Don’t Miss Out on San Francisco’s Top 11 Haunted Locations and Spookiest Spots!

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San Francisco is a mountainous city situated at the tip of a peninsula and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side and by the San Francisco Bay on the other. San Francisco is a historically affluent city and has plenty to offer to tourists who are eager to explore. Apart from the usual tourist attractions and activities, if you are seeking some unconventional things to do while you are in the region, we have exactly what you need. Here is a list of 11 eerie places in San Francisco that you must visit when you are in the area for an extraordinary experience.

11 Most Eerie Places in San Francisco

1. Golden Gate Park

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Golden Gate Park

Many tourists and locals have had spooky encounters at the Golden Gate Park. People driving through the Golden Gate Park are pulled over by a Police Officer, despite not committing any violations. When these unsuspecting individuals get out of their vehicles to pay their fines, they are shocked to discover that the officer stated on their ticket passed away years ago. Even the local police station has been and continues to be perplexed by these incidents. If you notice an officer trailing you in the park, simply continue driving or walking outside of the park, and the spirit of the Police Officer will disappear as soon as you leave the park.

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

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2. The Westin St. Francis

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The Westin St. Francis

It is widely believed that the renowned film stars of Hollywood have been haunting Union Square’s St. Francis Hotel for years. The hotel was the location where the famous actor John Barrymore passed away in an earthquake that devastated San Francisco in 1906, as he was sleeping in one of the hotel rooms. Another tale revolves around a gathering that took place in suites 1219 and 1221 hosted by Fatty Arbuckle, a silent film comedian. This extravagant party allegedly spiraled out of control, leading to the sexual assault and murder of Virginia Rappe, an American model and silent film actress. Al Jolson, an American singer, comedian, stage, and film actor also met his demise in the same suite during a poker game in 1950. The hotel staff and guests have reported experiencing the presence of Barrymore, Arbuckle, and Jolson in the corridors of the hotel.

Location: 335 Powell St, San Francisco, California- 94102, USA

3. Queen Anne Hotel

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Queen Anne Hotel

Constructed in the 1890s, the Queen Anne Hotel is situated in close proximity to the Pacific Heights and the Japantown districts. The hotel originated as an educational institution for young girls and served as the residence for an incredibly passionate instructor named Miss Mary Lake. Miss Mary Lake resided in Room number 410 of the school. As education for girls was not easily accessible in the past, the school eventually closed its doors. This closure left Miss Mary heartbroken due to her emotional attachment to the school. She passed away several years later. Numerous visitors have claimed to witness Miss Mary Lake wandering through the hallways and have sensed her presence in her former room. The school has now undergone a transformation, serving as a hotel where you can make reservations and personally experience the eerie atmosphere.

Location: 1590 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94109, USA

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San Francisco Art Institute

4. San Francisco Art Institute

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Positioned near the North Beach and Russian Hill areas, the San Francisco Art Institute was constructed in the 1900s. The intriguing aspect is that this art institute was erected on top of an ancient burial ground. The tower of the building stands as one of the primary haunted locations within the institute. Numerous students, professors, and visitors have reportedly heard piercing screams and heavy footsteps when alone in the institute. Some have even claimed to witness ghostly apparitions from time to time. The construction workers who were laboring on the tower inside the art institute also had unnerving encounters with spirits.

Location: 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, California- 94133, USA

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5. Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake

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One of the most talked about haunted places in San Francisco is the Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake. The Stow Lake is a man-made lake located on the eastern side of Golden Gate Park. The Strawberry Hill is frequently visited by people who come here to hang out and relax or, go boating around the lake. A lot of visitors have reportedly seen a lady in a white dress with long glossy hair and a radiant face, walking around the area. There are two different stories that explain why this peculiar lady wanders about the Stow Lake. Some locals say that the lady was from the 1930s who became pregnant out of wedlock, and to conceal her pregnancy, she disposed of her baby near the Stow Lake and took her own life. Frequent visitors claim that this lady still walks up and down the road looking for her baby. Another story says that the lady who wanders about the street was a mother who was out on a walk with her baby in a stroller but she lost control of the stroller which went tumbling down the road, with the baby in it. The mother entered the lake in a desperate attempt to save her baby but unfortunately, neither of them was found ever again.

Location: Near the center of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA

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Winchester Mystery House

6. Winchester Mystery House

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The San Jose Winchester Mystery House was constructed by the widow of late William Winchester who died from tuberculosis. The Winchester Mystery House is said to be the most haunted house in the world, owing to the apparent curses that were bestowed upon the Winchester family by the spirits of those who were murdered by the rifle magnate, William Winchester. His wife, Sara Winchester sought the assistance of a psychic from the Boston area who told her about the curse and also informed her that she could pacify the spirits by building a massive temple in honor of those spirits. The twist was that the curse could only be kept at bay until the temple was under construction, and the spirits would kill Mrs Winchester as soon as the temple construction was completed. To prevent any accidents, his wife spent the rest of her life constructing the temple until she passed away. A lot of visitors and locals still report supernatural activities and ghostly sightings at the Winchester Mystery House.

Location: Winchester Mystery House, 525 S Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, California- 95128, USA

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