Discover the Top Searched Holiday Destination for Your Long Easter Weekend

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The lengthy weekend is almost here and we’re certain that everyone would be planning their holiday by now. We understand that it is a challenging task to select one particular destination when it comes to traveling with a group, specifically with friends and family. So, to evade the constantly changing decisions, irritating arguments, and all the disorder, we have created a destination that everyone would agree to. And it is none other than the ‘Party Capital of India’, Goaaaa!

Yes, you read that correctly. According to a study conducted by travel metasearch engine, KAYAK, Goa is at the pinnacle of the list of most preferred Easter weekend destinations. With Easter taking place on the 1st of April, coupled with a holiday on Good Friday, this extended weekend will witness a significant surge in the number of travelers.

Beach at Goa India

This study by KAYAK has unveiled some astounding outcomes which disclose that there has been an increase of nearly 200 percent in travel searches for the Easter weekend compared to last year’s Easter weekend. And Goa has emerged as the most searched for destination of all. Why not! We all know how much Indians adore this coastal destination.

Goa has experienced a remarkable surge of more than 1,500 percent in travel searches this year, making it the foremost preference among the Easter weekend destinations for Indians.

Given the immense popularity of Goa, its outstanding tropical beaches, vibrant nightlife, and pleasant weather during this season, you should definitely be preparing for your extended weekend here. And if you don’t wish to travel to Goa, we still have other popular destinations for the Easter weekend, but you might need to prolong your vacation for a couple of days.

Highly Searched Easter Weekend Destinations

After Goa, the most sought-after vacation spots for the Easter weekend comprise of international destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This year, Hong Kong has also experienced an unexpected surge of more than 1,300 travel searches for the Easter weekend.

The most astonishing outcome of this study was that destinations like Toronto, San Francisco, and New York have also made it into the top 10 destinations for the Easter weekend. This indicates that certain Indian travelers are also preparing for longer vacations, and their trips are not limited to just this extended weekend.

With individuals planning to journey all the way to western nations, these reports unquestionably reveal the deep-seated wanderlust among Indians. By now, we are confident that you have made your decision regarding your Easter weekend getaway. If you choose Goa, then make your reservation for a Goa tour package with Fred and Fuzzys to enjoy the finest offerings of the city at highly competitive rates.

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