledge. Additionally, Basant Panchmi is considered an auspicious occasion for starting new ventures, buying a house, or getting married.

Significance: The festival is dedicated to honoring Goddess Saraswati, who embodies wisdom and learning.

Main Attraction: Vibrant kites decorating the sky and people dressed in yellow attire create a lively atmosphere during this festival.


Where: Basant Panchmi is celebrated across Punjab.

Basant Panchmi 2022: 5th February

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6. Teeyan – Celebrating the Arrival of Monsoon

“Teeyan” is a festival that symbolizes the arrival of the monsoon season. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement in Punjab.

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The Teeyan festival is a celebration of dance for women, marking the arrival of the monsoon. Young Indian ladies adorn themselves in vibrant and shimmering attire, engaging in traditional folk dances and delighting in the joy of swinging on tree-bound swings during the Teej festival in Punjab. These captivating dances, accompanied by melodic songs, symbolize the unwavering devotion of women towards their beloveds, and after the performances, they fervently pray for the well-being of their spouses.

Fun rides at the Amusement Zone of surajkund mela

Importance: Despite the transformations brought about by the passage of time, the festival remains of utmost significance to married women and men. In the past, wives would jubilantly observe this occasion at their maternal homes while their husbands were away, investing their prayers in the safe return of their life partners. Highlighted Attractions: The Geedha dance, melodious music, and the sheer ecstasy of swinging.

Locations: Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Orissa.Teeyan 2022: July 31, 2022

7. Chappar Mela – A Cultural Extravaganza

Chappar Mela, an enchanting festival of Punjab, stands as a grandiose affair that captivates the hearts of many. Celebrated in the village of Chappar, located in the Ludhiana district, this extravaganza takes place annually in September with fervent prayers dedicated to the Lord of the serpents. With roots tracing back 150 years, the fair brims with captivating music, enthralling dances, and cherished customs. In recent years, an increasing number of individuals have eagerly participated in this cultural fair.

langar at golden temple gurudwara

Importance: The festival serves as a homage to Gugga Pir, revered as the epitome of the mystical snake. Highlighted Attractions: Mesmerizing music, captivating dance performances, and an array of exhilarating activities. Location: Ludhiana. Chappar Mela 2022: September.

8. Jor Mela – A Confluence of Faith

The Shaheedi Jor Mela is an auspicious gathering that commemorates the valor and sacrifice of Guru Gobind Singh’s martyred sons. Each year in December, devotees convene at Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib, situated in the district of Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab. This religious congregation witnesses the profound participation of countless devotees, prompting the local authorities to take special measures for its smooth functioning. The festival commences with the recitation of the sacred Sikh scripture, followed by a majestic procession parading through the streets.

A sister puts tilak on the forehead of her brother during the Bhai Dooj celebrations in India

Importance: The festival aims to honor the memory of Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, the gallant sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Highlighted Attractions: A glorious street procession that resonates with divinity. Location: Fatehgarh Sahib district. Jor Mela 2022: December 25-27, 2022.

9. Tikka – A Celebration of Sibling Bond

Also known as Bhai Dooj, Tikka is a festive celebration that takes place in Punjab the day after Diwali. This joyous occasion is a beautiful reflection of the bond between brothers and sisters, as sisters lovingly apply tikka on their brother’s forehead, offering prayers for their long and prosperous life. Following this sacred ritual, gifts and sweets are exchanged to further enhance the festive spirit. The occasion calls for donning new clothes, ensuring that everyone feels the vibrant energy of the festival.

A collage of the festivities of Gurupurab

Significance: Tikka highlights the significance of the special bond shared by brothers and sisters, with sisters offering prayers for the long life of their beloved brothers. Key attraction: The exchange of sweets and gifts. Where: Celebrated across India. Date for 2022: 26th October 2022.

10. Gurupurab – A Vibrant Sikh Festival

Gurupurab is an immensely significant festival celebrated in Punjab and holds immense spiritual importance for the Sikh community. Dedicated to commemorating the birth anniversaries of esteemed Sikh Gurus, this festival holds profound religious value. The festivities commence with a religious procession, where holy hymns are chanted, creating an atmosphere of devotion. People visit Gurdwaras to offer prayers, seek blessings, and partake in the sacred langar, which is a hallmark of this auspicious Punjabi festival.

Significance: Gurupurab celebrates the birth anniversary of the revered Guru. Key attractions: Religious processions, visits to Gurdwaras, and savoring the langar. Where: Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Date for Gurupurab 2022: 8th November 2022.

Punjab warmly welcomes all visitors with open arms and embraces them in its vibrant culture. The festivals of Punjab are celebrated with utmost enthusiasm, ensuring an extravaganza of colors and liveliness. So, when you plan your next vacation to Punjab, make sure to mark your calendars with these delightful festivals!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Punjab’s Festivals

What is the national festival of Punjab?

Vaisakhi or Baisakhi is considered one of the most important festivals and has been accorded the status of Punjab’s national festival. Celebrated by both Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab, this festival holds deep religious significance.

Which festivals do Punjabis celebrate?

Punjab, known for its vibrancy, is home to numerous festivals. The prominent ones celebrated in Punjab are Baisakhi, Lohri, Holla Mohala, Maghi Festival, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and Basant Panchmi.

Why do Sikhs celebrate Lohri?

Lohri stands as a momentous occasion for Sikhs and Hindus, not only within Punjab but around the globe. It symbolizes the conclusion of the winter season and the welcoming of the sun in the northern hemisphere. The festivities encompass a Puja Parikrama, encircling a roaring bonfire.

Why is Baisakhi revered and celebrated?

Baisakhi, hailed as Punjab’s national festival, exalts the harvesting of the initial crop of the year. Moreover, it holds substantial significance as the dawn of the New Year in the Sikh calendar.

What befalls during Karwa Chauth?

Karwa Chauth embodies a devoted observance wherein married and betrothed women fast from sunrise until the moon’s rise, praying for the well-being and longevity of their husbands or future husbands. Women adorn themselves in resplendent attire, reminiscent of their wedding day, in honor of their significant other.

Are there any dance galas in Punjab?

Absolutely! Teeyan, renowned as Punjab’s dance gala, emerges amidst the onset of the monsoon season. Commonly referred to as Teej, this jubilation witnesses women bedecked in radiant attire engaging in spirited folk dances or reveling in the euphoria of tree-bound swings.


How is Hola Mohalla commemorated?

Hola Mohalla commences a jubilation honoring the valor and intellectual brilliance epitomized by Khalsa Panth. The festivities entail soul-stirring kirtans, religious ceremonies, sacred paths, communal meals, martial arts displays, and a multitude of other captivating activities.

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