Discover the Ultimate Cozy Getaway: Top 10 Homestays for a Blissful Retreat in Yercaud’s Shevaroy Hills.

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Discovering the vastness of the stunning hill stations in southern India is an extraordinary and unique experience that brings an overwhelming sense of tranquility. Unlike the exhilarating mountains of northern India, the hills in the southern region emanate an aura of complete serenity. This sentiment is further accentuated by the exceptional homestays available in South India, and we will now shift our focus to the finest homestays in Yercaud.

The majority of these homestays are historically significant properties that have been meticulously restored and renovated to provide a cozy escape in the lap of the Shevaroy Hills. Moreover, a significant percentage of these establishments cater to families and offer a wide range of activities and entertainment options suitable for all age groups. Each homestay is equipped with caretakers, ensuring that guests are well taken care of, even when the hosts are present. Additionally, each homestay has its own unique features that set it apart from the others.

The entrance of Brindavan Homestay in Yercaud

About Yercaud & Choices for Accommodation

Yercaud, situated in the picturesque Salem district of Tamil Nadu, is a breathtaking hill station nestled in the mesmerizing Shevaroy Range of the Eastern Ghats. While there are numerous villas, heritage hotels, and other popular retreats throughout the vastness of the Ghats, it is the homestays in Yercaud that truly stand out. These homestays are characterized by caring hosts, modern amenities, and guided activities in and around the accommodation, giving them an edge over conventional hotels. Furthermore, the homestays in Yercaud come in a wide variety, offering different levels of luxury. The tariffs also vary accordingly, ensuring that there is something for every budget. Let us now take a closer look at the 10 best homestays in Yercaud.

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10 Outstanding Homestays in Yercaud (Under 10k)

Yercaud offers an abundance of delightful experiences. In addition to the natural beauty of this destination, its homestays are equally commendable. Here are some of the finest homestays in Yercaud where you can enjoy a wonderful stay with your loved ones:

  • Brindhavan Homestay – Perfect for a Group Getaway
  • Tipperary Colonial Bungalow – Embrace the Majesty of the Colonial Era
  • House of Gryffindor Cottage – Exclusive Haven for Potterheads
  • Fairholme Bungalow – A Home amidst Nature
  • Water Rock Bungalow – Immersed in the Splendor of Nature
  • Bamboo Holiday Homestay – Ideal for a Family Trip
  • Twinkle Homes – Nature Lover’s Blissful Retreat
  • Windermere Homestay – Stay in the Lap of Untamed Wilderness
  • Ajith’s Homestay – Abundance of Nature & Exciting Activities
  • Carlton House – A Tranquil Sanctuary in the Woods

A view of the living room of Tippery Homstay in Yercaud

1. Brindhavan Homestay – Perfect for a Group Getaway

A stay at Brindhavan Homestay is an ideal choice for a well-deserved escape from the hectic routines of everyday life. This charming abode offers three bedrooms and a spacious hall, complete with a range of amenities. During your stay at Brindhavan, you can also plan a visit to the enchanting Great Yercaud Lake, situated just 1.5 km away. If you are traveling with children and seeking a homestay in Yercaud, look no further than Brindhavan Homestay!

Beautiful front view of Gryffindor Cottage in Yercaud in Tamil Nadu

Attractions: This place offers a lawn, a children’s playground, power backup, and a campfire with music. The tariff is INR 8000 per night for 3 bedrooms and a hall, with a capacity of up to 10 people. You can find more information on the website.

2. Tipperary Colonial Bungalow – Indulge in the Glory of the Colonial Era

This homestay in Yercaud will transport you back to the past with its nostalgic and charming atmosphere. Previously a prominent club owned by the renowned Charles Dickens family, it is now a popular property with breathtaking gallery views, colonial architecture, and vibrant interiors. While your hosts live nearby, it is the warm caretakers Haridas and Ponnamma who assist you with your needs. You will be served tea or coffee twice a day, however, kitchen access is restricted. For meals, there are several small restaurants and eateries in close proximity.

Attractions: Enjoy activities like trekking, rock climbing, campfires, and visiting the sunrise and sunset point. The tariff for this bungalow is INR 7,024 per night. You can find more details on their website or Facebook page.

Side view of Fairholme Bungalow homestay in Yercaud in Tamil Nadu

3. House of Gryffindor Cottage – A Haven for Harry Potter Fans!

Situated just 1 km from the city lake, the House of Gryffindor Cottage is an ideal choice for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. The cottage features three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a spacious hall. A dedicated caretaker ensures your comfort, while delectable home-cooked meals and stunning views of nature enhance your experience at this Yercaud homestay.

Attractions: Enjoy guided treks, convenient parking, scrumptious home-cooked meals, and pickup and drop services from Salem. The tariff for this cottage starts at INR 6,500 per night. You can find more information on their website or read reviews on TripAdvisor.

Side view and from the gardens of Water Rock Bungalow in Yercaud

4. Fairholme Bungalow – Where Home and Nature Unite

Fairholme Bungalow serves as an ideal retreat in Yercaud, allowing you to create wonderful memories with your loved ones. This remarkable property, which is over a century old, is conveniently located near the expansive Big Yercaud Lake, offering numerous recreational opportunities for families. With three bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate up to 15 guests, this bungalow is the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway.

Notable features of Fairholme Bungalow include its family-friendly atmosphere and the presence of a kitchen in select rooms. The starting tariff for a night’s stay is INR 5900. For more details, you can visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

Entrance of Bamboo Holiday Homestay in Yercaud in Tamil Nadu

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Now, let’s move on to Water Rock Bungalow, a haven nestled amidst the beauty of nature. This enchanting bungalow is surrounded by lush green trees and plantations, making it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its convenient location near the Salem-Yercaud road ensures easy accessibility, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot wild gaurs in the vicinity. A stay at Water Rock Bungalow guarantees a remarkable experience in one of Yercaud’s most captivating homestays.

