Discover the Enchanting Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Handbook for Connecting with Nature’s Finest

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Wildlife is the new trendy topic and we completely comprehend why it is so! Every region and district and city and country has diverse creatures that it houses and that is quite fascinating. Hong Kong is one of the top tourist destinations where people can have a fantastic interactive experience with wildlife. Hong Kong is renowned for modernity, skyscrapers, and heritage sites. However, Hong Kong is not solely about these aspects. Hong Kong fauna simply contributes to the numerous remarkable features of the nation. You can observe many things that you may not have encountered before. For instance, Pink Dolphins, Green Turtles, Monkeys, Wild Swine, and so on are some of the renowned untamed animals of Hong Kong. If you adore animals, you ought to visit Hong Kong at least once in your lifetime to undergo wildlife.

Wetland Park

Hong Kong Fauna Reserves & Sanctuaries

Wildlife in Hong Kong serves as a major attraction and draws numerous visitors to the destination. Naturally, where there is wildlife, there are bound to be natural parks. Here we present a few of the finest ones for you.

1. Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Wetland Park is one of the prime locations for spotting Hong Kong wildlife animals and species. The park spans across 61 hectares. This is an eco-tourism park where you can find extremely rare animals and species. For example, frogs, crabs, freshwater fish, birds, and so on. You can visit here with your companions and family. This park also plays a significant role in wildlife education. Additionally, you can catch sight of the mangrove plant.

Zoological Garden

Location– Wetland Park Rd, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong

Timings– Mon, Wed-Sun 10 AM-5 PM

Cost– $30 per individual

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2. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

This garden is situated in the heart of the nation and is among the oldest botanical gardens globally. This garden is famous for its peaceful environment and lush green forests. Besides that, this park is home to a variety of animals, birds, and mammals. According to a survey, this park hosts 200 bird species, 70 mammals, and 30 reptiles, including creatures like Bornean orangutans, buff-cheeked gibbons, sloths, lemurs, and even flamingos. Recently, this park has received criticism regarding its amenities and services.

Farm Garden

Position– Albany Route, Central Hong Kong

Hours– 5am-10PM (Terrace Gardens), 9 AM-4.30 PM (Greenhouse and Exhibition Centre).Price– Free of charge

3. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Monkeys Playing

This is an extraordinary spot in vacation spots in Hong Kong. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden are extended over 148 hectares. This is located on the northern inclines of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak. Hong Kong has initiated a mission of awareness towards living species in this garden. In this garden, you can find numerous animal and bird sanctuaries. You can come across various animals and species such as leopard cats, reptiles, muntjacs, good ol’ pigs, flamingos, deer, etc. If you are fortunate, you may witness rare porcupines and pangolins. This farm was initially established to assist impoverished farmers but now it has transformed into a remarkable tourist attraction. This farm is also utilized for vegetation and greenhouses.Position– Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, Hong KongHours– Daily 09:30 AM – 5 PMPrice– $30 for adults

Nature Reserve

4. Kam Shan Country Park

This park is one of the oldest parks in Hong Kong and it was established in 1977. This park is also referred to as Monkey Hill. The credit goes to the 1800 residents who have put in great efforts in conserving this park. This place is open to both friends and families. In this park, you can find many rare trees situated near roads and beaches. This park is renowned for its monkeys. According to a survey, there are 1800 monkeys residing in this park. It also consists of 4 reservoirs. This park is also well-known for hiking.

Position– Golden Hill Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Hours– Daily 9.30 AM – 5 PMPrice– $20-$30 per person

Ocean Park

5. Mai Po Nature Reserve

Mai Po Nature Reserve is the ideal destination for bird enthusiasts and observers in Hong Kong. Each winter, numerous birds can be observed here. Birds typically migrate from this location to another. In this park, there are 400 species of birds that can be found. For instance, eagles, vultures, and winter waterbirds are some popular avian species. This park is categorized under Hong Kong’s Wild Animals Protection Ordinance. Inner Deep Bay plays a significant role in bird conservation and biodiversity within this park.

