Experience the Finest Lucknowi Cuisine by Sampling These 10 Irresistible Street Food Delights in Lucknow

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Lucknow, a captivating city known for its splendid past, rich customs, delectable cuisine, and bustling streets. When we envision Lucknow, our taste buds immediately tingle with the thought of tantalizing Tundey Kebabs, aromatic Biryani, and irresistible Chicken Masala. The culinary treasures hidden within the streets of Lucknow create a paradise for food enthusiasts. Every 100 meters, a new stall emerges, unveiling unique aromas and secret recipes that bewitch the senses. Travelers from all corners of the globe flock to Lucknow to relish the locally perfected delicacies, making it a preferred destination, especially for its food. Indulge in juicy Kebabs, mouthwatering Biryani, and creamy Malai Makhan as you embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. Allow us to guide you through the awe-inspiring world of Nawabi street food in Lucknow.

10 Unforgettable Street Food Delights in Lucknow

From the legendary Irdis’s Biryani to the renowned Rahim’s Kulcha Nihari, our carefully curated list introduces you to the crème de la crème of Lucknow’s culinary offerings. Prepare to be enthralled!

1. Heavenly Kebabs

For countless generations, the streets of Lucknow have been graced by the divine presence of succulent kebabs, a sacred cornerstone of the city’s culinary heritage and undoubtedly the epitome of street food excellence in Lucknow. No visit to this marvelous city is complete without savoring these lip-smacking delicacies. With their crisp exteriors and melt-in-your-mouth interiors, these kebabs encapsulate pure bliss. The perfect accompaniment to rumaali roti, vegetarians need not fret, as delightful vegetable options are also available. Do not miss the Galouti Kebabs, Tundey Kebabs, and Veg Shami Kebabs – they are essential indulgences.

Best street food of Lucknow

Best Place to Satisfy Your Cravings: Tunday Kababi Price: ₹50 per plate

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2. Biryani Bonanza

In a city brimming with Nawabi grandeur and epicurean delights, missing out on the Biryani would be an unforgivable oversight. A prominent star on our list of Lucknow’s finest cuisine, the Biryani holds an esteemed position. Its tantalizing aroma and sensational flavors will transport you to culinary nirvana with just a single bite. Immerse yourself in the slow-cooked symphony of fragrant rice, spices, delectable vegetables, and tender meat chunks that dance harmoniously on your palate. Whether your heart longs for mutton, chicken, or vegetarian variants, Lucknow presents an array of choices. Indulge in Veg Handi Dum Biryani, Awadhi Biryani, and Mutton Biryani – your taste buds will be eternally grateful.

Best street food of Lucknow

Best Place to Satisfy Your Cravings: Wahid Biryani, Aminabad, or Idris Price: ₹100-150 per plate

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3. Basket of Chaat Bliss

No street food collection is complete without the inclusion of chaat, a tantalizing medley of spicy, flavorful, and tangy sensations that effortlessly gratify your taste buds. Among the remarkable street food wonders of Lucknow, the Basket Chaat reigns supreme. A crunchy potato shell, brimming with a delightful amalgamation of mashed potatoes, tangy chutney, vibrant vegetables, and peas, awaits your eager exploration. This filling and flavor-packed snack is an absolute must-try if you seek a fusion of satisfaction and culinary delight.

Best street food of Lucknow

Best Place to Satisfy Your Cravings: Royal Cafe or Shukla Chaat House in Hazratganj Price: ₹120 per plate

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4. Kulcha Nihari

Indubitably a delight for all those who savor meat, Kulcha Nihari is an illustrious Mulghai dish originating from the bustling streets of Lucknow. Nihari pertains to succulent meat immersed in a dense and rich gravy, accompanied by Kulcha, which deviates from the usual Punjabi kulchas due to its soft texture. To truly relish the regal essence of this dish, Rahim’s in Akbari Gate, located in Chowk, stands tall as the paramount culinary destination in Lucknow. This venerable establishment, boasting a storied legacy of 125 years, opens its doors early in the morning and tantalizes taste buds until the late hours of the night.

Best street food of Lucknow

Optimal Choice for Adventurous Palates: Rahim’sPrice: ₹60 for a single serving

5. Malai Makhan

Typically savored during the winter season, Malai Makhan represents yet another specialty of Lucknow. Best described as luscious creamy butter, this delicacy is concocted using unsalted butter that hangs in a receptacle overnight, and then undergoes a vigorous beating to attain its ethereal, airy texture. It is subsequently crowned with khoya, rendering it irresistible. The winter season in Lucknow remains woefully incomplete without indulging in the divine pleasure of Malai Makhan, which unequivocally deserves the title of the supreme gastronomic delight in Lucknow. Gole Darwaza, Chowk, Chappan Bhog, and Ram Arsey stand as the formidable contenders when it comes to savoring this ambrosial creation.

Malai Makhan is the Best street food of Lucknow

Optimal Choices: Ram Asrey or Chhappan BhogPrice: ₹360 per kilogram

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6. Chole Bature

In the realm of the finest , one simply cannot overlook Chole Bature. A quintessential component of numerous street food offerings, it never fails to tantalize our taste buds. The chickpea curry infused with an assortment of spices, paired with crispy bhature, creates an irresistible combination. However, there is an exceptional quality to the Chole Bature found in Lucknow that distinguishes them from others. Easily discoverable in every nook and cranny of the city, these culinary delights possess a distinctive flavor. The accompaniments of lassi and spiced onions complement the taste harmoniously.

