Experience Local Life in Ireland During December 2023 Through These 8 Engagements

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Ireland in December: A Winter Wonderland

Ireland is one of the most exquisite countries in the world, especially in the winter season. The winter months in Ireland are truly enchanting, as the entire country transforms into a marvelous wonderland. December is the perfect time to visit Ireland and immerse yourself in its magic. You may wonder, how cold does Ireland get in December? What is the temperature like during this time? To answer all of these queries, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top activities to indulge in during your December trip to Ireland.

Top Activities to Experience in Ireland during December

There is a plethora of things to engage in during your visit to Ireland in December. However, to ensure an extraordinary experience, it is important to carefully select the best activities. Here are some of the most recommended options:


1. Ireland: Witness the Enchanting Northern Lights

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The Northern Lights, known for their breathtaking beauty, can be witnessed in Ireland as well. If you opt for a scenic drive through the remote and enchanting locations of Ireland in December, you won’t want to miss this mesmerizing phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis. You might wonder how it is possible to witness the Northern Lights in a place other than Russia, North America, or Greenland. Well, Ireland benefits from low levels of light pollution, making it a perfect spot for this celestial display. Head to the northernmost coast of Ireland and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring sight of the Northern Lights.

Location: Malin Head, Dunree Head, Fanad Head

Theatre view

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2. Ireland: Embrace the Winter Solstice

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Certain places in Ireland offer a truly magical experience during the winter solstice. Witness the mesmerizing 5000-year-old light show at Newgrange in the county of Meath Bru Na Boinne. However, it is important to note that only a select few individuals are chosen through a lottery system to visit the burial mound and witness this magical light spectacle. Another remarkable site is Baghmore in the county of Tyrone, where you can witness the alignment of the stone rows with the rising sun during sunrise.

Place: Baghmore

Christmas Market in Ireland

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3. The Gaiety Theatre: Watch Panto

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Panto or Pantomime, which is a common form of theater in Ireland, can be witnessed at The Gaiety Theatre every year during the Christmas and New Year period. Traditionally staged in front of an audience primarily comprising of parents and children, this theater style involves singing, dancing, comedy, inside jokes, and even subtle innuendo. Numerous traditional storylines and pre-established performances take place.

Place: The Gaiety Theatre, South King St, Dublin 2, Ireland

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4. Christmas Market of Dublin: Buy

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Explore the vibrant and beautifully adorned world-famous Christmas Markets of Dublin in Ireland. Purchase from a wide array of items available. Delight in the festivities on these snow-covered streets. Shop from various multi-level shopping centers to temporary street stalls specifically established for Christmas and immerse yourself in a distinctive and thrilling overall experience of the City.

place to Party

Place: Point Square, E Wall Rd, Dublin, D01 E0K6, Ireland

5. Mourne Mountains: Trek

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Visit the distinctive white snow-capped mountain where C.S Lewis was motivated to write Narnia. Situated in County Down, the Mourne Mountains are a perfect little getaway that is brimming with tranquility, tranquility, and stunning beauty. Embark on an expedition to the Mourne Mountains and envision, imagine, and live the same encounter that C.S Lewis may have had to obtain inspiration to create such a masterpiece.

Location: County Down

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6. Ireland: Revel all night

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Bars, particularly the Irish Pubs, are popular spots during the winters. Whenever the temperature drops too low to stay outside, most people head to the pubs. Experience the distinctive, easygoing, and soothing pub culture of Ireland and socialize with diverse tourists and locals. Visit some of the renowned pubs in Dublin and Ireland and enjoy an evening filled with various events such as sports screenings, music night, Christmas-themed evenings.

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7. Apres Village: Discover

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Explore the Apres Village in Ireland in December. Every year, they present a festive-themed opening for families. Whether you are keen to sample some wine or purchase handicrafts, this place will not disappoint you with its assortment of Christmas delights ready to enhance your festive Christmas atmosphere. The confectioneries available there will leave you in awe.

Location: Apres Village Dublin

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8. Chamber Choir of Ireland: Tune in to music

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Make your way to the Christ Church Cathedral on the 9th of December to witness the professionals from the Chamber of Choir of Ireland sing hymns and carols in honor of beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Immerse yourself in a delightful selection of exquisite music including the Christmas Tale by Hugo Distler and some contemporary and modern carols by local Irish Composers.

Location: Christchurch Place, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland

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Ireland in December undergoes a magnificent transformation and becomes one of the most stunning destinations on the planet, especially during the months of December and January. Fully engage yourself in the grandest festive celebrations of the year in honor of Jesus the all-powerful, and enjoy marvelous moments with your loved ones on an excursion to Ireland.

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Common Questions About Ireland In December

How chilly is Ireland in December?

Ireland experiences some of the chilliest days in the month of December, and the temperature drops to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, daily high temperatures reach up to 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which is the ideal time of the year to visit Ireland?

Since the winter season can be harsh in Ireland, it is not the preferred time for tourists who want to explore the island. Thus, the best time to travel to Ireland is from April to June and September to October.

What activities can one enjoy in Dublin during December?

Dublin is a must-visit destination in Ireland. You can embark on a Food Tour that offers the opportunity to savor the finest dishes. Furthermore, you can explore all major attractions such as the Irish Whiskey Museum.

Does it snow in Ireland during December?

Ireland experiences snowfall during the winter season. Roads are often covered with thick layers of snow on Christmas Eve.

Which is the rainiest month in Ireland?

The west coast of Ireland receives the highest amount of rainfall on the entire island. It rains for approximately 225 days, with more than 1 mm of precipitation per day. The south and east coasts witness rain for around 150 days per year. As a result, it is challenging to determine which months receive the most rainfall.

What activities are available in Dublin during the Christmas season?

Christmas is one of the largest celebrations observed globally and it presents a wonderful opportunity to witness cities adorned with lights and snow. Dublin offers the chance to explore the Christmas Market and participate in events that may not be found elsewhere in the world.

Is Ireland a secure place to visit?

Many tourists opt for Ireland as their travel destination due to its safety and suitability for exploration. While no country is completely free of crime, the number of reported crimes in Ireland is minimal and not a cause for concern.

What clothing should I wear in Ireland?

Given the consistently low temperatures throughout most of the year, it is advisable to don warm attire such as coats, socks, waterproof footwear, trousers, and a raincoat or windbreaker to shield oneself from the cold wind and rain.


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