Embark on a Plethora of Delightful Activities in 2023 and Immerse Yourself in Bhutan, the World’s Happiest Nation!

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Embark on an exhilarating journey to the awe-inspiring mountains, uncover the vibrant villages, find solace in tranquil monasteries, and delve into the history of the dzongs—Bhutan offers a plethora of astonishing experiences that will leave you captivated. Visitors to the “happiest country in the world” are enticed by its natural splendor, ancient monasteries, colorful festivals, and the warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people.

So, are you prepared for the ultimate escapades that await you in Bhutan? Let’s dive in!

The Finest 30 Activities to Engage in Bhutan

Bhutan, the beautiful neighboring nation of India, has something in store for everyone; it entices families, friends, and hundreds of bikers and solo travelers each year. As a rare place on our planet, Bhutan boasts a remarkable absence of commercialization, making it a perfect destination to visit. It is primarily due to the fact that travelers have an abundance of attractions and activities to explore in Bhutan.

  • Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest) – Embark on a Thrilling Trek
  • Trongsa Dzong – Immerse Yourself in Bhutan’s Rich History
  • Bumthang Valley – Discover the Eastern Switzerland
  • Trashiyangtse – Hike Through this Heavenly Paradise
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries – Engage in Bird Watching
  • Punakha & Semtokha Dzongs – Witness Ancient Art Come to Life
  • The Memorial Stupa – Rediscover Your Inner Self
  • Bhutanese Cuisine – Savor the Delectable Delicacies
  • Shopping – Explore the Local Stores of Bhutan
  • Changlimithang Archery Ground – Try Your Hand at Archery
  • River Rafting – Indulge Your Adventurous Spirit
  • Kayaking – Embark on a New Adventure
  • Suspension Bridge – Capture Breathtaking Images
  • Wildlife Safari – Explore Bhutan’s Diverse Wildlife
  • Fishing – Go on a Fishing Expedition
  • Mountain Biking – Thrill Yourself with an Adventure Ride
  • Attend Festivals – Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Extravaganza
  • Dochula Pass – A Destination Filled with Auspiciousness
  • Camping – Experience the Magic of Camping
  • Cycling – Pedal Your Way to Perfection
  • Enjoy The Hot Springs – Indulge in Ultimate Wellness
  • Horse Riding – Embark on a Grand Journey on Horseback
  • Tour The Museums – Enhance Your Knowledge of the Culture
  • Haa Valley – Trek Through Lush Forests
  • Trek To Dagala Trail – Discover the Beauty of this Serene Destination
  • Rock Climbing – Unleash the Adventurer in You
  • Hot Spring Therapy – Rejuvenate Your Soul
  • Bird Watching – Explore the Abundance of Wildlife
  • Chele La Pass – A Spectacular Area Awaits

Prayer flags fluttering at Taktsang monastery

1. Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest) – Embark on a Thrilling Trek

Hiking to Taktsang monastery in Paro, famously known as the Tiger’s Nest, is one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Bhutan. After being ravaged by fire, the monastery was reconstructed in 1998. Standing tall at an elevation of 9480 ft above the ground, it beckons trekkers to traverse its rocky and winding trail.

The Taktsang Cafeteria serves as the sole rest stop along the way, offering delectable vegetarian Bhutanese cuisine. As you embark on your trek, you will be accompanied by vibrant prayer flags, the soothing sounds of prayer wheels, and a mesmerizing view of the Paro Valley. It is advisable to begin your trek early, as the monastery closes promptly at 1:00 pm.

Duration of the trek: Approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Trongsa Dzong

Suitable for: Beginners.

Important information: Please note that cameras, phones, lighters, and backpacks are not permitted inside the monastery. These items can be deposited at the entrance. Additionally, kindly remove your shoes before entering the altar.

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2. Trongsa Dzong – Discover the Historical Roots of Bhutan

If you have a penchant for exploring historical landmarks, one of the must-visit tourist spots in Bhutan is Trongsa Dzong, the ancestral residence of the Royal Family. Erected approximately 463 years ago during the tenure of Trongsa Penlop Chogyal Minjur Tempa, this fortress occupies a remarkable position overlooking the Mangde river. It has borne witness to numerous momentous events that have shaped the kingdom’s history.

