European Honeymoon: Rediscovering the Past with Unwavering Comfort & Opulence

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Manvi Gupta discusses her honeymoon trip to Europe. She explains how it turned out to be the ideal destination for the couple. Having reserved her package from Fred and Fuzzys, it included her flights, accommodations, and train transfers all for a sum of INR 178000. She shares her encounter…

What started as a relationship quickly blossomed into love and 6 years later, there we were choosing our honeymoon spot. Having shared interests from the very start, Jatin and I somehow knew we were meant for each other. Traveling always brought us together and our trips to locations like Malaysia, Mcleodganj (Himachal), Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), and Jaipur (Rajasthan), were evidence of this spirit.

Europe was a mutual decision but I feel I was more drawn to it because of its romantic atmosphere, beauty, and the affluent culture and architecture that was associated with it. And for this reason, we included destinations like Paris, Florence, Venice, and Rome in our travel plan. These places were a blend of romance, history, and lifestyle.

Manvi on the Eurorail

We wanted to travel back in time but also did not want to compromise on our comforts!

I discovered Fred and Fuzzys via the web and after discovering that the portal can personalize packages according to our requirements, we decided to give it a go. After providing the necessary information, I quickly received multiple quotes and itineraries from different travel agents. We selected the package from ‘Marketels’ -travel agency and were assisted by their representative ‘Ritu’ throughout all stages of the trip.

Manvi and her husband in Eiffel Tower

Day 1: Paris – Eiffel Tower

We arrived in Paris by Emirates and our airline experience was simply excellent. After being transported to the hotel, we rested, freshened up, and then set off for the Eiffel Tower. We learned about the city and metro routes from the hotel staff and armed with a map in hand, it didn’t take long before we were standing in front of the magnificent Eiffel Tower – the symbol of love.

Manvi and her husband clicking photos near Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was an incredible experience. It was both stunning and enchanting and despite the cold air, we were enjoying the weather and its atmosphere. We also explored the area near the Eiffel Tower and indulged in some street food celebrations. Later, we took the metro back to the hotel and bought wine on our way back from a nearby supermarket. The rest of the evening was spent in the hotel.

Day 2 – Discovering Paris

Manvis husband at Palace of Versailles

We awoke around 8 AM and to our surprise, it was still dim outside. After enjoying our morning meal and plotting for the day, we embarked on a journey to the Palace of Versailles (closest metro station – Versailles-Rive Gauche, seek the exit towards Chateau Versailles). This turned out to be a 4-5 hour affair, after which we strolled to the adjacent market and into a McDonalds just across from the metro station.

This particular McDonalds was unlike the ones we encounter in India, as we could order and make payments via the LED Touch Pad Pillars installed in it. Wandering the streets of Paris also provided us with the chance to sit and indulge in some quality time with each other (free from both air and noise pollution).

Manvis husband on Eurorail

Yearning for another glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, we boarded the metro and disembarked at Champs De Mars. The Eiffel appeared even more splendid this time. There was a delightful sparkling effect on the tower that lingers for a few moments, and luckily enough, we were able to witness it. After capturing some wonderful photographs, we returned to the hotel and once again procured some nourishment and wine for ourselves.

Day 3: A Night in Paris

This day revolved around a city tour, and our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral. We also relished some quality time on the streets and even traversed the Champs-Elysees Street. Later, we also paid a visit to the Arc de Triomphe – an iconic structure in Paris. It possessed a regal aura, and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Manvi and her husband in Arc de Triomphe Paris

Day 4: When in Rome

On this day, we caught a flight to Rome from Paris. After checking in at the hotel and unwinding for a bit, we ventured out to witness the magnificence of the Colosseum in the evening. The monument was within walking distance from our hotel and appeared quite grand and beautiful. Alongside all the sightseeing, we also relished the weather in Rome. The winter sunshine was incredible and soothing to the senses. Later, after dining at a restaurant, we called it a night.

Manvi near Colosseum in Rome

Day 5: Vatican city

We explored the Vatican city on this day and reached there using the metro rail. The entire route and pedestrian areas in the city are incredibly stunning, and we were captivated by the overall architecture of the place. Our lunch took place at an outdoor café which happened to be owned by a Bangladeshi individual. Upon learning that we were from India, he served us delectable dishes that perfectly suited our palates. Additionally, we also visited the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, both of which were delightful.

Manvi and her husband in Vatican city

Day 6 & 7: Florence and the city

Manvi and her husband in Florence

On our sixth day, we took a train to another picturesque city in Italy – Florence. After checking in at the hotel, we took some time to relax and later took a leisurely stroll in the nearby market.

The following day, we embarked on a city excursion, exploring museums, lakeside paths, and numerous churches. The city’s architecture was nothing short of extravagant and opulent. The local markets were charming, and we thoroughly enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere that permeated the city.

Day 8: Venice

We hopped on a train to reach Venice and alighted at the Mestre Station. After checking in at our hotel, we took a bus that transported us to Venice, which was approximately a 20-minute ride from Mestre. Venice proved to be a mesmerizing experience. The evening promenade and indulging in coffee there will truly be missed by us. We also indulged in a Gondola ride, gliding through the canals and admiring the buildings that emerge from the water. It was a breathtaking sight!

couple enjoying gondola ride in Venice

Day 9: The Venice atmosphere

On this day as well, we explored the charming streets of Mestre until the evening and also visited the local shopping district. We scored fantastic bargains since it was Christmas time and there were numerous discounted offers available.

Manvi in Venice

Day 10: Homeward Bound

We departed from our lodging in Venice and boarded our flight back to India.

Europe turned out to be the ideal honeymoon location for us as it provided us with the liberty to discover the world both internally and externally. I adored how we swung back and forth in time as we witnessed the ancient landmarks and indulged in the contemporary luxuries. This destination held a magical allure, just as our relationship did!

Manvi in Europe

Highlights – The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sightseeing in Rome and Florence, the boat ride and strolls in Venice.

Drawbacks – Air France did not mention baggage fees. (Should be stated to inform people of the additional expense)

Recommendations for future travelers – Embrace the cities and soak in their atmosphere. Avoid spending excessive time in the hotel when there is so much to explore outside.

Experience Europe like never before! Reserve your honeymoon package now!

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