Experience Greece’s Vibrant and Colorful Spring Getaway in March

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Greece is a heavenly nation in southeast Europe that is renowned for the beautiful cities it houses. The month of March signifies the conclusion of the winter season in this area. With sunnier days on the horizon, the month of March presents the ideal opportunity to visit this magnificent country.

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The month of March provides the finest chances to delve deeper into the abundant cultural history of this nation. This Mediterranean country boasts numerous cities and locations that contain numerous monumental vibrant structures that are a delight to behold.

So whether you have an interest in exploring picturesque landscapes or want to immerse yourself in the true essence of Greece by engaging with the locals, Greece is reputed for providing an incredible vacation experience in the month of March. This comprehensive guide will assist individuals in efficiently planning their trip to Greece in March.

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5 Finest Destinations to Explore in Greece in March

Planning a trip to Greece in March? Greece has a multitude of islands where one can go for a relaxing experience of basking under the springtime sun while savoring a rejuvenating beverage.

1. Crete: Enchanting Beaches

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Image SourceThis is one of the premier islands in Greece that experiences the arrival of spring earlier than any other regions in the country. It tends to be crowded with tourists during the winter season. The best way to explore and enjoy Crete is during the least crowded periods, which falls in the springtime of March. This exotic island on the southern coast is perfect for individuals who relish sunbathing. The highest temperature ever recorded in Crete is 20 degrees. The southern part of Greece generally has warmer weather compared to the central part. The southern region also features several other locations that can be visited to enhance the enjoyment of a trip to Greece in March, including Preveli Beach, Triopetra Cave, and more.

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2. Rhodes: Breathtaking Setting

Image SourceRhodes is another renowned island in Greece that offers tranquil views of its breathtaking setting and landscapes, all while enveloped in a serene and peaceful ambiance. This island is never overcrowded, making it the perfect choice for couples and honeymooners seeking quality alone time together. This region becomes warmer after the winter season, although not as hot as Crete. Rainfall can be anticipated on this island, adding an extra charm to the entire place. Visitors can explore various historical sites, discover exotic villages, or simply relax leisurely at local cafes. You can also indulge in delectable cuisine at Rhodes restaurants.


3. Chios: Breathtaking Coastline

Source of ImageChios is situated off the Anatolian shore and is considered to be the fifth largest island in Greece. It is an ideal destination for ecotourism in March. This island is graced with enchanting sceneries that come alive during the spring season in March. Visitors can take a refreshing swim in the sea or, if the water is too chilly, dedicate a significant portion of their day to exploring the island’s rich cultural heritage. One can visit the Chios Mastic Museum to learn about mastic, a locally-produced flavored tree resin. Additionally, the island is renowned for offering one of the finest scuba diving experiences in Europe.

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4. Athens & Mainland Greece: For History Enthusiasts

Source of ImageAre you still pondering which places to visit in Greece in March? Athens is globally renowned and serves as the most popular destination in Greece, attracting every traveler planning a trip to the country. Throughout the year, there are always engaging events happening here that allure numerous wanderers and explorers. The mainland region of Greece is a must-visit as it is home to the country’s most famous tourist attractions. Additionally, there are plenty of fascinating activities to engage in Athens.

Thessaloniki, Greece

5. Thessaloniki: Explore the Traces of the Past

Thessaloniki is a picturesque port city in Greece and a captivating destination to explore, especially during March when the weather is delightful. One can still witness remnants from the historical periods of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Roman civilizations. The waterfront square is an ideal spot to spend an evening in this city. The trendy cafes overlooking the sea offer the perfect ambiance to enjoy an evening in Greece in March. Make sure to include this city in your Greece tours in March 2023.

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Greece hosts numerous celebrations throughout the year for the enjoyment of residents, expats, and tourists in Greece. Many of these fascinating celebrations and events that take place in the month of March, are listed below.

  • 25th March: Commemorate The Annunciation
  • Half Marathon In Athens: For Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Nafplio Marathon: Run Like Never Before!
  • Carnival In Athens: Unlimited Fun
  • Beauty Festival: Beauty And More!


1. 25th March: Commemorate The Annunciation

Image SourceOn this particular day, two events are honored by the people of this country. Between the years 1821 and 1832, the Greeks triumphed in the war against the Ottoman Empire, and on this day every year, the people of Greece remember their victory. Throughout the country, there are several parades organized to mark this significant event, with the one in Athens being the finest among all. This day is precisely nine months from the Christmas day, and to commemorate this, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Annunciation.