While exploring Trongsa Dzong, be sure to explore its 24 chapels and visit the museum housed within the watchtower. The intricate corridors, enchanting courtyards, and stone staircases will transport you back in time.

Opening hours: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Recommended duration of visit: 2 hours.

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3. Bumthang Valley – Unveiling the Delights of the East

Bumthang monastery and mountains surrounded by clouds

One of the top experiences in Bhutan is embarking on the Bumthang Cultural Trek, which allows you to delve deeper into the captivating beauty of the Bumthang valley. This cultural trek offers breathtaking views of monasteries, temples, and charming villages, where you can immerse yourself in warm hospitality. Until the 1970s, access to this area was limited to muddy trails and mule transportation.

Nestled amidst the mist, the Ura Valley is a hidden gem within Bumthang. The picturesque villages, dotted with closely clustered houses, potato fields, and sheep pastures, provide the ideal backdrop for a leisurely photo walk.

In addition to awe-inspiring mountains and natural wonders, Bumthang valley boasts some of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bhutan. It is here that Buddhism was first introduced, and it is the birthplace of the revered saint Pema Lingpa. To explore the rich spiritual heritage of this region, refer to the article “Temples in Bhutan.”

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4. Trashiyangtse – Embark on an Enchanting Journey

Paddy fields and villages in Trashiyangtse

If you find yourself enchanted by nature, a trip to Trashiyangtse will surely captivate your senses. This district, established in 1992 as an independent entity, is nestled amidst a picturesque river valley, making it an ideal destination for leisurely strolls in the rural landscapes. One of the must-visit attractions in Bhutan is the renowned and sacred Chorten Kora, located by the serene Kulong Chu River in Trashiyangtse.

Trashiyangtse also serves as a starting point for explorations of nature reserves, paper workshops, wood carving, and monasteries. If you have an interest in ornithology, embark on a long and refreshing hike to the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the migratory Black-necked Cranes from Tibet during the winter months. Bomdeling is also renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship in wood carving.

Optimal time to visit Trashiyangtse: Late October to mid-February when the Black-necked Cranes grace Bhutan with their presence.

A blue feather bird in Bhutan

5. Sanctuaries for Wildlife – Indulge in Avian Observations

The kingdom of Bhutan is a utopia for bird enthusiasts, with bird-watching ranking among the top attractions in the country. This nation is a sanctuary for various avian species, including the majestic Himalayan Monal, the striking Rufous-necked Hornbill, the elegant Black-necked Crane, the enchanting Ward’s Trogon, and the graceful Snow Pigeon. Behold the delightful melodies of the avian choruses as you witness their colorful plumage take flight across the sky.

Numerous professional guides are available to accompany you on a mesmerizing bird-watching expedition through the enchanting sanctuaries. Some of the protected areas in Bhutan, such as the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, Jigme Dorji National Park, Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Adjoining India’s World Heritage, and Thrumshingla National Parks, are home to migrating and endangered bird species.

Permit requirement: Although Bhutan welcomes tourists, access to certain areas is restricted. To explore these regions, you will need a special permit from the Bhutanese government. Your tour guides will assist you in obtaining the necessary authorization.

Ancient Art of Bhutan

6. Punakha & Semtokha Dzongs – Witness Living Testaments of Ancient Art

Bhutan places great importance on the preservation of its culture, with art being a significant component. The art of Bhutan is deeply rooted in religion and adheres to a distinct style that remains consistent. Rather than focusing on innovation, Bhutanese craftwork upholds traditional values. The heart of their culture lies within their art and craftsmanship.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Bhutanese art and craftsmanship, one must embark on a tour of the various dzongs in the kingdom, including the remarkable Punakha Dzong and Semtokha Dzong. For any art enthusiast, a self-guided tour of these sites is an absolute must-do activity in Bhutan.

People exploring The Memorial Stupa

Things to keep in mind: Dzongs hold great symbolic significance in religious and secular affairs, therefore visitors should dress modestly.

