Discovering the Wonders of Japan during the Blissful Summers of July.

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Japan, also recognized by the renowned metaphor, The Land of the Sunrise – is an archipelago nation with nearly two-thirds of mountainous and heavily wooded territory. Such geographical conditions make Japan one of the most densely inhabited places on the planet. 90% of its populace resides in the urban regions with a dense concentration of people in the capital province Tokyo that has gained prominence as the world’s most populous city.

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Read ahead to discover what is there to explore in Japan in July that will make for a pleasant trip in mid-summer.

Climate In Japan In July

Most parts of Japan wait for the arrival of July. In fact, July ushers in the summer season, as the tail-end rains commence diminishing and allowing for a sunny summer to take hold. By that time, temperatures rise to agreeable levels of early 30 degrees Celsius allowing for the enjoyment of outdoor expeditions. Japan in July is warm, humid, and sultry but also a fantastic tropical getaway with family and friends.

Weather In Japan In July

Why You Should Visit Japan in July?

The ice melts and trees will be in full bloom during the month of July. Nature is at its prime during July in Japan. This mid-summer month also guarantees excellent outdoor sightseeing with minimal disruption from adverse weather conditions. That is perhaps one of the primary reasons that Japan in July remains worth exploring and is equally an opportune time for touring. Here are the noteworthy reasons why July is so crucial and worthwhile for exploring Japan:

  • Optimal time to visit the coastlines and revel in the sparkling golden beaches.
  • Premier location for engaging in Scuba diving with awe-inspiring visibility amidst sharks, turtles, and magnificent coral reefs.
  • The exhilarating summer sports featuring elite athletes and gymnasts serve as great incentives for visiting Japan in July.
  • Japan is a land of countless festivals. The summer season witnesses some of the most significant and exceptional festivals in this country. Locally referred to as “matsuri”, a typical festival in Japan is sponsored by a temple or the local community.
  • Gion Matsuri is a month-long festival in Kyoto, the focal point of which is the grand parade of floats. Tenjin Matsuri is a popular festival in Tokyo held on the 24th and 25th of July which culminates in a magnificent fireworks display.
  • It is an excellent time to explore trekking and cycling trails in Japan. The weather is sunny and clear, attracting tourists to Japan in July who engage in long hikes across the mountainous landscapes.

Why You Should Visit Japan in July?

In addition to this, numerous local festivals that showcase vibrant decorations and lively processions contribute to attracting tourists from all over the world. Another factor that draws international tourists to Japan during this month is the availability of affordable airfares and accommodations, as it is considered an off-peak season for tourism in certain contexts.

5 Destinations To Visit In Japan In July

Here are a few locations to discover in Japan in July for a pleasant and rejuvenating experience:

Mount Fuji

1. Mount Fuji

Whether you are a trekker or not, head directly to Mount Fuji to admire its natural beauty. Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s three sacred mountains and stands proudly at an elevation of 3,776 meters above sea level. The hiking trails are highly sought after here. This is a natural wonder that should not be missed during your visit to Japan.

Distance from Tokyo: Approximately 100 kmHow to Reach: By bus or carBest Time to Visit: It takes 5 to 7 hours to ascend and 3 hours to descend. Plan your visit accordingly

2. Izu Peninsula

The Izu peninsula of Japan is home to numerous breathtaking beaches. Shimoda Beach is among the most popular ones and an ideal place to spend a leisurely summer day. Additionally, the beaches offer a range of water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing. Taking a dip in the ocean helps alleviate the summer heat. And while you’re there, nothing is more essential than indulging in the diverse seafood options available – this would make for a complete vacation! 

Distance from Tokyo: Approximately 300 km from TokyoHow to Reach: By car or taxiAccommodation Options: Shimoda Tokyu Hotel; Hotel Rodent Ito and others


3. Hachijojima

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If Tokyo evokes thoughts of a bustling urban city congested for space, reconsider! The metropolis is equally renowned for its various distant yet popular islands, albeit situated 300 km away. A cluster of nine islands, notable among them being the Hachijojima Island – renders it a stunning spot to explore Japan in July.

Distance from Tokyo: Approximately 300 kmHow to Get There: By automobile


4. Karuizawa

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Positioned in the picturesque plateaus of Nagano Prefecture, Karuizawa continues to be the most favored and notable summer destination for globetrotters from all corners of the globe. In close proximity to Mount Asama, this location is recognized and frequently visited for its hiking and walking trails. Lovely cascades embellish the surroundings and serve as an excellent escape for economical vacations in Japan in July.