25th March

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2. Half Marathon In Athens: For Fitness Enthusiasts

Image SourceFor all the fitness fanatics, this half marathon is a necessity. It is an exceptional event organized by the Hellenic Athletics Federation in Athens city. Over 50,000 runners participate in this event which takes place annually. The route of the marathon changes every year, allowing participants to explore the entire city and observe all the significant architectural structures while running through the streets of the well-known city of Athens.

Half Marathon In Athens

3. Nafplio Marathon: Run Like Never Before!

Image SourceIf one is visiting the Peloponnese in March, they should definitely take part in the Nafplio Marathon which is held on the 5th of March every year. It offers various events and races for participants of all ages. Peloponnese is one of the most exquisite towns in Greece and this marathon provides an opportunity to run through the streets of this town while appreciating its beauty. It serves as an ideal base to explore the major archaeological sites including Mycenae and Epidaurus.

Nafplio Marathon

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4. Carnival In Athens: Limitless Entertainment

Carnival in Athens begins in the last week of February and continues until the first week of March. If you are planning a vacation in Greece during this time, then definitely pay a visit to this captivating celebration spread all over Athens. The festival is organized at multiple locations including popular squares, streets, open spaces, and auditoriums. This is an event you definitely shouldn’t miss out on in March in Greece. This is also one of the top activities to experience in Greece.

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5. Beauty Festival: Elegance And More!

Are you seeking information on what to engage in during the month of March in Greece? Greece commemorates the Festival of Beauty in the final week of March, and this exciting festival spanning over two days attracts numerous beauty brands and experts to Greece. If you desire to explore beauty products or engage in conversations with experts who provide excellent advice and suggestions, then be sure to attend this festival during your vacation in Greece in March.

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Recommendations for Exploring Greece in March

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The subsequent suggestions will assist in planning an efficient trip to uncover the vibrancy and beauty of this splendid country.

  • Prior to your trip, it is advisable to check the ferry timetable as the frequency of ferry services to various islands in the country is lower compared to the colder months.
  • Most of the islands have airports, and during March, one can conveniently access the Athens Airport or Thessaloniki Airport for travel purposes.
  • Car rentals are readily available almost everywhere, allowing you the option to travel to different destinations by road.
  • Ensure to confirm the availability of major attractions in the country before visiting, as during summer and spring, Greece doesn’t attract as many tourists, resulting in some shops and key tourist spots being closed or having limited operating hours compared to the winter season.


Essential Items for a March Trip to Greece

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When planning any trip, it is essential to pack the necessary items suitable for the destination’s season. You may wonder how to pack for Greece in March and what to wear during that time. Here are a few items that should be included when preparing for a trip to Greece in March.

  • Ensure that you pack your passports and other important travel documents.
  • Carry a portable charger to conveniently charge your phone or other electronic devices during impromptu plans throughout your trip.
  • Bring along mesh water shoes, as Greece is surrounded by beaches and water.
  • Pack swimsuits to enjoy a refreshing swim in the beach.
  • Make sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes for walking around the various cities in Greece.
  • An essential clothing item for every trip is a scarf. Opt for a lightweight one that can be easily packed in a backpack when not in use.

what to pack

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Climatic Conditions in Greece in March

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Are you interested in journeying to Greece in March? The average temperature of this locality starts to ascend as the month of March nears. The initial indication of the spring season becomes apparent as the month of March approaches. Throughout the day, the temperature and meteorological conditions in Greece in March are fairly manageable as it is neither excessively scorching nor excessively chilly.

Weather In Greece In March

Travelling and exploring places when the weather conditions are not excessively intense is the most favorable choice, and in Greece in March, the temperature remains identical. During the daytime, the highest temperature in Greece in March’s weather is approximately 12 degrees, and during the late evenings and nights, it amounts to approximately 8 degrees.

One might be curious about the extent of heat in Greece in March. The highest recorded temperature in Greece in March reaches 16 degrees. In the southern region of Greece, the temperatures can be significantly higher than those in the central or northern regions of Greece. The weather in Greece in March 2023 is projected to be around 17 degrees during the day and 9 degrees during the late evenings and nights. While it is an ideal season to explore Greece, March also experiences occasional showers.

Greece in March offers a plethora of delightful activities and tourist attractions, presenting ample opportunities for enjoyment. Secure a travel package by contacting the travel experts at Travel Triangle, acquire information about Greece tours in March 2023, and avail exciting offers and discounts. Don’t forget to gather your friends for a trip filled with fun and excitement. If you have any other fascinating activities to suggest for Greece in March, kindly share them with us in the comments below.

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Common Inquiries About Greece in March

What is the most suitable month to visit Greece?

You can plan a trip to Greece in the month of March as the climatic conditions during this period are quite pleasant. You will have the opportunity to experience the best of it while engaging in numerous outdoor activities.

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