Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Japan’s Autumn Season for an Unforgettable Exploration

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Japan offers a plethora of attractions to its visitors. It possesses abundant natural beauty and technological advancements. Its capital, Tokyo, stands as one of the most progressive cities across the globe. The autumn season in Japan spans from September to November, drawing the majority of tourists during this time. While cherry blossoms are absent during this season, the main allure lies in the captivating autumn foliage. Besides the drop in temperature, numerous parties occur, and by October, a Christmas atmosphere settles in. Lights illuminate the entire country, and a variety of festivals and celebrations take place from September onward.

Climatic Conditions during Autumn in Japan

Take part in the Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival

Temperatures during September, October, and November can range from 7 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Autumn in Japan is characterized by comfortable and pleasant weather. It is neither excessively cold nor excessively warm, and the month of September may or may not experience typhoons. Individuals often wonder about appropriate attire for autumn in Japan. In response, it is advisable to wear short-sleeved clothing during warm afternoons but carry a light cardigan or long-sleeved t-shirt for chilly evenings.

10 Activities to Engage in during Autumn in Japan

Numerous lively events occur in Japan during this season which travelers thoroughly enjoy.

1. Participate in the Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival

Spend the day hiking

This popular event offers an excellent opportunity to appreciate the autumn foliage and is a fantastic way to spend autumn in Tokyo, Japan. The festival takes place at Meiji Gaien Ginkgo Park and extends for approximately two weeks. Visitors can spend the day relishing the sight of stunning Ginkgo trees adorned with breathtaking golden leaves. These trees span the avenue for about 300 meters. Moreover, the venue hosts a market where delicious food and local products can be purchased. It serves as a perfect spot to unwind, revel in the refreshing breeze, and admire the vibrant colors of autumn.

Dates: 16th November to 2nd December

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2. Spend the day trekking

Attend the Takayama Autumn Festival

If you are the daring kind and you adore nature, then you could contemplate going trekking. October would be the prime month to participate in outdoor activities, particularly when the climate is pleasant. If you venture into the mountains, you can obtain an outstanding panorama of the luxuriant green mountains and the pinnacle of autumn. This is the optimal period for trekking because a large portion of the trekking spots become unavailable during mid-November. However, ensure to discover what to wear in autumn in Japan when embarking on a trekking adventure.

Top trekking spots: Mt. Takao, Mt. Hakone and Mt. Oyama

3. Attend the Takayama Autumn Festival

Visit Japanese Gardens

This festival is one of the most exceptional festivals that you can encounter in Japan. It is held in both spring and autumn. The highlight of this festival would be the procession of floats. Ornamental and exquisite floats or Yatai are fabricated and paraded around town. If the weather is unfavorable, they are exhibited in stores. Another remarkable aspect of the festival is the Karakuri performance. Automated dolls are created and they can move and dance on the float. If the weather is unfavorable, the performances transpire in the storehouses. This is a fantastic way to spend autumn in Japan.

Location: October 9th and October 10th

4. Explore Japanese Gardens

Take part in the Kochia Carnival

If you desire to encounter the splendor of Autumn, there is no superior approach than visiting these botanical gardens. The gardens can solely be experienced during this period of the year since that is when it appears the most excellent. At certain gardens, there are distinctive occasions that occur. Illuminations are positioned and suspended on the trees. You can spend the evening here or have a small picnic with your relatives here. The gardens have a tendency to remain open until late at night exclusively due to the season.

Finest gardens to explore: Shinjuku Gyoen, Hotel New Otani Garden, and Hama Rikyu

5. Participate in the Kochia Carnival

Kochia or Bassia scoparia is a distinct type of autumn foliage that arises from the ground. The shrubs are planted on Miharashi Hill and envelop about 385 hectares of land. This is one of the most renowned events that transpires every year and will occur in Autumn in Japan 2022. This is a striking yet exceptional experience since these fluffy balls are scattered across the park. It transitions from green in Summer to a vibrant red/pink during the Autumn months. Apart from this, you can find cosmos flowers encircling the adjacent field. You can spend the day here or take a stroll through the fields for a remarkable experience. Even though the fields tend to get crowded with tourists, you can visit during the early morning to obtain a remarkable view of the azure sky merging with the red kochia.

Date: Mid-September to Mid-October

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