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7. The Memorial Stupa – Discover Your Inner Self

For those seeking tranquility, a visit to The Memorial Stupa is an ideal choice. Built in 1974 in memory of the third king, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, this stupa is one of Bhutan’s most captivating attractions. Adorned with a radiant finial, intricately carved sculptures of deities, and vibrant paintings, it exudes an aura of unparalleled serenity. Hermit monks and devout Buddhists often retreat to the mountains for months to engage in deep meditation.

Bhutanese Cuisine

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8. Bhutanese Cuisine – Relish the Tantalizing Delights

When one thinks of Bhutan, the mind conjures images of various non-vegetarian dishes offered in small, cozy cafes. While it is true that there is a wide range of non-vegetarian cuisine available, there are also plentiful options for vegetarians. One such staple food in Bhutan is Datshi, which can be prepared in various forms. The most renowned version is Ema Datshi, made with cheese, chilies, vegetables, and pepper.

To experience the diverse flavors and textures of Bhutanese cuisine, be sure to visit the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant (Thimphu), Zombala and Bukhari at Uma by COMO (Paro), Ambient Cafe (Thimphu), Galingkha (Thimphu), and Chig-ja-gye at Taj Tashi (Thimphu). These establishments are among the finest restaurants in Bhutan.

Shopping in Bhutan

Embarking on a local food tour is highly recommended and ranks among the top activities to indulge in while visiting Bhutan.

9. Shopping – Unveil the Treasures of Bhutan’s Local Stores

Norzin Lam, the main street of the city, is adorned with hotels, cafes, stalls, and shops, making it one of the best places to shop in Bhutan. Here, you can find an array of items, from embroidered boots to handmade paper. Carpets, silverware, colorful masks, jewelry, hand-woven bamboo products, and wooden items are some of the excellent buys in Bhutan. The bustling market also provides fantastic photo opportunities for tourists, explorers, and photographers alike.

Archery competition in Bhutan

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10. Changlimithang Archery Ground – Experience the Art of Archery

When in Bhutan, immerse yourself in the exhilarating archery competitions, which not only serve as one of the top attractions but also embody the national sport. As you traverse the scenic landscapes of Bhutan, you’ll encounter vibrant gatherings of men adorned in their traditional attire, eagerly taking turns to release their arrows.

These archery contests captivate numerous enthusiasts, while competitions ensue between various towns, villages, and amateur teams. It is a mesmerizing window into the rich tapestry of their culture.

river rafting

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11. River Rafting – Embrace Your Adventurous Spirit

In contrast to the typical rushing currents of river rafting, Bhutan offers a delightful experience of gliding down the river, providing a panoramic view of the lush foliage, rare avian species, azure skies, and crystalline waters. The ideal time to engage in this activity is post-monsoon season when the water flow heightens, making October and November the prime months for planning your adventure.


Location: Po Chu River and Mo Chu River

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12. Kayaking – Embrace a New Quest

Beyond the realm of exhilarating whitewater river rafting, Bhutan beckons adventure seekers to explore the realm of kayaking. With six rivers offering abundant opportunities for water sports enthusiasts and novice kayakers alike, you have the liberty to choose the intensity of the current you desire, ranging from gentle to formidable.

suspension bridge in bhutan

Location: Near Paro Valley and Punakha ValleyDuration: March-April, October, November

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13. Suspension Bridge – Capture Breathtaking Images

Located near Punakha Dzong, indulge in the enchanting beauty of one of Bhutan’s longest suspension bridges. Framed by the majestic mountains of Bhutan, the entire ambiance of the suspension bridge is a sight to behold for nature enthusiasts. You will be astonished to witness the bridge’s steadfastness, undeterred by even the slightest tremor, despite its significant length.

Wildlife Safari

Location: Punakha, Bhutan

14. Wildlife Expedition – Embrace the Rich Fauna of Bhutan

Image Courtesy: Charles J Sharp for Wikipedia

Bhutan is a magnificent Asian destination that boasts an exceptional array of flora and fauna within its lush forests. Embark on a wildlife expedition to witness captivating creatures like black bears, golden langurs, Asiatic lions, tigers, and a diverse bird population. Choose a wildlife safari for a leisurely and immersive experience with these animals.


