Discover the Top 7 Swiss Cities to Explore in 2023

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The municipalities in Switzerland are renowned for their picturesque beauty, ranging from the Alps in the south to the Jura Mountains in the north and from the lively hub of Geneva to the peaceful areas of Bern. The country is also well-known for its premium goods such as chocolate, timepieces, and cheese. Moreover, Switzerland is a scenic destination for winter vacations, highly recommended for a trip. Regardless of your location in the country or your exploration of a different city every week, here is an expert-curated manual to assist you in discovering the finest places to roam during your upcoming visit.

7 Most Excellent Municipalities In Switzerland

From Interlaken to Geneva, we have compiled a list of the most excellent cities in Switzerland that have long been attracting tourists from around the globe. Keep reading to acquire more information.

Best Places to visit in Switzerland

1. Interlaken

Recognized as one of the most popular municipalities you can explore in Switzerland, this tranquil metropolis is a picturesque destination. The world-renowned mountains ‘Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau’ form the Interlaken tourism center. As one of the best cities in Switzerland, the Interlaken region is celebrated globally as an adventure sports hotspot, offering a diverse range of activities. The journey through the tunnels is not just a passage through nature but also a journey into history. The two tunnels, providing a view of the Eiger north wall and the surrounding glacier world of the Alps, are particularly magnificent.

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2. Zürich

its popularity as a tourist destination

This bustling urban center is located in close proximity to the Alps, hence it is often called ‘the Gateway to the Alps.’ Zurich is renowned for its immaculateness and efficiency, in addition to being a popular tourist spot. Over the past decade, Zurich has gained fame for its cosmopolitan culture, nightlife, and cuisine, along with some of the world’s finest dining establishments. Serving as Switzerland’s financial hub, the city hosts the major corporations, media entities, and financial institutions of the country. It is also well-regarded for its Swiss chocolates, a delightful aspect you can explore during your stay in the city.

3. Geneva

Geneva, located in the southwesternmost region of Switzerland known as the Geneva Canton, serves as the capital city. Positioned on the banks of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), the largest body of water in the canton, the city is flanked by the Jura Mountains to the west and the French Alps to the east. Geneva offers a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, which can be reached within an hour by car from its downtown. Located just two hours away by air from most European destinations, the city serves as a commercial hub.

Best place to visit in Switzerland

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4. Lausanne

Lausanne is located on the northeastern shore of picturesque Lake Geneva, the largest on the western European continent. It serves as the capital of Vaud and is the fourth largest city in Switzerland. The city possesses a long and remarkable history, commencing with the settlement of the Romans and the establishment of their camp in the nearby area of Vidy. This transformed the area into a bustling and attractive tourist destination, housing various significant institutions such as the International Olympic Committee and the Federal Tribunal. In addition to its charming old town with its narrow streets, boutique shops, and bustling café scene, Lausanne features several notable establishments including the Olympic Museum and its captivating exhibits, the Olympic Center with its fascinating museum, and the vibrant Ouchy area renowned for its lively cafes and exceptional gourmet restaurants.

scenic View in Switzerland

5. Bern

The capital of Switzerland, often overlooked, is a treasure trove of modern and historical landmarks. From its medieval Old Town to the urban swimming opportunities in the Aare River, Bern offers a rich array of attractions. It is also the seat of Switzerland’s government and the location of the Houses of Parliament. As the intellectual hub of Switzerland, it provides a tranquil setting for relaxation and leisurely vacations, attracting profound thinkers like Albert Einstein. Its charming cafés and picturesque neighborhoods are perfect for unwinding and appreciating the works of contemporary masters. It is widely regarded as one of the most exquisite cities in Switzerland.

Covered Snow all around

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6. St. Gallen

With a population of just under 75,000 residents, St. Gallen claims the eighth spot in Switzerland in terms of population size. It possesses a rich cultural heritage and offers a range of attractions and activities, while also carving a niche for itself in the textile industry. The Abbey Library and Olma Bratwurst are two culinary delights this city proudly presents. Positioned perfectly between Lake Constance and the Alpstein mountains, St. Gallen serves as an ideal base for day trips, with plenty of sights and activities to explore. A visit to this city is highly recommended.

Best place St. Gallen

7. Winterthur

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cities to Explore in Switzerland

What is the ideal time to visit Switzerland?

April and May are the months of the spring season. Most of the snow has disappeared by now and you can effortlessly engage in hiking on the most stunning hiking trails in Switzerland. During these months, one can find more affordable accommodations and tickets as the number of tourists is lower.

Which city is recommended for a visit to Switzerland?

While the aforementioned cities are all worth a visit, if you are exploring Switzerland for the first time, you can commence your journey from the capital city of Bern.

What is the distance between Bern and Interlaken?

The distance between Bern and Interlaken is approximately 56 kilometers which can be covered by Swiss Railways in under an hour.

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