Experiencing Bora Bora’s Finest Seafood Delights and Sunset Views at 10 Noteworthy Dining Spots

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With breathtaking sunsets, pristine sandy beaches, and swaying coconut palm trees, Bora Bora is an authentic island paradise! Renowned for its high-end resorts, Bora Bora is a perfect destination for newlyweds seeking a romantic getaway. Due to the fusion of Polynesian, French, and American influences on the local cuisine, it is indisputable that you will have an exceptional culinary experience at the diverse range of eateries in Bora Bora. Brace yourself for an extraordinary gastronomic adventure and the tantalizing flavors of Polynesia!

Finest dining establishments in Bora Bora

We present you with a comprehensive compilation that caters to all sorts of food enthusiasts:

The Chef’s Table by La Villa Mahana

1. L’Elixir

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L’Elixir ranks among the top-notch Bora Bora ocean-side restaurants for an enjoyable night out. Featuring live music and welcoming hosts, this restaurant has gained fame for its exquisite food that provides great value for your money. Their swordfish dish is a definite crowd pleaser, and they also offer a range of local delicacies that will leave you satisfied.

Location: Amanahune, Village Pauline, 98730, French PolynesiaCuisine: Polynesian, European, FrenchPrice per individual: $50Google Rating: 3.8

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St. James Bora Bora

2. The Chef’s Table by La Villa Mahana

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La Villa Mahana is one of the most enchanting restaurants in Bora Bora. Offering an exclusive dining experience, this establishment only accommodates 7 couples at a time. The chef’s meticulously crafted 5-course Epicurean dinner and Exotique dinner will leave a lasting impression long after the meal is over. The ambiance is cozy, intimate, and exudes a romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for honeymooning couples.

Location: B.P. 941 Amanahune, Vaitape, 98730, French PolynesiaCuisine: French, Vegan-friendlyPrice for two: $420Google Rating: 4.4

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Matira Beach Restaurant Bora Bora

3. St. James Bora Bora

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There are no Bora Bora submarine diners yet but St. James comes close. The eatery is directly above the water and you can observe the fish swim directly beneath you. The cuisine is delectable and the service is among the finest on the French Polynesian islands. Midday meals are exceptional at St. James.

Location: Centre helen sbay, Bora bora, Vaitape 98730, French PolynesiaCuisine: French, European, SeafoodCost for two: $180Google Rating: 4.3

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Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant

4. Matira Beach Restaurant

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The Matira Beach Restaurant doors open directly onto the white sand beach and the serene green-blue waters of the lagoon. Among the finest Bora Bora marine eatery, this offers a unique blend of French and Japanese cuisine. The decoration is also understated with timber interiors and Japanese design, perfect for getting cozy with good food after a pleasant afternoon swim.

Location: Matira, Matira Beach, 97830, French PolynesiaCuisine: French, Tahitian, Japanese, SeafoodCost per person: $35Google Rating: 4.3

The Lucky House – Fare Manuia

5. Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant

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The Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant features among the finest diners in Bora Bora. The open air eatery offers the freshest seafood cooked in fusion and Polynesian style. There is also a 24×7 bar that is perfect for a nightcap after a lavish meal at the restaurant.

Location: BP 123, Vaitāpē 98730, French PolynesiaCuisine: French, Polynesian, ModernPrice per person: $80Google Rating: 4.3

6. The Fortunate House – Fare Manuia

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The Fortunate House is a departure from the high-end dining establishments that are popular in Bora Bora. The restaurant offers the finest quick fare including delectable hamburgers, Italian pies, and most importantly, chilled ale! Ideal for unwinding, the Fortunate House is where budget travelers go for a satisfying meal.

Location: Matira, Point Matira, Vaitape 98730, French PolynesiaCuisine: Quick Fare, French, ItalianPrice per person: $30Google Rating: 4.4

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