Location: Forests along the Mo Chhu River

Duration: April-June, September-November

15. Angling Adventure – Embrace the Thrill of Fishing

A Biker

Unveil a fascinating facet of Bhutan as you indulge in the exhilarating activity of fishing. Bhutan is home to numerous species of fish, with brown trout and snow trout being the most common ones. Obtain a fishing permit and venture to one of the prime fishing spots to cast your line and try your luck.

Location: Thimpu Valley, Bumthang Valleys, and Paro Valley

Duration: March-May, September-November

16. Off-Road Biking – Revel in the Thrills of Mountain Motorbiking

Bhutan’s enchanting terrain, encompassing valleys and mountains, is endowed with well-maintained roads that beckon adventurous souls to indulge in off-road biking. Whether you choose to ride solo or as a group, it is advisable to have a knowledgeable guide accompany you on this foreign escapade. Explore the heights of this mesmerizing realm, immerse yourself in its rich flora and fauna, and savor the tantalizing local cuisine. Enjoy the thrill of mountain motorbiking at incredible destinations such as Punakha Valley, Phobjikha Valley, Khotokha Valley, Dobji Dzong, and many more.

A Bhutanese Costume Festival

17. Immerse Yourself in Festivals – Embrace Cultural Discovery

Discovering a country’s culture through its festivals is an enriching experience that brings immense joy. Therefore, we highly recommend exploring the vibrant festivals in Bhutan as one of the top Bhutan travel tips. These festivities celebrate Bhutan’s heritage and culture, blending vibrancy, happiness, and opulence to provide a unique way of experiencing the country. Don’t you agree that cultural exploration should be at the top of your Bhutan to-do list?

View Of The Rinpung Dzong

Some notable Bhutanese festivals include the Thimphu Tsechu Festival, Haa Summer Festival, Matsutake Festival, Ura Yakchoe, Jomolhari Mountain Festival, and many more.

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18. Uncover Spiritual Splendor at the Rinpung Dzong

The Rinpung Dzong, a magnificent Buddhist monastery and fortress located in the Paro district of Bhutan, is the ideal destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. When pondering about what to do in Bhutan, look no further than this remarkable Dzong. Erected in 1646, its name translates to ‘the Fortress on a mound of Precious Gems’, evoking grandeur, harmony, and grace that instill a profound sense of spirituality within you.

Within the Dzong, you can marvel at numerous fascinating sights, such as the revered Thogdel, the prayer hall adorned with captivating murals, intricate wooden wall designs, and breathtaking panoramic views of the Paro valley. The valley itself boasts a picturesque town and several other Dzongs, making it an ideal destination for a 3 to 4-day getaway in Paro. For a humble stay, consider opting for one of the best homestays in Paro.

Dochula Pass in Bhutan

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19. Venture to the Auspicious Dochula Pass

Situated at a lofty elevation of 3,100 meters above sea level, the Dochula Pass in Bhutan is a mountain pass that lies along the road connecting Thimpu and Punakha. If you possess an adventurous spirit, embarking on a trek or hike through this passage is undoubtedly one of the finest things to do in Bhutan. Along the way, you will encounter the magnificent 108 memorial chortens, also known as the “Druk Wangyal Chortens,” adding a touch of auspiciousness to your journey.

Camps in a Jungle

Uncover the allure of the Dochula Pass for an extraordinary experience enveloped in breathtaking splendor. Delight in a panoramic 360-degree spectacle of the majestic Himalayas, with the awe-inspiring Gangkar Puensum standing tall as the highest peak in Bhutan. Revel in the ethereal beauty of one of the world’s most stunning mountain passes. Immerse yourself in the wonders that await at the remarkable Druk Wangyal Lhakhang temple and Bhutan’s inaugural Royal Botanical Park.

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20. Embrace Outdoor Adventure: Create Memories Camping

Indulge in the idyllic charm of Bhutan, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. With a plethora of captivating destinations, camping stands out as one of the premier activities to truly immerse in the surrounding scenery. Picture a bonfire crackling under a golden sunset, accompanied by the melodies of local music and delectable cuisine, all while your beloved companion sits by your side. The enchanting rivers that flow through the landscape offer the perfect opportunity for fishing and boating adventures during your remarkable camping escapade in Bhutan.

