Eleven Most Eerie Locations and Haunted Places Found in Alaska

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Alaska is a haven for both nature and winter sports enthusiasts. While there are numerous locations to witness breathtaking natural wonders, Alaska is also home to many places where you can partake in exhilarating adventures. Among the array of distinct features in this area, one aspect that caught our attention is the presence of ancient structures or mansions plagued by peculiar paranormal phenomena. This article provides a comprehensive account of the top haunted locations in Alaska.

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11 Haunted Locations in Alaska

So, below is a compilation of 11 haunted locations in Alaska that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. Take a look:

1. Silverbow Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Silverbow Inn Bed & Breakfast

This establishment is most renowned for its bakery, established by Gus Messerschmidt in 1898. It also happens to be the oldest bakery in Alaska. The shop’s owner passed away in 1938. Silverbow Inn bed & breakfast is known for its delectable bakery products and attracts numerous customers. People claim to have seen the deceased owner when they visit early in the morning.

Location: Juneau

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2. Hotel Captain Cook

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Hotel Captain Cook

This is a highly esteemed establishment in Alaska where individuals assert to have encountered paranormal phenomena. The hotel staff and management have reported sightings of a lady loitering around the restroom. They have also experienced doors opening and closing by themselves, as well as lights turning on and off. According to locals, the lady is trapped in this place and cannot escape, hence the eerie ambiance.

Location: Anchorage

3. The White House Bed & Breakfast

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This establishment was constructed in the year 1902. Over time it served for a multitude of purposes. It was initially a medical facility, then it transformed into a childcare facility. After a period of time, it was converted into an inn. In the year 1980, this place endured significant destruction caused by a fire. It was subsequently renovated and restored to its former grandeur several years later. Some individuals have claimed to witness a lady who simply remains stationary and gazes over your shoulder. Local residents suggest that she may have been the proprietor of this establishment in the past when this villa functioned as a childcare facility.

Location: Skagway

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4. Golden North Hotel

Golden North Hotel

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It is claimed that this establishment is haunted by a lady whose presence is palpable within and around the edifice. The personnel assert that she is confined to room number 23 on the third floor. It is believed that she once occupied the room with her spouse. He subsequently embarked on a gold-seeking expedition. Meanwhile, this lady contracted pneumonia and tragically, perished. There was no one to provide assistance to her. The local inhabitants of this area assert that they have heard stifled voices and occasionally witnessed an unknown apparition.

Location: Skagway

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Tonsina River Lodge

5. Tonsina River Lodge

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Local residents claim to have witnessed inexplicable incidents occurring at Tonsina River Lodge. People allege to have observed unfamiliar and bizarre occurrences, incapable of being articulated. Additionally, they have encountered unidentified voices that deviated from the ordinary. Only venture to Tonsina River Lodge if you possess the courage to do so.

Gakona Lodge & Trading Post

Location: Copper Center

6. Gakona Lodge & Trading Post

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Gakona Lodge & Trading Post is the most ancient roadhouses in operation in the entire state. Numerous visitors come and stay here on a daily basis. They assert to have heard footsteps not knowing their origin. They also sometimes sensed someone smoking tobacco. However, upon inspection, no one was found smoking anything. This is an extremely old guest house and such anecdotes are prevalent in this location.


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7. Motherlodge Lodge

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In the past, guests used to come and stay at this lodge. It served as an accommodation for individuals who were not permanent residents of this area. Hence, out of the many visitors that arrived and stayed here, some of them allege to have sensed the presence of unidentified and inexplicable entities. They have also heard sounds of knocks on the door, the opening and closing of curtains during the night. They have encountered some peculiar occurrences. Although, recently, this establishment was destroyed in 2015 due to fire.

Motherlodge LodgeTTmain-logo.png

Location: Palmer

8. Westmark Fairbanks Hotel

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This place is an inn where usually the patrons come and stay. Some of the visitors who have stayed here previously assert to have witnessed an uncommon phantasm-like figure. According to the locals, this apparition bears resemblance to a colossal gentleman who typically spends the night in room number 277. The guests lodging here claim to have observed occurrences such as entrances and exits being utilized.


Location: Fairbanks

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9. Hilton Anchorage Hotel

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Hilton Anchorage Hotel is an exceedingly renowned locale in USA. The guests affirm to have observed various extraordinary figures, unaware if they were humans or spirits. They maintain to have heard peculiar sounds of unidentified entities. The second level is deemed to be more peculiar than the remaining portions. The act of opening and closing of entrances and exits, as well as conversing voices, can be perceived. Furthermore, unidentified footsteps can also be detected.

Hilton Anchorage Hotel

Location: Anchorage

10. Van Gilder Hotel

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This establishment was constructed in 1916. It is an exceedingly ancient inn. Some individuals who are natives to this location allege to have glimpsed a lady of unidentified identity. Locals mention that she used to reside here for a certain period. She was in her late fifties and her presence is occasionally felt. Van Gilder Hotel is visited by tourists throughout the year who make the same assertions.


Location: Seward

11. Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites

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As per the locals, individuals who work in and around this place claim to have witnessed unusual figures wandering in the establishment. The recent reports highlight a man who is frequently observed in the elevator or simply walking on the floor and suddenly disappearing into thin air. There are numerous legends surrounding Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites.

Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites

Location: Anchorage

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Alaska is both a paradise and an adventure. The picturesque views that you will encounter here will make you sense the existence of a divine being all around you. However, at the same time, there are certain phenomena that are inexplicably felt by tourists who visit here, which have been labeled as paranormal activities. Make sure to schedule a trip to Alaska soon so that you can visit these haunted locations in Alaska.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Locations In Alaska

Which haunted locations in Alaska are worth visiting for experiencing paranormal phenomena?

There are multiple haunted locations in Alaska where you can experience eerie chills. Here is the list of the top haunted spots: 1. Begich Towers 2. Motherlode Lodge 3. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital 4. Old Jesse Lee Home for Children 5. Badarka Road 6. Red Onion Saloon 7. Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska

8. Nightmute High School

What is the eerie tale behind Hotel Captain Cook?

As per the knowledge of the locals, a woman took her life in one of the hotel’s restrooms in the 1970s. Since then, sightings of a female spirit dressed in a white gown have been reported.

What are the haunted occurrences experienced at Old Jesse Lee Home for Children?

Following an earthquake in 1964, several children lost their lives, and since then, shadowy figures have been sighted by locals. Additionally, the sound of children’s laughter has also been heard, making it one of the top haunted locations in Alaska.

Which are the most haunted hotels in Alaska?

Out of many, these are the renowned haunted hotels in Alaska: 1. Van Gilder Hotel 2. Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites 3. Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center 4. The Hotel Captain Cook 5. Golden North Hotel

6. Tonsina River Lodge

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