Discover Uncharted Paradise: 10 Unforgettable Panama Islands Await Your Long-Awaited Tropical Getaway in 2023

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Panama is more than the undeniable connection between South America and Central America; it’s an extraordinary destination with exotic magnificence, enchantment, and a distinct culture. Though not as renowned as the Panama Canal, the remarkable Panama islands are one major captivating aspect of this country due to their tropical characteristics, breathtaking coastlines, a variety of water activities, unspoiled territories, and incredible wildlife. But which of these should you explore? Don’t worry. We have compiled a list of the 10 finest islands you should visit in Panama for an extraordinary and peaceful tropical escape!

Top 10 Panama Islands

Abundant with unexplored beauty, each Panama island differs from another in terms of its terrain, people, landscapes, and the adventures it offers. Here are our top choices where you can connect with its spiritual energy:

  • Isla Iguana: For an Excursion by Boat And Birdwatching!
  • Isla Taboga: For Coastlines And Historical Hikes!
  • Isla Barro Colorado: For Nature Enthusiasts!
  • Gulf Of Chiriqui Islands: For Snorkeling & Surfing!
  • Isla Carenero: For an Exquisite Stay!
  • Isla Bastimentos: For Snacks & Drinks by the Beach!
  • Coiba: For Coral Reefs And Marine Life!
  • Isla Contadora: For observing Whales!
  • San Blas Islands: For a Peaceful Atmosphere!
  • Isla Colon: For Shopping & Capturing Photos!

Isla Taboga panama

10. Isla Iguana: For an Excursion by Boat And Birdwatching!

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Situated just a few miles off the coast of the Azuero Peninsula in Southern Panama and a part of the Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, Isla Iguana is among the most visited Panama islands. Perfect for a boat excursion and a day trip, Isla Iguana offers plenty of excitement and adventure to visitors who come here. One can go snorkeling in the expansive coral reef, scuba dive into the depths to observe over 200 species of fish such as humpback whales, moray eels, or even octopus. Isla Iguana is also renowned among birdwatchers for its diverse range of bird species.

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Isla Barro Colorado panama

9. Isla Taboga: For Coastlines And Historical Hikes!

Image SourceThe Isla Taboga, or Island of Flowers as it’s commonly known, can only be reached by boat from Panama City. Visitors adore it for its seclusion and tranquility! Originally inhabited by Indigenous peoples, the island was frequently visited by pirates before coming under British, Spanish, French, and American influences. This has greatly contributed to its cultural allure and uniqueness, making it the top choice among Panama islands to explore.

8. Isla Barro Colorado: For Nature Enthusiasts!

The Isla Barro Colorado possesses a highly intriguing backstory behind its formation, and its peculiarity is what elevates it as one of the premier islands in Panama. Situated in the midst of the Panama Canal, it originated from the waters of a local river that was obstructed during its construction. Presently serving as a nature sanctuary, this island presents itself as a stunning destination with unrivaled ecological diversity.

Gulf of Chiriqui Islands panama

Featuring stunning shades of toucans, vibrant green tree frogs, meadows of flowers adorning the forest floors, along with the presence of three-toed sloths that can be easily sighted, it stands out as one of the most captivating islands in Panama for enthusiasts of both hiking and nature. Access to the island can be obtained via a boat from Gamboa.

Hint: A formal tour booking is necessary for visitation.

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7. Gulf Of Chiriqui Islands: For Snorkeling & Surfing!

Isla Carenero Bocas del Toro Panama

Image SourceThe Gulf of Chiriqui comprises numerous islands, most of which were previously unpopulated until recent times. Presently hosting some exquisite resorts, these Panamanian islands have evolved into prominent activity centers for snorkelers, surfers, and divers due to their magnificent coral reefs, marine biodiversity, and exhilarating waves. One prominent segment of this island group is the Boca Chica Island, known for its lush rainforests, attracting hikers.

Another notable inclusion in the Panama islands map is the sibling islands of Boca Brava and Isla Palenque, where you can encounter roaring howler monkeys in their natural habitat. Access to these islands can be easily availed through a boat journey.

6. Isla Carenero: For An Exquisite Retreat!

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Counted among the most alluring Panamanian islands in Bocas del Toro, Isla Carenero is a petite and slim islet nestled along the Caribbean coastline. Its size is so petite that one can complete a full hike of the island’s perimeter in less than an hour! This compact expanse of pristine white sand is situated adjacent to the considerably larger Isla Col√≥n. Apart from hiking, the island is renowned as one of Panama’s prime locations for surfing. Additionally, it offers an ideal setting for indulging in stand-up paddleboarding.

You have the option to either stay in the unique lodging options on the island or simply visit this small paradise for a day trip to experience its relaxed atmosphere and easygoing lifestyle. This island can be reached by boat.

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