Discover the Wonders of Malaysia’s Wildlife at the Exquisite Turtle Island National Park

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Located at the center of Turtle Island, the national park is a habitat for numerous endangered species of turtles, particularly green turtles and hawksbill turtles. This national park is situated in Sulu Sea in Sabah, Malaysia and is surrounded by 3 islands known as Selingan, Little Bakkungan, and Gulisaan. Also referred to as Pulau Penyu National Park, the Turtle Island may not be widely recognized for anything other than sea turtles, but there are many activities one can engage in on this tranquil island. Widely known as the Selingan Island, this is a perfect escape for those who are drawn to nature and wildlife like a magnet.

About Turtle Island National Park

Turtle Island

This national park focuses on the rescue and preservation of endangered species of green turtles and hawksbill turtles that reside in Sulu Sea. It is a protected area for these species and also a place for animal enthusiasts to observe these marvelous creatures without any hindrance. The coastline here is serene and tranquil, and if you frequent the beaches, you will notice the ample number of turtles that visit this area and lay their eggs, leaving tracks that endure for days.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness various aspects of these creatures’ lives, from nesting and egg-laying on one of the islands to the hatching of their offspring and their maiden journey to the sea. This is the oldest turtle conservation program in the world, with extensive statistics and research. Many turtles have sought refuge on this island due to the encroachment of human civilization, as they are nearing extinction.

The ideal time to visit this place is during the turtle season, which falls between July and October. Just 40 kilometers away from Sandakan in northern Borneo, this park is easily accessible from Jalan Buli Sim Sim, where boats depart from the Sabah Parks jetty every day. This place offers opportunities to witness turtle landings and observe them laying eggs. Turtle Island provides a glimpse into the marvelous world of sea turtles. If you have an affinity for turtles or sea turtles specifically, planning a trip to this breathtaking place will create lasting memories. It is not just an adventure, but also a relaxing experience that allows you to explore the beauty of nature.

Things To Do In Turtle Island National Park

There are numerous activities to engage in within or near this area, in addition to turtle watching and boat riding. The following are some exciting activities you can experience on or near this island:

Sky Valley Zip

1. Thrilling Adventures

A three-person enormous swing that will be a fantastic activity with your companions and some ground elements that will make your day even more thrilling. 75 diverse challenges of varying heights are available here from 15 to 50 feet above the ground. Zip-lining is another sport that you can add to your list while visiting Turtle Island.

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Mountain Expeditions

2. Sky Valley Zip Tours

Sky Valley Zip Tours offers two tours and they are the finest zip line adventures in western North Carolina. A canopy tour and kids zip tour are the two tours provided here. Grown-ups can unwind here while kids engage in different exciting activities. They can even roam around and encourage their children while capturing photographs.

How To Reach Turtle Island National Park

3. High Mountain Expeditions

They are situated at the core of Blue Ridge Mountain and also have two other locations in North Carolina. They provide outdoor activities for all your companions and family such as river rafting, caving, hiking, and many more activities for you to enjoy your trip to Turtle Island.

How To Reach Turtle Island National Park?

Direct flights to Sandakan are available and from there one needs to take a boat trip towards the turtle island which takes 45-60 minutes depending on the sea conditions though they don’t have any public boat services. Traveling isn’t an issue in this place as one has easy access to various transports and the route is quite simple and easy to remember.

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Spending time on Turtle Island is a privilege for nature enthusiasts and it provides visitors with a breathtaking experience. Thus, ensure that you include this island as a must-see destination on your itinerary and get ready to make your next journey to Malaysia an unforgettable affair with Fred and Fuzzys.

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