Discovering London’s Rainy Charms: A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring This Gorgeous City during the Monsoon Season!

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An ode to the Roman times, London is the world-renowned city that is on the must-see list of all travelers. If you are wondering why? It’s quite simple, the city is favored with historical edifices, churches, fortresses, bridges, palaces, and streets bustling with life and travelers from all around the globe. If we discuss the climate, the city appears as stunning as it is in all seasons. Rainy season in London will be exceptional for you if you adore precipitation. The city looks magnificent during this period and you must be prepared with your polaroids to capture it all!

A city with 21st century vibes, London is the ideal destination for all explorers who are intrigued by exploring the European cities. Whether you are a theater aficionado or a food enthusiast, London has a little something for everyone. Even the shopaholics can discover fantastic places in London to indulge and amass mementos from. When the city is so captivating and you are yearning for a break from your daily routine, why not depart right away with this convenient guide for a fantastic rainy season vacation!

James Smith & Sons

Rainy Season In London

The optimal time to visit London completely relies on what kind of person you are. If you adore rainy seasons, then the optimal months to visit London will be from October to December. The rainy season commences in October in London and occasionally extends until January. It rains heavily in the city every month, but December is the rainiest month of the year. London during the rainy season can be truly exhilarating if you are aware of the right things to do there. Take a glance.

6 Things To Do In Rainy Season In London

While it is raining, there are not many activities one can pursue on their trip, which is a common misconception. If you are a fan of rainy seasons and wish to explore London, then here is the list of things you can do during rainy season in London 2023. Take a look!

London Theater View

1. James Smith & Sons: Obtain A Custom-Made Umbrella!

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Let’s commence with the rainy season essential, an umbrella. You can purchase an umbrella from anywhere you desire. The finest place to acquire one would be this 180-year-old shop called James Smith & Sons. They possess a vast range of umbrellas at their Victorian shop on the renowned New Oxford Street. The shop is quite renowned as it has supplied umbrellas to numerous prime ministers in the past.


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Museums & Historical Buildings

2. London Theater: Glimpse From The Backstage

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If you are a theatre enthusiast, then you must visit the renowned playhouses in the city and attend a performance. You can even take a guided tour at these theatres through which you can familiarize yourself with the history of the buildings and details about the actors and actresses. The well-known theatres that you can explore are The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s objectives, and Royal Albert Hall.

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Royal Observatory In london

3. Museums & Historical Structures: A Romantic Encounter With the Past!

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All prepared to delve into the history of London? The famous museums such as the Museum of London, The Natural History Museum, The Geffrye Museum, The British Museum and more will make your trip more thrilling. Visiting London and exploring its historical structures is an absolute necessity. Kensington Palace is one of the ancient buildings which serves as the residence of the British Royal Family. This palace is well-known for its architecture and regal interiors. Remember to check out the Big Ben tower and capture some Instagram-worthy photographs!

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Sea Life London Aquarium View

4. Royal Observatory: A Planetarium Exhibition!

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Perched above the Thames River, Royal Observatory is located in Greenwich and is renowned for its fascinating planetarium exhibitions. You can engage in numerous captivating activities at this observatory. If the weather permits, you can snap a picture at the illustrious Prime Meridian line where the east connects with the west at this observatory. You can also acquire information about the Greenwich Mean Time and observe the historical clocks and timepieces here. The most thrilling activity to partake in is the Planetarium exhibition where you can behold the enchanting world of the planets and stars.

Location: Blackheath Ave, Greenwich, LondonTimings: 10 AM – 5 PM

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Borough Market

5. Sea Life London Aquarium: Explore The Marine Life

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One of the top activities to engage in during the rainy season in London is to get closer to the underwater world. Established in 1997, Sea Life London Aquarium is situated in the Country Hall in London. Observing the captivating existence of the fishes and amphibians and spending your day at this aquarium will revolve around fresh knowledge and experiences. Leave behind the external world as you do not wish to become wet and explore the underwater world in London!

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packing for a trip

6. Borough Market

An impeccable market for all the epicureans, Borough Market in London is essentially the Daddy of all the food markets in the city. There are numerous stalls in this market and these stalls offer the best food items like cheese, meats, bread, olives and more. Try the local bakery items here and go crazy about them. Once you are finished exploring the traditional stalls, head to the cafes and bars situated in the market for a refreshing drink or the finest meals. All the coffee enthusiasts can visit the Monmouth Coffee Company to have their genuine coffee! You can also visit the Vinopolis Piazza situated near the market where you can witness the art installation in the form of umbrellas.

What To Pack For Rainy Season In London?

If you are uncertain about what to wear in the rainy season in London and what other essential things you should pack, here are all your answers. The rainy season in London starts in the months of October and concludes in December, so you should pack lightweight layers and warm clothes as well. The weather can be warm, hot or it can rain. Carry your identification documents and the local currency.

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Exploring London during the rainy season is the ultimate experience you can ever have. There are numerous activities you can engage in London even on a rainy day. Already thrilled to visit the museums and capture some photographs at the magnificent bridges in London? What are you waiting for? Pack all that you can, select this travel guide, plan your holiday in London with TravelTriangle and go embrace the rain in this stunning city!

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