Embarking on a Maldives Cruise in 2023 – A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Timers!

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Maldives cruises offer an exquisite selection of over-water villas, azure waters, powdery beaches, flourishing verdure, and so on and so forth. Weary of such banal depictions of the Maldives? What if we disclose that we have discovered a superior approach to make your journey to the Maldives more captivating? That’s correct! We are referring to captivating Maldives tour packages that encompass a cruise to the Maldives, surpassing the cerulean skies, shore excursions, and the profound waters.

Maldives cruises 2023 bestow something truly remarkable to all the intrepid explorers planning a vacation to this destination! As thrilling as it may sound, we are quite certain that not all of your inquiries have been resolved yet. Hence, whether you have been delaying your cruise expedition or are contemplating embarking on one, here is an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions that often confound all travelers when it comes to a cruise, particularly a cruise from India to the Maldives.

Fascinating Facts About Traveling on a Cruise to the Maldives

Individuals will have the opportunity to revel in an unforgettable holiday in the Maldives, for its magical collection of 1000 islands. Visitors will experience a sojourn on a cruise ship that defines the true essence of opulence and adventure. Uncovering the idyllic islands with breathtaking underwater marvels and serene sandy havens on a cruise to the Maldives will provide another astonishing experience for visitors to this heavenly destination.

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Reasons for Opting for a Cruise to the Maldives

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Before making plans, it is imperative to comprehend what makes the Maldives cruise trip so exceptional. No! It is undoubtedly the finest means to explore the hidden treasures of this tropical paradise, making it the ultimate way to navigate the Maldives with ease. Moreover, it is not only cost-effective but also saves a considerable amount of time and energy for travelers. Whether you opt for a deluxe cruise or a catamaran, the most optimal way to venture into the core of the Maldives is via its waterways. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most enthralling entertaining activities in the Maldives.

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Optimal Duration for the Cruise

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To be on a safer side, it is advisable that travelers do not stay on a cruise for more than 5 days, which is quite sufficient for exploring Maldives. Including all the shore excursions and time spent at sea, a maximum of 4 to 5 days would be enough for a cruise ship to Maldives, in order to avoid any kind of sea sickness and to return home without spending too much money. (just kidding)

Whether searching for a Maldives honeymoon plan or interested in a perfect getaway with family and friends, these incredible cruises in Maldives will undoubtedly make your vacation the most unforgettable one!

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Best Time To Go On A Cruise To Maldives

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Are you searching for the best time to visit Maldives? Maldives experiences a tropical climate comprising of a dry season and a wet season. Among the two, the dry season, which spans from November to April, is considered the ideal season to experience the true charm of Maldives as well as to embark on a Maldives cruise from India. The dry season is the best time to enjoy a cruise, as the humidity is relatively low with minimal rainfall. Therefore, the weather remains clear for shore excursions and smooth sailing, making it a great time to visit Maldives by cruise. So choose from our list of cruise packages from India to Maldives during these months only.

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How Much Does A Maldives Cruise Trip Cost From India?

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The prices of cruise packages from India to Maldives depend on the departure location, the duration of the traveler’s stay on the cruise, and the type of cruise they have chosen. The Maldives cruises primarily depart from either Mumbai or Kochi, which are the major ports in India. So you can plan either a cruise to Maldives from Mumbai or from Kochi. With options ranging from luxury to budget, the average price for a package from India to the Maldives cruise starts at INR 31,000 per person. This price does not include taxes, port fees, and other additional charges for personal expenses which are not included in the package.

Jalesh Cruise

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Finest Voyages To Maldives

There are two ways to discover Maldives on a voyage. Either embark on a voyage directly from India to Maldives, or take a flight to Maldives and then commence your selected voyage packages from India to Maldives. In either of these instances, you can either opt to board a large-size voyage which are the most favored for international destinations from India, or, you can also choose to board a catamaran voyage which is the most convenient to explore Maldives at its finest, and for island hopping. However, make your voyage experience in Maldives, an unforgettable one with some of the finest India to Maldives voyage are as follows:

  • Costa Voyage Lines – Costa NeoClassica
  • Noble Caledonia – MS Island Sky (ZE)
  • Louis Voyage – MV Aquamarine
  • Jalesh Voyage

1. Costa Voyage Lines – Costa NeoClassica

Opulence on budget is what Costa Voyage Lines offers with its fleet of astonishing ships. Presenting the finest of shore excursions across the globe, distinctive experiences, and eco tours, Costa Voyage Lines is one of the finest voyage lines to relish a voyage to Maldives as well. The voyage line of Costa neoClassica offers three itineraries to Maldives: Kochi to Male for 3 nights, Mumbai to Male enroute New Mangalore and Kochi for 7 nights, and Male to Mumbai enroute Colombo and Mormugao for 7 nights.

Average Price: Beginning from INR 24,800 per person on double-sharing basis

Recommended Voyage: 8D/7N Mumbai to Male – priced at INR 49,300 per person on double-sharing basis

Route: Mumbai – New Mangalore – Kochi – Male

Capacity: 1,308 passengers

Inclusions: Accommodation in lavish cabins, nourishment and beverages, snacks and special menus at culinary events conceived by Chef Bruno Barbieri, onboard entertainment, access to pools, jacuzzis, and special arenas, gym and aerobics with an instructor, port taxes, and more.

Exclusions: Additional room services, spa and wellness, casino on-board, shore excursions chosen by travelers, special beverage packages, onboard gratuity, other services such as photographer, laundry, and more.