Cycling In Mountains

Some top-notch camping sites to awaken your adventurous spirit in Bhutan include Phobjikha Falls, Bumthang valley, Punakha, Limukha, Tingtibi, and Gangtey valley. So, where does your heart long to set up camp amidst these remarkable locations?

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21. Embrace the Thrill of Cycling

Whether you are a visitor or a local, cycling promises an exhilarating and leisurely experience. In the mystical land of Bhutan, adorned with valleys, rivers, and mountains, exploring on two wheels unveils a truly unforgettable journey. Embark on a voyage that unveils the endless Himalayan roads, pristine air, and enchanting Buddhist temples that grace every corner of the country. Cycling in Bhutan provides a rejuvenating adventure through winding paths, mountain passes, and hidden ravines, leading you toward charming towns.

Hot Springs

The valleys of Bhutan, specifically Paro, Jigme Dorji National Park, Punakha, and Thimphu, offer the ideal settings to partake in this exhilarating activity in Bhutan. Embark on noteworthy cycling routes such as Thimphu to Jangchhub Lam, Haa to Paro, Thimphu to Yandren Lam, and many more, each offering breathtaking vistas.

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22. Surrender to Ultimate Wellness: Discover the Splendor of Hot Springs

The locals have embraced the hot springs as a beloved therapy for centuries, offering tourists the opportunity to indulge in rejuvenating treatments. Known as “Tshachus,” these hot springs possess medicinal qualities that alleviate conditions such as arthritis and bodily discomfort. During the winter months, it is a customary tradition for locals to immerse themselves in the soothing waters of these hot springs.

Some People Horse Riding Across a Stream

In Bhutan, one of the top attractions is partaking in the natural health therapy provided by these hot springs. However, it is crucial to thoroughly research and verify their benefits before venturing to these locations. Some hot springs in Bhutan, like Gasa Tshachu, Dhur Tshachu, Chuboog Tshachu, and Duenmang Tshachu, offer breathtaking views of their surroundings, nestled near the banks of rivers.

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23. Embark on a Majestic Journey with Horse Riding

After perusing this extraordinary list, you may find yourself wondering what to do in Bhutan. Fear not! Opting to explore Bhutan on horseback will provide you with an unforgettable experience and uncover the finest destinations along the way. The magnificent Himalayan trails lead you through ancient trade routes, picturesque lakes, majestic mountains, and charming locations.

One exemplary route for horse riding is the Druk Path Trekking, which spans between Paro and Thimpu. This adventurous endeavor allows you to traverse royal trails on Yueta horses, with the possibility of encountering prominent attractions such as Taktshang Goemba, Punakha Dzong, and Drukgyel Dzong.

View of National Museum of Bhutan

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24. Immerse Yourself in Cultural Knowledge at Museums

One of the notable activities in Bhutan is delving into the rich heritage woven into the fabric of this country. Exploring various museums is an excellent way to accomplish this. By delving into the history, traditions, and religion of the Bhutanese people, you gain insight into their struggles and triumphs. For those passionate about culture, visiting museums in Bhutan provides a fulfilling pastime.

The National Museum of Bhutan, the National Textile Museum, and the Folk Heritage Museum are extraordinary repositories of cultural knowledge that will ignite your inner enthusiast. Additionally, you can embark on a journey to Simply Bhutan, Bhutan Postal Museum, Royal Heritage Museum, and National Handicraft Emporium.

The Lush Green Haa Valley

25. Traverse Dense Forests on a Hike in Haa Valley

Explored monasteries, embarked on a camping trip, and immersed in the festivities, but still pondering on what to do in Bhutan? It’s completely normal to feel that way, but fear not, because the Haa Valley is here to enchant you. Nestled amidst the hills, this exquisite landscape is an essential destination for hiking enthusiasts in Bhutan. Along the hiking trail, you’ll encounter magnificent Buddhist temples, the tranquil Haa Chu riverbed, and a captivating plantation pathway within the valley.

You can plan a delightful 7-8 day excursion and find solace in the splendid guest houses, resorts, and lodges that graciously embrace this serene valley. Your hike will treat you to breathtaking vistas of Paro and Haa, while also providing opportunities for cultural exploration along the way.

