Experiencing Thailand’s Finest on a 7-Night, 8-Day Honeymoon Journey

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Thailand is one of those destinations that possesses all the desired features. From shorelines to aquatic activities to opulence to contemporary urban areas – this is one place where newlyweds can have the most exceptional experience of their lives, and that is exactly what we also desired. So ultimately, after discussing the location with a few relatives but most importantly, my spouse – we determined to reserve our honeymoon package to Thailand.

honeymoon in thailand

Fortunately, we discovered Fred and Fuzzys on Facebook and made the decision to give them a chance because we genuinely admired their concept of customizing the travel plan based on the travelers’ requirements. So we presented a request on their website and were swiftly contacted by a representative from their team. This individual grasped our needs and financial plan and subsequently connected us with their top travel agents on board to obtain quotes and packages. To cut a long story short, we greatly appreciated the quotes and selected the finest one from “Trendy Holiday Pvt Ltd”.

Our Thailand Honeymoon Package Particulars

  • Price: INR 144323
  • Duration: 7N 8D
  • Inclusions: Air travel, transfers, lodgings, sightseeing, excursions, and meals (partial).
  • Exclusions: Paid meals and activities that are not included in the itinerary.

Nilesh and his wife arrive in Thailand

Day 1: Love at first glimpse of Thailand!

After the extravagant celebration of our wedding, finally, the day of our honeymoon arrived. Being residents of Pune, we took a taxi to Mumbai Airport and then boarded our flight to Bangkok where we had a connecting flight to Phuket.

Phi Phi island tourPhi Phi island tour in ThailandNilesh and his wife on the phi phi island tour

Upon our arrival in Phuket, we were cordially greeted by a representative from the travel agency’s side who subsequently transferred us to our lodging – Deevana Patong Resort & Spa. This was an exquisite establishment and after checking into our room, we rested for a while before exploring the surroundings independently. This was the moment when we finally felt our honeymoon had commenced and to be sincere, it felt marvelous to spend quality time with my spouse.

hotel in phuket

Day 2: The remarkable Phi Phi Island Tour

khai island tour in thailand

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khai island tour thailand

An extremely well-spent day, we embarked on the Phi Phi island excursion today. In the morning after having breakfast, we were picked up from our resort and transported by boat to the Phi Phi Island. Subsequently, we were transferred to a larger vessel for a more enjoyable island tour and to visit the Long Beach.

Khai island tourkhai island tour in thailand

Day 3: Moving forward, the Khai Island Excursion (even better!)

Yet another day, yet another island tour, but this time it provided an even better experience as we not only visited the splendid Khai Island, but also engaged in snorkeling activities. Our island tour included Khai Nok, Khai Nai, & Khai Nui. The Khai island itself exhibited tranquility and beauty, and we felt immense pleasure in witnessing its allure and marine life.

nilesh on a honeymoon in krabi

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nilesh at the pool in krabi

The snorkeling experience was extraordinary and the underwater magnificence that we witnessed here will forever be imprinted in our memories. Subsequently, we returned to our Phuket hotel and rested to alleviate our exhaustion.

infinity pool in krabi

Day 4: Krabi adoration

Today, we checked out of our hotel and bid farewell to Phuket as we were heading towards an even more splendid destination – Krabi! Our driver picked us up from the hotel and we arrived in Krabi during the late afternoon.

Our hotel in Krabi, the Centara Anda Devi Resort and Spa, proved to be exceptional once again. After checking in, as usual, we took some rest before venturing out to explore the nearby area on our own.

Krabi, upon our initial impression, was absolutely stunning. With pristine sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery, this place was like paradise.

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four island tourfour island tour in krabifour island tour krabi

Day 5: Not one, not two, but a Four Island Tour

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nilesh on the four island tour

In the morning today, we embarked on the 4 island tour which proved to be another incredibly rejuvenating and romantic experience for us.

four island in thailand

The tour took us to Ko Poda, Ko Gai, Ko Tub, and the Nang Bay – all of which were fascinating in their own way. Our lunch was arranged at one of these islands and overall, it was very refreshing.

nilesh and his wife on four island tourisland tours in thailand

After our tour had ended, we returned to our hotel in Krabi.

Day 6: An unreal dinner cruise in Bangkok

Picturesque Nature, Opulence, & A Legendary Dinner Cruise Define Shubham’s Honeymoon In Thailand

honeymoon in thailandfour island trip

Today, after savoring a delightful breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and proceeded for our flight to Bangkok.

hotel room in bangkok

Upon our arrival, we met the agent’s representative, who transferred us to our hotel – Amari Watergate. After checking in, we rested for a while and then in the evening, proceeded for the Dinner Cruise.

The Dinner Cruise, like all experiences in Thailand, was one of a kind and we adored it. The river cruise passed by many historic landmarks of Bangkok and it was extremely romantic for both my spouse and me to dine in such an unreal atmosphere. To top it all, the dinner spread was scrumptious too.

dinner cruise in bangkok

Day 7: The numerous marvels of Safari World & Marine Park

After a delectable breakfast today, we proceeded for our tour of the Safari World with Marine Park. The Safari World was fantastic and we adored the ambiance of an open-air wildlife park where we could drive and observe animals in a more natural way.

nileshs wife in safari worldsafari world in bangkok

Our lunch was arranged here only after which we went to the Marine Park where we witnessed a number of magnificent shows by various animals including Elephant, Bird, Orangutan. Other animals that we saw here included Tiger, Deer, Giraffe, and many more.

marine park tour in thailandmarine park and safari world tour

Post our excursion, we returned to our lodging.

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safari world tour thailand

Day 8: Farewell Thailand, you will forever remain in our hearts!

This was our final day and after departing from our lodging in the morning, we stored our belongings and went out shopping.

safari world thailandsafari world tour in thailand

Later, we were transported to the airport for our flight back to India.

Our honeymoon in Thailand was more surreal and beautiful than what we had imagined. From coastlines to isles to exploring and enjoying the modern city – it was a complete package for us. Passionate to the core, this location provided us with splendid memories that we would cherish forever. Truly, an exceptional start to a new chapter in life.

Safari world in thailand


  • Poda island
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Safari World


  • Our room in Bangkok was a twin bedroom one despite the fact that we were a honeymoon couple. We had to wait a few hours before they changed it.

Traveler advice:

  • Vegans have limited options for food and it is advised that you carry ready-to-eat items from the supermarket for emergency purposes.

Nilesh and his wife had a surreal honeymoon experience and you too can witness the same. Book a Thailand Honeymoon Package and let us handle the planning for you.

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