Chole Bature is the Best street food of Lucknow

Optimal Choice: Sardar Ke Chole BhaturePrice: ₹35- 100 per plate

7. Sheermal

Renowned for its Mughlai cuisine, Lucknow proudly presents an array of delectable bread variations, each with a unique twist. Sheermal, a sweet naan painstakingly kneaded with milk or sheer, treats our taste buds to a delightful sensation. The intriguingly sweet taste of this naan pairs exquisitely with spicy curries, harmoniously balancing and elevating the overall flavor profile of the dish. Baked to perfection in traditional tandoors and adorned with sprinklings of cardamom or saffron-infused milk, Sheermal can be relished on its own or accompanied by a steaming cup of tea. For sampling this culinary marvel, the aptly named Sheermal Chowk stands as the epitome of excellence in Lucknow’s gastronomic scene.

Sheermal is the Best street food of Lucknow

Optimal Choice: ChowkPrice: ₹10 onwards, depending on the variety of Sheermal

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8. Exquisite Frozen Delight: Kulfi Faluda

Venture into the vibrant streets of Lucknow and indulge in the heavenly delight of Kulfi Faluda, a remarkable culinary gem that conquers the scorching summer heat. This delectable dessert is a sweet symphony for your taste buds, celebrated both by locals and tourists alike. From every nook and cranny of the city, you can easily find this refreshing treat. Kulfi, crafted with luscious milk infused with an assortment of nuts and flavors, is adorned with faluda and an array of syrups that elevate its taste to unparalleled heights. To experience the quintessence of this delicacy, head to Prakash ki Kulfi in Aminabad, a pioneering palace of taste.

Kulfi Faluda is the Best street food of Lucknow

Recommended Destination: Prakash ki KulfiPrice: ₹120 (half) and ₹60 (full)

9. Vegetarian Extravaganza: Veg Kebab Parantha

Not to be outdone by its non-vegetarian counterparts, Lucknow also delights vegetarian food enthusiasts with a splendid dish known as Veg Kebab Parantha, a jewel among the best culinary offerings in the city. This heavenly ensemble of soft rumali roti, encasing crispy kebabs bursting with delightful flavors, is a symphony for your taste buds that will linger in your memory for an eternity. Whether it’s for breakfast or paired with a steaming cup of tea, this delicacy promises to leave an indelible imprint on your gastronomical journey. Experience the magic through the Veg Kebab Roll or the Kebab Parantha plate at Chappan Bhog or Kapoorthala.

Kebab Parantha Lucknow

Recommended Destination: Chappan Bhog or KapoorthalaPrice: ₹25 per plate

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10. Scrumptious Morning Delight: Kachori

Behold a marvelous breakfast option and a beloved street food phenomenon in Lucknow – Khasta Kachori. This golden-brown delight reigns supreme as a pocket-friendly choice, favored by locals and tourists alike. Savor the satisfying crunch of the Kachori as you delve into its depths, accompanied by deep-fried aloo sabzi and aromatic white chickpea sabzi. These flavorsome Kachoris not only satiate your hunger but also warm your heart with their soulful essence. The unrivaled haven to savor this delight can be found at Ratti Lal’s in Aminabad.

Kachori is the Best street food of Lucknow

Recommended Destination: Rati Lal’s Khasta KachoriPrice: ₹14 per piece

Having discovered the enticing reasons to embark on a captivating journey to Lucknow and embark on a culinary adventure, why wait? Plan your trip to Lucknow, immerse your taste buds in the symphony of flavors, and relish the astonishing street food treasures this city has to offer.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Lucknow’s Street Food

What is the renowned cuisine of Lucknow?

Lucknow is a culinary paradise, blessed with an array of exquisite delicacies. Tundey Kebab, Irdi’s Biryani, Chicken Masala, Malai Makhan, and Khasta Kachori are among the renowned dishes that reign supreme here.

What are the signature street food options in Uttar Pradesh?

With its tantalizing assortment of street food delights, Lucknow proudly showcases its culinary heritage. Kebabs, Paya, Sheermal, and Biryani are the epitome of culinary ecstasy that Uttar Pradesh’s bustling streets have to offer.

Is it safe to visit Lucknow during the ongoing COVID-19 situation?

Absolutely, you can confidently visit Lucknow as long as you adhere to all the guidelines and take necessary precautions when required. It is essential to wear masks at all times, maintain social distancing, and regularly sanitize your hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

What is Lucknow’s renowned delicacy?

Lucknow is celebrated for its exquisite delicacy called Makhan Malai. This delightful treat is crafted using frothy malai, which is delicately garnished with dry fruits, saffron, and sugar.

What are some healthy street food options?

If you’re looking for healthy street food options, you can indulge in Dahi Bada, Dhokla, Dosa, Idli, Kebab, corn, or sweet potato chaat. These delectable choices not only satisfy your taste buds but also contribute to your overall well-being.

What are the famous culinary delights of Gujarat?

Gujarat is widely renowned for its scrumptious culinary offerings. Some of the prominent dishes include Khaman Dhokla, Thepla, Khakra, Fafda-Jalebi, Khandvi, Gathiya, and Surati-Undhiyu. These flavorsome treasures showcase the rich gastronomic heritage of Gujarat.

Which city holds the title of India’s gastronomic capital?

Delhi, with its abundant food options ranging from street delicacies to upscale restaurants, proudly holds the title of India’s gastronomic capital. The city is a haven for food lovers, offering a diverse culinary experience.

Which Indian city is known for its mouthwatering street food?

India prides itself on its vast array of cultures and traditions, each delivering its unique culinary delights. When it comes to the tastiest street food, cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Indore steal the show with their irresistible offerings.

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