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2. Noble Caledonia – MS Island Sky (ZE)

Specializing in small-sized voyage ships, Noble Caledonia offers one of the finest cruising experiences from the Arctic to the great waters of French Polynesia. For those who are looking forward to making their voyage trip to Maldives experience a rewarding one, will undoubtedly be greeted with the warm hospitality of the well-experienced staff on one of the famous vessels of MS Island Sky (ZE). Being small in size and offering just 59 spacious suites designed to perfection, Island Sky offers ultimate privacy minus the crowd.

Mean Price: Commences from INR 3,00,000 per individual on a dual-sharing basis.

Highly Recommended Cruise: 16-day Mumbai to Male – price available upon request.

Path: Mumbai – Goa – Mangalore – Kochi – Trivandrum – Colombo – Kandy – Galle – Uligamu – Baa Atoll – Olhahali Island – Male.

Capability: 114 occupants.

Inclusions: Lodging, meals and drinks, land excursions, on-board entertainment, room service, health and wellness center, supplementary amenities, port taxes, and more.

Exclusions: Travel insurance, on-board gratuity, and other taxes.

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3. Louis Cruise – MV Aquamarine

The subsequent entry on our roster is the finest cruise from Cochin to Maldives in 2019. With an experience of over 70 years in the realm of tourism, Louis Cruises represents the Indian branch of the European organization known as the Louis Group. Aside from a fleet of 12 deluxe cruises, Louis Group also encompasses more than 20 luxurious hotels in Cyprus and Greece. With the introduction of the upscale cruise ship MV Aquamarine, Louis Cruises now presents exceptional holiday adventures between Kochi, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Lakshadweep. Reserve their cruises to Maldives for a sensational vacation.

Mean Price: Commences from INR 20,000 per individual on a dual-sharing basis.

Highly Recommended Cruise: 4D/3N Cruise From Kochi To Maldives.

Path: Kochi – Maldives – Kochi.

Capability: 1,200 occupants.

Inclusions: Stateroom lodging, 05 complimentary meals per day at specified restaurants, Avalon Dining Room, Bistro Buffet, Lido Buffet, Swimming pool & Fitness facilities, Evening galas & Disco, On-board entertainment, and Library & Card room.

Exclusions: Duty-Free & Travel Value Shops, Land excursions, Bar Drinks, Beverages of any kind, Spa & Massage, Beauty Salon, Telephone, Personal expenses.

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4. Jalesh Cruise

Image SourceIf you desire to encounter a first-rate Cochin to Maldives cruise that indulges you ceaselessly and entails sumptuous meals, then you can choose the Jalesh Cruise excursions. You will spend 7 nights at sea and dock at Mangalore and Kochi before commencing your journey to Malé in the Maldives, and to be honest, your Maldives cruise from India couldn’t be any better! Besides all meals, you can relish the exceptional facilities of this immense vessel, such as a casino, two exceptional restaurants, seven bars, two pools, jacuzzis, a sprawling shopping center, as well as a theater, all at a very reasonable price. You can also opt for the Mumbai to Maldives cruise route in this selection, which is available via Colombo and Goa.

Mumbai Marine Drive

Average Cost: Beginning from INR 25,000 per individual on double-sharing basisRecommended Voyage: 8D/7N Mumbai to Male – priced at INR 25,000 per individual on double-sharing basisCourse: Mumbai – Mangalore – Kochi – Male | Mumbai – Goa – Colombo – MaleCapacity: 1,300 travelersInclusions: Lodging in lavish lodges, all suppers, on-board amusement, access to pools, jacuzzis, bars, shopping focus, theater, port charges, and that’s just the beginning.Exclusions: Extra space administrations, tips and tips, spa and health, shore outings picked by explorers, unique drink bundles, different administrations, for example, picture taker, clothing, and that’s just the beginning.

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From Where Does The Cruise To Maldives Depart?

Source of ImagePlanning to have an extraordinary encounter of cruise in Maldives? There are two significant ports in India from where the voyage ships leave for the worldwide voyage visit to Maldives, specifically, Mumbai and Kochi. Which implies that these travels likewise give you an extraordinary opportunity to see all the tourist attractions in Mumbai and Kochi other than taking you to the tropical paradise of Maldives. The other ports are that of Chennai and Visakhapatnam yet starting at now, just two ports fill in as the withdrawing port for a global journey to Maldives:

  • Mumbai to Male: This course may incorporate different spots, for example, Goa, New Mangalore, Trivandrum, Colombo, Uligamu, until the voyage arrives at Male.
  • Kochi to Male: This course may incorporate different spots, for example, Kochi Fort, Trivandrum, Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Uligamu, Baa Atoll, and Olhahali Island.

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Notable Attractions On The Cruise From India

A portion of the significant fascination on a journey to Maldives from India are Cave sanctuaries of Elephanta Island, Mumbai city visit, Marine Drive, Landscapes, houses of worship in Goa, Panjim city visit, espresso manors, and Jain sanctuary visit in Mangalore. Different attractions incorporate Kumbalangi town visit, Cinnamon Island Dhonveli, holy places and conduits of Kochi, elastic estates in Trivandrum, elephant haven in Kandy, strongholds and exhibitions in Galle, and the sky is the limit from there.

Experiences to Enjoy on a Cruise to Maldives

One of the finest and essential experiences for a traveler on a cruise to Maldives from India are a historical stroll in Mumbai, a city excursion in Udupi, backwater voyage in Kochi, and an elephant trek in Kandy. Other exceptional experiences include beachcombing in Maldives, sightseeing in Male, snorkeling in Uligamu, exploring the abundant coral reef at Baa Atoll, and meandering along the velvety white sand beaches of Olhahali Island. Cruising to Maldives is the ultimate way for couples to discover the top islands in Maldives for honeymoon. A cruise in Maldives is an adventure that must not be missed while vacationing here!

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Planning your vacation in Maldives but unsure about what to do? These Maldives travel tales assist you in finding your ultimate journey!

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