Discovering Greece: An April 2023 Travel Guide to Unveil the Wonders of the Land of the Greek Gods!

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Originally named as the Hellas, Greece is renowned as the land of deities throughout the world. Being one of the sunniest nations on the globe, Greece awaits all those who adore the concept of a spring getaway. If you are the peace-loving types and require a summery trip in a less crowded destination, then Greece is definitely your spot. It is believed that during summers, there are more tourists than the Greek natives in Greece. Head to Greece in April and you will find quite the opposite.

What are the advantages of visiting Greece in April? Budget-friendly accommodations, less-crowded roads, utmost tranquility, and finally the much-needed ‘alone time’. Already smitten by the travel bug? Explore this impeccable guide for an amazing vacation!

Chios In Greece

Climate In Greece In April

April is one of the finest months to visit Greece as it is the time when one can witness how stunning the country appears in the spring season. April brings warmer weather and the average temperature is observed to be 15°C. The maximum temperature observed is 19°C, which is again not that high. You can easily explore Greece during this month as the weather is pleasant due to it being spring season.

Destinations To Explore In Greece In April

Wondering where to go in Greece in April? A residence to many notable cities and islands, Greece has a plethora of places that you can explore on your vacation. Continue reading and peruse further!

Corfu In Greece

1. Chios

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Chios, the fifth largest Greek island is recognized for its whitewashed villages and the tranquil 11th century monastery. This island is famous among the locals as the Mastic Island as it produces mastic on a large scale. Referred to as Homer’s Island, Chios is also frequented by many to witness Mavra Volia, the sole black sand beach in Greece. Another significant spot to visit in spring is the Neo Moni monastery which looks splendidly beautiful in April and you can surely find solace at this monastery.

Attractions: Monastery, Beach

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2. Corfu

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A historical island where all the mythological Greek wars took place, Corfu is an integral part of the country. The meaning of the word ‘Corfu’ is the city of peaks. The peaks mentioned here are of the two peaks of the Palaio Frourio. This island is the second largest Ionian island and holds great mythological significance. The island is also blessed with glistening beaches, charming villages, prominent museums, and a stunning main town. Spend your days exploring this blissful island while interacting with the locals and your spring getaway will become everything you wished for.

Places To Explore: Shorelines, Hamlets, Art Galleries

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3. Patmos

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This petite island in Greece carries immense religious significance. As per Greek mythology, Patmos came into existence due to a Goddess known as Artemis. Brought to life by the Greek God Zeus, Patmos is an astonishing island that you must pay a visit to. Head to renowned shorelines like Vaya, Kampi or Psili Ammos on a sunny day and prepare to fully immerse in the allure of this island. Don’t forget to take a boat ride and explore the nearby locations.

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Orthodox Easter Celebrations In April

4. Athens

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Saved for the last, the finest among the places to explore in Greece in April is the enchanting capital of Greece. Athens appears heavenly during the spring season and you must visit this oldest Greek city in April. Allocate some extra days here and explore the remarkable ancient sites such as the Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum and Agora. If you have a hiking expedition in mind, do venture to the elevated terrain of the Kolonaki district and hike amidst picturesque landscapes surrounded by nature.

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what to pack

Orthodox Easter Celebrations In April

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Your trip in April will be incomplete if you don’t participate in the Orthodox Easter celebrations in Greece. This festival is celebrated on a grand scale and people from all the islands, villages and cities take part in it. There are numerous candlelit street processions and midnight fireworks held across the country. Choose any of the places mentioned in our list and be a part of the captivating celebrations.

Dates: 19 April 2021

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What To Bring?

Contemplating on what attire to pack for Greece In April? Absolutely no need to worry. A laid-back outfit or a pair of jeans with a stylish t-shirt can be worn during the daytime. For the evenings, you can bring a lightweight jacket as the temperature typically drops at night. The only things to remember are to appear presentable and feel comfortable while dressing up in Greece. Other essential items to pack include passport, sunscreen, currency, prescribed medications, and any other items you may anticipate needing for the trip.

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All prepared to attend the festival and explore the top destinations mentioned in this Greece in April Guide? Don’t hesitate or you might miss the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of Greece in April. So, get your bags packed, grab this concise guide, organize your Greece getaway, and depart immediately!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Greece In April

Which are the renowned destinations to explore in Greece in April?

Most individuals prefer to visit some of the most famous locations in Greece, such as Athens, Chios, Corfu, Patmos, and others.

Which is the most significant festival that takes place in April in Greece?

If you visit Greece in April, you will have the opportunity to witness the grand Orthodox Easter celebrations. These celebrations illuminate the entire country with candlelights. If you have the chance to visit Greece during that time, you will also get to witness stunning fireworks.

What is the average temperature of Greece in April?

The average high and low temperature in Greece in April is 19 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius, respectively. You can comfortably explore the country during this month.

What are the items to carry for a journey to Greece in April?

Apart from sunblocks, headwear, travel documents, and permits, you must also pack sets of capris or jean shorts. For the evening, you must also pack some lightweight woollen garments.

Not only is Chios the fifth largest Greek island, but it is quite renowned for its distinctive houses. All the structures of the island are painted white, and the coastlines there have ebony sand. Because of this exceptional combination, many individuals prefer to visit Chios repeatedly.

What is the importance of the Corfu island in Greece?

Corfu island holds historical significance in Greece as it is believed to have witnessed multiple mythological conflicts in the twin peaks located there. Apart from that, the shoreline also offers stunning beaches, villas, and resorts that make for an exhilarating stay.


What activities can one engage in during April in Athens?

If you travel to Athens in April, you must explore the globally renowned attractions like the Archaeological museum, Agora, Acropolis, and other places. You can also embark on a thrilling hike through the picturesque paths of Kolonaki district if you are in an adventurous mood.

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