26. Dagala Trail Trek – A Scenic Haven

Among the finest activities to indulge in Bhutan is embarking on the picturesque Dagala Lake trail. Adorned with pristine, crystal-clear lakes, this trek unveils mesmerizing views of the majestic Himalayan mountains. As you traverse the trail, you’ll also encounter enchanting Bhutanese villages, where you can immerse yourself in the essence of traditional Bhutanese life. Although the trek may demand some effort, the awe-inspiring landscape makes every step worthwhile.

Location: Genekha Village, Thimphu

Entry fee: None

Time required: 5-6 days

27. Rock Climbing – A Thrilling Adventure

Rock Climbing And Rappelling

For adventure enthusiasts visiting Bhutan, rock climbing offers an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. While it may not top the list of popular activities in Bhutan, rock climbing is truly a soul-stirring escapade for those with physical strength and an adventurous spirit.

Entry fee: Depends on the operator

Time required: 3-4 hours

28. Hot Spring Therapy – Rejuvenate Your Soul

Among the top things to do in Bhutan, indulging in Hot Spring Therapy is an absolute bliss. Also known as “menchus,” these therapeutic springs can be found across various parts of the country. Imbued with medicinal properties, these springs instantly rejuvenate your body and soul. Engage in this delightful activity to enhance your Bhutanese experience.

Hot Springs In Taiwan

Entry fee: Depending on the location

Time required: 2-3 hours

29. Bird Watching – Discover the Rich Fauna

For a truly relaxing experience in Bhutan, indulging in bird watching is a must. Home to numerous national parks and sanctuaries, Bhutan’s landscape is teeming with a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature as you observe the enchanting avian species of Bhutan.

Bird Watching

Entry fee: No entry fee

Time required: As much as you desire

30. Chele La Pass – Revel in Breathtaking Views

Standing tall as one of the highest motorable points in Bhutan, the Chele La Pass offers a majestic experience. Embark on a biking adventure to this awe-inspiring pass, situated at an elevation of 4,000 meters above sea level and nestled between the Haa and Paro valleys. Built in the 1990s, the pass features sharp turns with breathtaking drops, making the journey truly exhilarating.

Chele La Pass

Entry fee: No entry fee

Time required: 3-4 hours

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Bhutan is a place where you’ll encounter hand-painted wall murals, crimson chilies drying in the sun, and cozy cafes at every turn. Immerse yourself in its vibrant culture as you partake in your favorite activities. Plan your vacation to Bhutan and encourage your friends to join you in ticking off this destination from your bucket list. Waste no time, pack your bags, and embark on this unforgettable journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Bhutan

What are the most recommended experiences in Bhutan?

Some of the must-try activities in Bhutan include trekking, immersing in the rich history, exploring the picturesque valleys, hiking, bird watching, visiting monasteries and temples, savoring the local cuisine, indulging in shopping, trying out outdoor sports, and much more.

What is the ideal time to visit Bhutan?

The best time to visit Bhutan is typically between March and May. During this period, the valleys are in full bloom, offering clear views of the Himalayan peaks and favorable conditions for trekking.

Which are the top places to visit in Bhutan?

The top destinations in Bhutan include Thimphu, Paro, Trongsa, Phuentsholing, Manas National Park, Jakar, Dochula, Laya, Jigme Dorji National Park, Trashiyangtse, Gasa, Mongar, and Lhuntse.

How many days should one spend in Bhutan?

For those with limited time, a minimum of 5 days is recommended to explore the major attractions of the country.

What can one buy in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a shopper’s paradise. Popular items to purchase in Bhutan include handicrafts, silver jewelry, hand-woven textiles, wooden items, postal stamps, wooden bowls, Himalayan beads, and more.

What are the must-try dishes in Bhutan?

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor Bhutan’s gastronomic delights, including Ema datshi, Kewa datshi, Shamu datshi, Shakam ema datshi, Shakam paa, Shakam Shukam datshi, Phaksha paa, Sikam paa, and more.

What is Bhutan famous for?

Bhutan has gained fame for its natural beauty, rich culture, heritage, forest conservation efforts, biodiversity, and the warm and welcoming locals.

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