Location– Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Opening Hours– Daily 9.30 AM – 5 PMPrice– $20-$30 per person

Water Park

6. Ocean Park Hong Kong

This is one of the most beloved parks in Hong Kong. It is situated on the southern part of Hong Kong Island. This park is particularly renowned for its thrilling rides and roller coasters. However, beyond these attractions, this park is also recognized for its conservation efforts. Here, you can encounter various protected animals and extraordinary creatures. For example, giant pandas(Ying Ying and Le Le first), arctic foxes, diverse shark species, and giant walruses are some well-known animals in this park. Dolphins, penguins, seals, and sea lions can also be observed. If you happen to be in Hong Kong during Halloween, this park hosts special events that will surely captivate you.

Location– Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Opening Hours– Daily 9.30 AM – 5 PMPrice– HK$ 438 (adults) and HK$ 219 (children)

Pink Dolphin Playing in Water

7. Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is an alternative location where you can observe numerous untamed creatures that are renowned in Hong Kong. This is an extensive park, extending across 80,000 square meters. This park is situated in the center of the city. This park is the ideal spot for birdwatchers. Within this park, there are 550 birds belonging to 70 different species. In addition, you can also appreciate its lush greenery and cascades.

Position– Central Hong Kong

Operating Hours– Daily from 6 AM to 11 PMExpense– Free of charge

Duck in the water

A Selection of Well-Known Hong Kong Wildlife Creatures

When discussing wildlife in Hong Kong, it is impossible not to mention the various untamed animals that can be observed in Hong Kong. Here are some of the most prominent animals in Hong Kong.

1. Rosy Dolphin

Rosy dolphin or Chinese wild dolphin is an uncommon species of dolphin that captivates numerous tourists who visit Hong Kong. This dolphin exhibits a grey-pink coloration. The dolphin obtains this coloration by blushing on its body in response to temperature changes. You can spot this dolphin at the Pearl River estuary, near Lantau and Peng Chau. If you desire to closely observe these dolphins, you should participate in Dolphinwatch. There are boat services available for spotting these dolphins. The best part is that if you are unable to see any dolphins on your first attempt, you can return for free on your next visit.

Beautiful Butterfly

2. Saunders Gull

Saunders Gull is another captivating bird species found in Hong Kong. This bird resembles a duck, although it is not. It is frequently mistaken for a duck. The bird has a pale, fluffy white body, a slender black head, and a gray tail. This bird may rank among the favorite birds of birdwatchers. You can observe these birds circling in the air at the Mai Po Marshes as they search for food (such as mudskippers, crabs, fish, and worms).

Black Spoonbill

3. Archduke Butterfly

Archduke butterflies are one of the rarest butterflies in Hong Kong. This butterfly was initially discovered here eight years ago. Some distinct features differentiate these butterflies from others. For instance, a male archduke possesses white wings while a female archduke exhibits a blue-green tinted edge. These butterflies are extremely challenging to locate. They are predominantly found on Lantau Island. A survey indicates the presence of 199 species of this butterfly.

Beautiful Frog

4. The Black Faced Spoonbill

The black-faced spoonbill is another renowned bird in Hong Kong that lures numerous tourists. This bird possesses a distinctive beak resembling a spoon or a pipa (a Chinese classical instrument). It can be found in coastal areas of South-East Asia; however, during the winter season, it migrates towards Hong Kong and Macao. A group of black-faced spoonbills migrates to Mai Po Inner Deep Bay, close to Yuen Long, in winter.


5. Romer’s Tree Frog

This is another well-known species in Hong Kong, characterized by its petite size. The discovery of this frog can be traced back to Lamma and Lantau Island in 1952. It can be easily identified by its triangular blunt snout and brown lips. Presently, these frogs are under protection and can be observed at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.

White Dolphin

Some of Hong Kong’s Most Endangered Species

While embarking on a Hong Kong wildlife tour, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with some of the imperiled species of Hong Kong to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to spot them during your tour.

1. Pangolin

Image OriginPangolin is classified as one of the rarest creatures of Hong Kong because the numbers keep diminishing. Pangolins are located in Africa, Asia, and China. This animal is easily recognizable by its large, curved claws and overlapping scales. They typically reside in burrows and tree hollows.

Green Turtle

2. Chinese White Dolphin

Image OriginThis is the second creature that is facing endangerment over time. According to a survey conducted by the Agriculture and conservation department, 87 Chinese white dolphins were observed from April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011. The number decreased to 65 in 2015/16 and 45 in 2016/17.

