Enhancing Madrid’s Splendor: 9 Nearby Beaches Embrace the City’s Allure!

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List of the Top 9 Beaches Near Madrid

Here is a compilation of the finest beaches near Madrid, Spain or in its vicinity that you should visit for a revitalizing experience!

  • Playa de Langre
  • Santander Bay Beach
  • Playa de Bolonia
  • Playa de Gulpiyuri
  • La Concha Beach
  • Cap de Creus
  • Alberche Beach
  • Cadaques
  • La Malvarrosa Beach

Playa de Langre

1. Playa de Langre

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This beach is perfect for surfers who enjoy conquering the mighty waves. Playa de Langre is known for its strong currents. Additionally, the beach offers seclusion and tranquility, as it is usually devoid of phone signals. To access the beach, visitors must descend a steep staircase, which can also be considered a short and easy trek.

Location: Countryside of Costa TrasmieraHow to get there: Local transportation

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Santander Bay Beach

2. Santander Bay Beach

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This is another extremely close to Playa de Langre and is quite the opposite. Santander Bay Beach is recognized for being very crowded and enjoyable place. Individuals frequently come here to relish good local cuisine, participate in some sport like volleyball, sunbathe, swim, or just relax. On the weekends, the place feels like there’s a festival happening but it nevertheless is very captivating.

Location: CantabriaHow to reach there: local transport

3. Playa de Bolonia

Playa de Bolonia

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This is one of the finest beaches near Madrid region but you need a ferry or a private jet to reach this beach. Playa de Bolonia is off the coast and a very isolated beach. It is inhabited by a local tribe and it caught attention very recently. People who can afford a ferry or private jets usually go here to escape the city’s chaos and have a pleasant fishing trip with family or friends. The beach also has some famous Roman ruins that one can explore. You can also try your hand at kite-surfing at this beach as the wind current is very intense.

Location: TarifaHow to reach there: Ferry or Private Jet

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4. Playa de Gulpiyuri

Playa de Gulpiyuri

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If you’ve been searching for Madrid beaches and haven’t found one nearby, try looking for Playa de Gulpiyuri. This beach never disappoints anyone and has a very distinctive landscape. Instead of facing the ocean, the water faces a mountain cliff and the water comes from a naturally formed tunnel. However, you can only enjoy here when the tides are high.

Location: AsturiasHow to arrive: local transportation

5. The Shell Beach

La Concha Beach

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This is one of the finest beaches nearest to Madrid due to its lively atmosphere. The beach offers everything from excellent cuisine and beverages to aquatic sports and even spots to relax or sunbathe! There are also a few artificial platforms in the ocean that are utilized for diving and snorkeling. The Santa Clara Island is very near to the beach and is a must-visit for all art and architecture enthusiasts.

Location: San SebastianHow to arrive: local transportation

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6. Cape of Creus

Cap de Creus

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This is one of the greatest beaches near Madrid that provides an excellent opportunity to explore various footpaths. If you enjoy strolling and discovering caves, rock formations, and similar places, then you should visit this beach. It resembles a natural reserve and has a very invigorating impact on individuals.

Location: Costa BravaHow to arrive: local transportation

7. Alberche Beach

Alberche Beach

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Alberche Beach is one of the distinct beaches near Madrid and attracts hundreds of visitors daily. The place is reputed to have the most favorable water currents for swimming, aquatic sports such as diving, surfing, and even fishing. You can effortlessly rent a boat for sailing and have a joyful day in the midst of the sea.

Location: AvilaHow to reach: public transportation

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8. Cadaques


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The route to the beach is equally fascinating as the beach itself. The path is adorned with Olive groves and tiny white houses that are extremely picturesque. Cadaques is a small fishing village on the shoreline, which has recently gained great popularity. For those who enjoy spending a relaxed day at the beach, this is the ideal destination.

Location: Costa BravaHow to reach: public transportation or ferry

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9. La Malvarrosa Beach

La Malvarrosa Beach

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This is one of the nearest beaches to Madrid airport. Since Madrid does not have any beaches, the nearest city is Valencia. You can reach Valencia from Madrid in approximately 1 hour by train. La Malvarrosa is the best choice as it is the closest beach to Valencia city. It is relatively convenient to reach from the train station.

Location: ValenciaHow to reach: train

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And, you thought there were no beaches around Madrid. If you ever feel the desire to sunbathe by the ocean or play in the sea, then you now know where to go. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and other beach essentials. Your vacation would be incomplete without visiting the beaches near Madrid or in the vicinity. So, personalize yourjourney with TravelTriangle for a seamless experience!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Madrid’s Beaches

Does Madrid Spain have a beach?

The high-speed AVE train connects the closest beach to Madrid, which is in Valencia. This beach is situated at a distance of 40 minutes, and from there, one can hire a taxi to reach the city beach.

Where can one go swimming near Madrid?

There are several locations in Madrid where individuals can go for a swim – 1. Complutense University 2. Centro Deportivo Municipal Casa de Campo

3. Las Presillas

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