Discover the Ultimate List of Captivating Los Angeles Hot Springs for Your Upcoming Getaway!

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Los Angeles is a renowned Southern Californian metropolis in the United States well-known for its entertainment industry in film and television. The deep canyons, expansive mountain ranges, and stunning coastlines along the Pacific Ocean contribute to Los Angeles being regarded as one of the most breathtaking cities globally. The skyscrapers within the city and the natural wonders outside make Los Angeles an immensely popular tourist destination.

When discussing the natural wonders, there exist numerous hot springs, both natural and man-made, in and around Los Angeles that attract both tourists and locals alike. These hot springs hold a certain allure for people as they emerge from unknown sources and offer warmth, sometimes even intense heat. Many individuals believe in the therapeutic properties of these natural hot waters, viewing them as remedies for various ailments. Consequently, some visit these places with the hope of finding healing, while others seek an opportunity to spend quality time in serenity with their loved ones.

Top 10 Hot Springs in Los Angeles

No matter the reason for your visit to Los Angeles, you will undoubtedly find it worthwhile. Below, we have listed some of the finest hot springs located within and near Los Angeles. Take a glance!

Willet Hot Springs in Los Angeles

1. Saline Valley Hot Spring

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The Saline Valley Warm spring serves as an oasis in the desert of Death Valley, complete with lush green lawns and soothing tubs. Due to its remote location far from any human settlements, not many venture to this destination. To visit this place, one must come fully equipped with provisions such as food, water, fuel, maps, and all the necessary supplies. Moreover, be aware that even your phone’s reception may not function properly, so it is crucial to be well-prepared. However, despite the hardships faced, once you step foot into the Saline Valley, you will immediately experience an enchanting sensation. The beauty and natural splendor of the place captivate you instantly.

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2. Willet Hot Springs

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A challenging 20-mile trail through the Los Padres forest leads to the Willet Hot Springs, making access to the site quite demanding unless you are physically fit. After enduring a considerable hike, you will come across a metal tub that receives water through pipework containing sulfur. Here, you can immerse your feet and find respite from the fatigue. The arduous journey becomes entirely worthwhile once you arrive at the springs and immerse yourself in the naturally occurring mineral water, which brings relief and aids in healing any bodily discomforts.

Springs And Mud

3. Sespe Warm Springs

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Trekking down 16-miles on the Sespe river takes you to the most stunning natural warm water springs known as Sespe Warm Springs. The panorama of the mountains and valleys are flawless and captivate you with their scenic beauty.

You will come across numerous pools along the way that are perfect for swimming and relieve all your fatigue and discomfort once you take a plunge into them. It is advisable to visit the Sespe Warm Springs during winter. During the summer season, the temperature of the water at Sespe Warm Springs can even rise up to 100 degrees.

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4. Springs And Clay

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The Glen Ivy Warm spring with the nickname “club mud” is a location that offers red clay mud baths for skin therapy. It is situated in the 11 acres of land and it lies in the shadow of the Santa Ana Mountains near the city of Corona which is approximately 58 miles away from Los Angeles. The amenities that you can enjoy here include warm spring pools, sauna, and steam bath. “Springs and clay” also provides water aerobics, yoga sessions, and exercise classes available at specific times and days.

5. Deep Creek Warm Spring

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This Thermal Spring is situated in the San Bernardino national woods and this geothermal spring is at a distance of approximately 100 miles from the city of Los Angeles. Take note that the last 9 miles are on an unpaved road so choose your vehicle accordingly. You will discover five natural pools at this location which vary in temperature from hot to cool. There are no luxurious amenities available at this place such as restroom, drinkable water and also the temperature may exceed 100-degrees F in the month of summer. Watch out for the rattlesnake and carry your water bottles as the water may not be suitable for consumption.

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