Facilities at Water Rock Bungalow include options for barbecue, bonfires, and indoor games, allowing guests to indulge in delightful activities. The starting tariff for a night’s stay is INR 5000. To learn more about this bungalow, you can visit their Facebook page or read reviews on TripAdvisor.

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Last but not least, let’s explore Bamboo Holiday Homestay, an excellent choice for a family trip. This holiday home offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for all guests. With its spacious accommodations and family-friendly amenities, it’s the ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation.

Corridor view of Twinkle Homes in Yercaud

To get a glimpse of what Bamboo Holiday Homestay has to offer, you can Additionally, if you would like more information or to make a reservation, please visit their TripAdvisor page.

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Bamboo Holiday Homestay, situated near the lake area in Yercaud, is a private property immersed in lush greenery and a breathtaking view. This stay offers a unique blend of simplicity and elegance, making it a must-try experience. Guests can indulge in cocktail dinners and bonfires during their stay.

Highlights: The stay offers a picturesque valley view and organizes thrilling group treks. Tariff: Starting from INR 4200 per night.

Front view of Windermere Homestay in Yercaud

7. Twinkle Homes – A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

This exquisite homestay in Yercaud is nestled amidst a delightful green neighborhood in Yercaud. Offering a range of amenities, this mid-range homestay is the perfect retreat. With three bedrooms accommodating a maximum of eight guests, this is your ideal choice for a Yercaud homestay.

Highlights: Indoor fireplace and free parking. Tariff: Starting from INR 4023 per night.

8. Windermere Homestay – Embracing the Wild

A stream flowing by Ajith's Homestay in Yercaud

Immerse yourself in the wilderness of Yercaud with a stay at Windermere. This more than 100-year-old colonial bungalow features impeccable interior design. Surrounded by lush plantations and offering stunning nature views, Windermere provides the ultimate serenity. Managed by Suhas and Patsy Kunders, this stay in the Shevroyan Hills is truly remarkable.

Highlights: Parking and camping facilities. Tariff: Starting from INR 3500 per night.


9. Ajith’s Homestay – Immersed in Nature and Activities

A view of Carlton House Homestay from the garden near in Yercaud in Tamil Nadu

Nestled beside a breathtaking river, Ajith’s Homestay is a reliable destination for you to indulge in your well-deserved vacation. Hidden in the embrace of nature, this Homestay offers an array of thrilling outdoor activities, in addition to their exceptional in-house hospitality. Alongside delectable cuisine and a comfortable stay, they also provide the opportunity for jungle drives, which serves as an added draw.

Noteworthy Features: Engage in mountain biking, trekking, bonfires, and barbecues.

Price: Beginning from INR 1500 per night.


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10. Carlton House – A Dwelling Amidst the Woods

The Carlton House, one of the affordable homestays in Yercaud, holds immense allure for nature enthusiasts. The serene surrounding of nature, expansive recreational area, ideal outdoor spaces, and lush green gardens will undoubtedly captivate you. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there is plenty to explore in the vicinity. Reserve your stay and uncover it all!

Noteworthy Features: This 109-year-old British cottage is an ideal family getaway with an assortment of games for both kids and adults. It is also a pet-friendly abode. Additionally, there is a library and separate courts for football, basketball, and badminton.

Price: INR 1250 per night.


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These enchanting retreats truly offer the solace you have been longing for. When planning your trip to the south, don’t forget to secure your stay at one of these havens. Yercaud’s best homestays flourish amidst the wonders of nature and unmatched hospitality! Whether you are traveling with friends or family, these delightful properties guarantee a delightful stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Homestays in Yercaud

What are the top Homestays in Yercaud?

Some of the finest homestay options in Yercaud include Brindavan Homestay, House of Gryffindor Cottage, Fairholme Bungalow, Water Rock Bungalow, and Tipperary Colonial Bungalow.

What is Yercaud known for?

When visiting Yercaud, be sure to explore the spice market to find fresh supplies of cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. These must-visit locations in Yercaud should be at the top of your list. Additionally, purchase some local coffee to enjoy its rich and rejuvenating flavor even after returning home.

Which area has the highest number of homestays in Yercaud?

The Yercaud Main Town boasts the largest number of homestays and is the preferred choice for both private and corporate visitors due to its excellent location. Other popular homestays near tourist attractions include Pagoda Point Road, Lady Seat Road, and Lake Road.

What is the price range of homestays in Yercaud?

The cost of homestays in Yercaud starts from INR 1500 and can reach up to INR 10,000. There is also a range of affordable options available. Some homestays offer additional services such as organizing treks and sightseeing tours for an extra fee.

What is the best time to visit Yercaud?

Yercaud is a year-round destination with pleasant weather throughout. For those wishing to witness the plantations in full bloom, the best months to visit are from October to June, which also marks the peak tourist season. However, if you prefer a quieter experience, you can visit during other times of the year.

What amenities can I expect in Yercaud homestays?

Most homestays in Yercaud provide guests with essential amenities and spacious rooms. They also offer ample parking space and occasional events like campfires.

What are the top homestays in Yercaud under INR 5000?

Twinkle Homes, Windermere Homestay, and Ajith’s Homestay are among the top-rated homestays in Yercaud that offer a delightful experience to travelers at affordable prices under INR 5000.

Which homestays are popular for married couples in Yercaud?

Sai Ram Homestay, Cuckoo Nest, and Bamboo Homestay are well-known options for married couples seeking accommodation in Yercaud.

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