Experience an Enchanting Extravaganza of Music, Arts & Theatre at Kingdom Of Dreams in 2022.

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Kingdom of Dreams prides itself on being India’s first live entertainment platform that offers distinct advantages over other amusement parks. This unique entertainment park provides a captivating cultural experience by blending traditional village life with the vibrancy of city living, all enhanced by revolutionary technological advancements.

An exceptional feature of Kingdom of Dreams is Culture Gully, the first skydome in India. Here, you can explore stalls that capture the exotic cultures of 14 diverse states, showcasing local cuisines, fine arts, and street performances. With state-of-the-art technology and two international standard theaters, Culture Gully promises an immersive journey through the diverse lifestyles, cultures, and traditions of different parts of India.

Kingdom of Dreams also hosts a wide array of festivals and events throughout the year. These popular shows cater to all age groups, from children to adults and even elderly parents. Notable upcoming events at Kingdom of Dreams include Jhumroo, Zangoora, and Comedy Ka Overdose, a romantic Bollywood musical theater show.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Kingdom of Dreams?

You can visit Kingdom of Dreams at any time of the year, regardless of the season. The park is open from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, offering various shows at different timings. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can catch the shows from 12:30 PM to 12:00 AM, while on weekends (Saturday-Sunday), shows run from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

The Jhumroo Show is available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings from 7:00 PM onwards. On Wednesday and Friday, you can watch it at 2:30 PM, and on Sundays at 1:30 PM. The Zangoora Show takes place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2:30 PM, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 PM, and Sunday at 6:00 PM. Please note that Kingdom of Dreams is closed every Monday.

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How Much is the Entry Fee for Kingdom of Dreams?

The ticket prices for Kingdom of Dreams vary depending on the show timings and category you choose. The theatrical shows have different timings on weekdays and weekends, allowing you to select the most convenient option. The ticket categories include diamond, platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and culture gully.

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For the diamond range, the entry fee per person is Rs. 2,999/- on weekdays and Rs. 3,999/- on weekends. The platinum range costs Rs. 2,499/- on weekdays and Rs. 2,999/- on weekends. The gold range is priced at Rs. 1,999/- on weekdays and Rs. 2,499/- on weekends. The silver range is available for Rs. 1,499/- on weekdays and Rs. 1,999/- on weekends. The bronze range costs Rs. 1,249/- on weekdays and Rs. 1,499/- on weekends. Finally, the culture gully experience is priced at Rs. 600/- per person on weekdays.

What Can You Do at Kingdom of Dreams?

Within the magnificent palace chambers of Kingdom of Dreams, you will find four culturally-oriented pillars that add to its enchanting allure.

1. Showshaa Theatre

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Showshaa is a marvelous location designed to accommodate a maximum of 300 individuals. It is an ideal space for grand stage productions, thematic activities, and similar events. This technologically advanced venue is supported by customized lighting, high-quality video, and state-of-the-art sound and projection features that create a captivating experience.

2. Nautanki Mahal

At Nautanki Mahal, you can feel the incredible energy as soon as the curtains rise. The mahal’s auditorium hosts a variety of exceptional performances, featuring elaborate costumes and toe-tapping music. Jhumroo and Zangoora are the fascinating Bollywood musicals currently showcased here, known for their grandeur and captivating storytelling. This venue has gained immense popularity for its exceptional productions, providing an unforgettable theatrical experience. Make sure to book your KOD experience well in advance.

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3. Culture Gully

You may have walked the streets of India, but have you experienced a street that combines themed restaurants, libraries, and even a man-made village of artisans? Step into the enchanting world of Culture Gully – an enclosed and air-conditioned street under a dome. This street spans over 100,000 sq ft and showcases folk dances, ethnic jewelry stores, home decor shops, and much more, representing the diverse culture of fourteen Indian states.

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