Enhance Your Travel Experience with 12 Simple Indonesian Expressions

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Enjoying your travels is enhanced by acquiring as many new languages as possible. “Please” and “Thank You” should be regarded as the absolute minimum. It is your responsibility to fully immerse yourself in the local culture! And while Indonesian expressions may appear complex to master, we assure you that it doesn’t have to be. With a little practice, you’ll captivate locals in no time.

Indonesian Phrases

12 Simple-To-Recall Indonesian Expressions

Investing time into learning a few fundamental Indonesian words will not only assist you during your journey, but you’ll also make local friends and be regarded more favorably compared to those who are loudly shouting in their native tongues. Familiarize yourself with the most crucial words in the Indonesian language listed below:

Indonesian Phrases 1

1. Kafe – Coffee Shop

Pronounced as: Kah-feFun fact: A majority of coffee shops in Indonesia offer alcoholic beverages on their menu.

Indonesian Phrases 2

2. Oleh-Oleh – Gifts

Pronounced as: Oh-leh-Oh-lehFun fact: You will find gifts like statues, keychains, incense burners, and even bottle openers shaped like the male reproductive organ all over Indonesia.

Indonesian Phrases 3

3. Nasi – Grain

Pronounced as: Naa-seFun fact: Indonesians don’t consider it a meal if there is no rice on the table!

Indonesian Phrases 4

4. Pedas – Fiery

Pronounced as: Puh-dah-assFun fact: Sambal — a spicy chili sauce — is served with every dish in Indonesia.

Indonesian Phrases 5

5. Restroom – Washroom

Indonesian Phrases 6

Pronounced as: Ress-troomFun fact: In local eateries, it is common to use toilet paper as serviettes.

6. Tasty – Delectable

Pronounced as: Eh-nakFun fact: Burping is not considered impolite and is often seen as a gesture of enjoying a scrumptious meal. Therefore, Indonesians usually don’t apologize after burping.

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