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Kalimpong, a quaint hill station in North Bengal, offers a breathtaking view of the magnificent Mt. Kanchenjunga amidst lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. The architectural charm of its buildings and churches reflects the British colonial era, adding a touch of historical richness to the city. Nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas, overlooking the Teesta River, Kalimpong boasts numerous popular attractions, including Buddhist monasteries, gardens, colonial buildings, and churches. However, one of the major draws for visitors is its remarkable shopping markets.

Shopping in Kalimpong holds a unique allure. Where else can you experience the pleasure of strolling down vibrant streets, admiring the majestic Himalayas, as the gentle breeze caresses your face? There are plenty of shopping destinations in Kalimpong, offering a wide array of items that will enhance the delightful memories of your trip.

The Best Shopping Places in Kalimpong:

Kalimpong is a place where one can never be devoid of shops and markets. It exudes a myriad of shopping opportunities. Some of the top shopping destinations in Kalimpong include Rishi Avenue, where you can relish delectable Nepalese cuisine while indulging in shopping; Kashi Nath & Sons, a haven for books on Buddhism, Tibetan development, and Nepalese culture; Kalimpong Art Gallery, where you can acquire the city’s famous art pieces; and Tashi Takgye, a shop specializing in Tibetan items. Now that we know about these markets, it would be prudent to explore the must-have items to include in our luggage from our Kalimpong trip.

5 Popular Things to Buy in Kalimpong:

Kalimpong Cheese And Lollipops

Kalimpong offers a plethora of unique items that reflect its culture and traditions. Embracing the art of shopping is an incomparable way to immerse oneself in a place’s essence. So, here are the top 5 popular items to purchase while indulging in retail therapy in Kalimpong.

1. Dalle Khursani:

Dalle Khursani, exclusive to Kalimpong, are round, red chili peppers that may often resemble cherries at first glance. These flavorful spices are frequently used in Kalimpong’s cuisine, adding a distinctive aroma and taste to curries and Chinese dishes. To purchase Dalle Khursani, head to Haat Bazaar, renowned for its street shopping experience, or Rishi Road, where shops offer bottled peppers.

Tibetan Arts And Crafts

2. Kalimpong Cheese and Lollipops:

Kalimpong is famous for its authentic Swiss cheese and lollipops. Initially introduced by Swiss Catholic priests, these dairy products have become a traditional delicacy in the city. You can find these delectable offerings in various shops throughout Kalimpong.

3. Fing:

Fing, another specialty of Kalimpong,

  • The process of making fing or glass noodles is carried out locally and the noodles are then stored in packets.
  • These noodles are produced by the cottage industry in Kalimpong during the dry months between October and June.
  • Fing noodles have a distinct flavor profile that sets them apart from other types of noodles you may have tasted.
  • If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Kalimpong is definitely worth a visit.

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