Exciting Encounters: Unforgettable Singapore & Malaysia Honeymoon Journey

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Bhargav Thaker recounts his enjoyable honeymoon excursion to Singapore and Malaysia. Discovering that both countries were brimming with excitement and amusement, he delves into how their honeymoon transformed into a flawless vacation. By availing a package through Fred and Fuzzys for INR 121,000, which encompassed flights, transfers, accommodations, and sightseeing, they were able to fully enjoy their trip.

Our honeymoon journey was meticulously planned to take place in Singapore and Malaysia for a very precise rationale – the pursuit of “fun and adventure!” Both countries presented us with remarkable amusement parks, awe-inspiring landscapes, nature’s wonders, and, most importantly, a contemporary way of life.

Bhargav and his wife in Marina Bay are Singapore

It provided the absolutely ideal setting for the commencement of our eternal love story!

I chanced upon Fred and Fuzzys online, and it proved to be an exceedingly vital element in our ability to secure tailored trip packages. I admired how they connected me with diverse travel agents who offered competitive quotations, itineraries, and customization options. After receiving quotations from multiple travel agents, we ultimately settled on the services of “Smiling Trips,” as they best catered to our requirements.

A 7-Day Schedule for Our Honeymoon Excursion to Singapore & Malaysia

Please peruse our comprehensive 7-day schedule for our special honeymoon sojourn to Singapore and Malaysia. Take inspiration from it and promptly plan your own exotic honeymoon!

Bhargav and his wife in Singapore

Day 1: Arrival in Singapore Via Malaysia

We arrived in Singapore in the morning via a connecting flight from Malaysia and were promptly escorted to our hotel, the “Parc Sovereign Tyrwhitt.” Fortunately, we were able to check-in early, at 12 PM, and take some time to unwind before our scheduled pick-up for the “Night Safari” at 5:30 PM. The “Night Safari” in Singapore proved to be an average experience, if not exceptional. I felt it was more suited for younger audiences.

Bhargav and his wife in Sentosa Island

Day 2: Exploring Singapore City

Today, we embarked on the exhilarating Singapore City Tour and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the experience. Our tour guide was a jovial individual who adeptly elucidated upon every sight we encountered. He expounded upon the origins of Singapore and the tremendous efforts undertaken to transform it into a cosmopolitan hub. We also visited several cultural landmarks and temples.

Subsequently, after enjoying our lunch in “Little India,” we proceeded towards the captivating Sentosa Island.

The ‘Single Direction Cable Car’ journey in Sentosa was an incredible experience and we adored the sight from the summit. Afterwards, we ventured to the Underwater World and the ‘Dolphin Lagoon’. Between the two, ‘Dolphin Lagoon’ was the superior one and ultimately, I wished more time had been allocated for it.

Bhargav and his wife in Universal Studio Singapore

Around 7 PM, we witnessed the outdoor evening exhibition named the ‘Wings of Time’ and it was a magnificent treat for the eyes.

Day 3: Universal Studios Sentosa Island

Feeling a bit fatigued from the previous day, our visit to Universal Studios commenced on a sluggish note. However, after rejuvenating ourselves with a few mugs of coffee from the Starbucks there, we were all prepared for another escapade. There were various types of rides in the Universal Studios and although my spouse was slightly hesitant to partake in them initially, we ended up having a great time.

Bhargav and his wife on Genting Island

We also witnessed a dance spectacle in the Studios and overall the day went exceptionally well.

Day 4: Singapore To Malaysia

Bhargav and his wife click a selfie near Petronas Towers Malaysia

We boarded our flight from Singapore to Malaysia and arrived in Kuala Lumpur. As the airport was slightly distant from the primary city, it consumed some time to reach our hotel – ‘Ibis Styles, Kuala Lumpur’. After completing the check-in, we had the freedom to do whatever we desired as there was no other planned activity.

Day 5: Kuala Lumpur Tour

We embarked on the KL Tour in the evening (the morning was free). Throughout this 3-hour excursion, we visited numerous locations including the renowned Petronas Towers, Chocolate Factory, and Kuala Lumpur Tower. I felt that the trip was quite rushed as covering all these places in just 3 hours left us with limited time to fully experience each site.

Bhargav and his wife in Genting Island Malaysia

Later, we instructed the driver to drop us near the Kuala Lumpur Tower. The driver left us with a cautionary message to remain cautious in this nightlife area of the city.

Day 6: Genting Highlands In Malaysia

Bhargan and his wife in Batu Caves en route Genting Island

Our journey to Genting Highlands began in the company of another couple who had recently arrived in Malaysia and were expected to accompany us on the island during their stay. Due to their exhaustion from the flight, our sightseeing had to be expedited on the way to the island. I wanted to explore the Batu Caves but could only visit the basic points as we were running late.

Upon reaching Genting Highlands, the weather and scenery were extraordinary. I was fascinated by the decorations in honor of the Chinese New Year. We also paid a visit to the Casino there, and I was in awe of its immense scale and grandeur.

Bhargav and his wife pose in Universal Studio Singapore

Due to ongoing construction, we had to miss out on the outdoor rides and activities, but overall, our experience on the island was excellent.

Day 7: Malaysia To Mumbai

This was our final day and following our check-out from the hotel, we were collected at approximately 4:45 PM for our return flight to Mumbai. Our journey to Singapore and Malaysia was a thrilling one! We enjoyed every aspect of what came our way and are pleased to have vacationed in these marvelous countries. The most enjoyable part of the trip was that I had the opportunity to spend quality time with my spouse in the stunning sunny landscapes of these tropical nations. These memories will always be cherished!

  • Highlights of the trip included sightseeing in Singapore, Sentosa Island, Dolphin Lagoon, Wings of Time, Universal Studios, and Genting Highlands.

Universal Studio in Singapore


  • The Singapore portion of the trip was better organized compared to the one in Malaysia. The KL Tour was rushed, as was the sightseeing on the way to Genting Highlands. Our driver for the KL Tour was disconnected and impatient.

Recommendations for Future Travelers

  • The weather in Singapore can be quite hot, so make sure to stay hydrated as it can be quite tiring.

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Enjoy your holiday with plenty of sunshine! Plan a trip to Singapore and Malaysia and have a fantastic time under the sun! Explore the exotic locations, nightlife, cuisines, shopping districts, and historical sites in these two island nations with your partner.

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Common Questions About Singapore and Malaysia

How much does a trip to Singapore cost?

Our 7-day honeymoon trip to Singapore cost approximately INR 1,21,000. You can customize your honeymoon trip according to your preferences and budget.

Is the food expensive in Singapore?

Food in Singapore is relatively inexpensive, but if you prefer luxury dining, it can be a bit pricey.

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