Distance from Tokyo: By train, it is 126 km and by road, it is 161 kmAccommodation Options: APA Hotel Karuizawa and Karuizawamura Hotel

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5. Hakuba

Although it is a village, the Nagano region’s Hakuba is an excellent destination to visit in Japan in July. Its snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and magnificent hills offer a marvelous picturesque hiking experience to travelers. This place always attracts nature enthusiasts. However, a significant number of travelers prefer to explore it during the month of July.


Distance from Tokyo: Approximately 275 kmHow to Reach: For those on a budget, the bus is the preferred mode of transportation. For travelers who appreciate luxury, the famous bullet train is an excellent choice. It is a 3-hour ride from Tokyo to Nagano Station, and from there, travelers must take a bus to Hakuba village.

5 Things To Do In Japan In July

Japan is truly inundated with festivals during the summer months of July and August. The entire month of July is a time of celebration, with various local communities and temples hosting vibrant festivals accompanied by lively processions and dazzling fireworks.

1. Commemorate The Gion Matsuri

Elaborately celebrated in Kyoto, this festival is a month-long extravaganza in Japan. The highlight of this Matsuri is the elaborate float parade. The float, weighing approximately 12,000 kg, is a sight to behold. Visitors to Japan in July should make it a priority to participate in this colorful and rhythmic parade and dance.

Celebrate The Gion Matsuri

2. Embark On a Hiking Adventure

Hiking enthusiasts will find no better destination than Japan in July. The mountainous landscapes make it an ideal place to lace up your hiking boots and venture out on long or short trails, experiencing the exhilarating rush of adrenaline. One of the finest hiking spots in Japan, Kamikochi in the Northern Japan Alps of Nagano Prefecture, is definitely worth exploring during the mid-summer month.

Go Hiking

3. Observe Sumo Wrestling

Japan is synonymous with Sumo wrestling. Summer sumo festivals are held in the Nagoya region of Japan where thousands of visitors flock. Nagoya welcomes the rush when people keep gathering to witness sumo matches spread over 2 weeks. Here is your opportunity to see what you have only observed in the movies or TV! There simply isn’t any way of enjoying your time while vacationing in Japan.

Witness Sumo Wrestling

4. Watch The Sumidagawa Fireworks

Sumidagawa Fireworks is an annual fireworks festival held on the last Saturday in the month of July. It is conducted in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo and is also conducted as the Japanese tradition of being a competition between the rival pyrotechnic groups. Get mesmerized by the stunning views and reminisce about your childhood memories of a stunning Diwali. The lights, the radiance, and the sound will truly captivate and astonish you!

Watch The Sumidagawa Fireworks

5. Participate In Shinjuku Eisa Festival

Shinjuku Eisa is a popular mid-summer event held in Japan towards the end of the month of July. Both residents and tourists in the town sway to the pulsating music that originated in the Okinawa region of Japan. This is an outstanding way to immerse yourself in the culture of Japan and learn about the customs of the people. A fulfilling experience for you that gets into your head with lots of amusement and delight.

Participate In Shinjuku Eisa Festival

Japan is a land of diverse heritage and rich in culture as well as natural resources. A wonderful destination to visit during the summer season, despite the heat, Japan provides the greatest value for money to all visitors with a warm reception. So, what are you waiting for? Plan an incredible journey to Japan in July to explore the country in its unspoiled conditions. You will undoubtedly have a fantastic time in the country and while you’re there, don’t forget to share your valuable experience with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Japan In July

How will the climate be in Japan in July?

Japan in July is considered to be a sweltering and humid period. With the precipitation receding, nature will be in full bloom during July, allowing tourists to thoroughly enjoy sightseeing.

What type of clothing is necessary for visiting Japan in July?

Due to the summer season, lightweight cotton clothing is recommended for tourists visiting Japan in July. However, it is advisable to carry an ample number of towels for beach visits.

How many days of travel should be planned to explore various locations in Japan?

Generally, a seven-day trip is recommended to cover the significant places in Japan. Numerous package tours are available for a duration of 6 nights and 7 days, ensuring that tourists visit all the prominent attractions in Japan.

What is the cost of touring Japan?

The cost varies depending on the chosen accommodation, but typically ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 100,000 to experience different destinations in Japan during the mid-summer month.

What is the official currency of Japan?

Yen serves as the official currency of Japan. It is advised to convert your local currency to Yen before embarking on your journey to Japan. Currency exchange services are also available at the port of entry and at various foreign exchange dealers in Tokyo.

What modes of transportation are available in Japan?

Japan is well-served by local buses, while bullet trains and regular trains are available for long-distance travel.

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