Cascade Frog

3. Green Turtle

Image OriginThe Green Turtle is also a renowned creature found in Hong Kong. However, the population of these turtles is gradually declining. The weight of this turtle can reach up to 300 kilograms when fully grown, making it quite heavy. You should definitely see these magnificent creatures on your trip to Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong Cascade Frog

Image OriginThis is another endangered creature in Hong Kong. This frog is also known as the “torrent frog”. Finding these frogs is not an easy task due to their small size. This frog has a round, protruding snout and black, gold-rimmed eyes. It can be found in Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Wildlife Pointers

There are a few helpful hints for experiencing Hong Kong’s wildlife that you should take into account beforehand.1. You must carry a first aid kit.2. You should have ample provisions and beverages in your bag.3. It is advisable not to bring infants under 5 years old.4. It is recommended not to alight from your vehicles while on a jungle tour.5. You should avoid using any potent fragrance.6. It is recommended to maintain a safe distance while admiring the wildlife.

7. You should have a professional tour guide accompanying you who can offer proper guidance.

Therefore, embarking on a Hong Kong wildlife expedition can provide you with numerous experiences. You will also gain varied knowledge through this excursion. You can also apply these experiences in your respective educational domains. So, if you also have an affinity for nature and wish to witness wildlife, you can opt for a Hong Kong getaway. It will undoubtedly gratify your senses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hong-Kong Wildlife

How long does it take to explore all the wildlife attractions in Hong-Kong?

A day trip is essential to visit a wildlife park in Hong-Kong. Therefore, it is advisable to join a weeklong Hong-Kong wildlife holiday tour package to see all the wildlife attractions that exist here.

Which is the optimal time to visit Hong-Kong Wildlife?

The ideal months to visit Hong-Kong and witness its wildlife attractions are from October to February. These months offer pleasant weather to observe the wild animals, reptiles, birds, and marine life in their natural habitat.

What attire is recommended for a wildlife excursion in Hong-Kong?

Casual attire for men, women, and children is suitable for a wildlife excursion in Hong-Kong. The peak wildlife tour season from October to February is neither too cold at night nor too hot during the day.

Can solo female tourists embark on a wildlife tour in Hong-Kong?

Yes, solo female tourists can independently visit zoological parks, the Wetland Park, and marine parks in Hong-Kong. However, it is advisable for them to be accompanied by a registered travel guide when exploring the wildlife in the Mai Po Nature Reserve.

From what age are children allowed to explore the Nature Reserve area of Hong-Kong?

Children who are 5 years old and above are permitted to observe the wildlife in Hong-Kong’s Nature Reserves. This restriction is imposed for the safety of children in the wilderness.

Which is the prime destination for bird enthusiasts to visit in Hong-Kong and witness birds in their natural habitat?

The bird enthusiasts must visit Mai Po Marshes. Here, you can discover numerous aquatic birds and migratory birds. This is also a Natural reserve area in Hong-Kong.

Is Hong-Kong a tourist-friendly place to embark on a wildlife excursion?

Yes, Hong-Kong is an international tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It is also a place that caters to the needs of tourists. People from any country can indulge in a wildlife expedition here during all seasons.

What is the official animal of Hong Kong?

The Giant Panda Bear is regarded as the official animal of Hong Kong. It is a larger creature with a substantial head and nose and a shorter tail.

How many national parks are there in Hong Kong?

There are approximately 24 national parks in Hong Kong, encompassing about three-quarters of the country’s land.

Where can you witness the fauna in Hong Kong?

Mai Po Nature Reserve is the prime location to encounter almost all species of animals. Monkeys can be observed in Kam Shan Country Park.

Which time of the year is optimal for a wildlife expedition in Hong Kong?

From October to April, one can explore the wildlife sanctuaries of Hong Kong. June is the rainiest month, and July is the hottest.

Which snake species are present in Hong Kong?


Chinese Cobra, a Chinese water snake, Boita, Rhabdophis, and others are some snake species that inhabit Hong Kong.

Which is the finest bird sanctuary in Hong Kong?

Edward Youde Aviary is the ultimate destination for bird watching. It is a picturesque valley and the top bird sanctuary in Hong Kong.

Why are the endangered dolphins of Hong Kong pink in color?

They have this hue due to the proximity of blood vessels to their skin. They are referred to as Chinese dolphins.

How many islands are there in Hong Kong?

Around 253 islands spanning approximately 500 square meters of land are present in Hong Kong.

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