Discover the Depths: Exploring New York’s Underwater World

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Going beneath the surface and exploring what lies beneath is thrilling. Scuba diving has emerged as one of the most exhilarating and popular water sports of all time. The majority of individuals associate scuba diving with crystal clear waters, abundant colorful fish, and tropical destinations. However, in reality, there is much more to it than that. The numerous lakes, rivers, and springs often accessible to divers offer incredible sites with breathtaking scenery and fascinating creatures to discover. The New York area is renowned for its world-class wreck dives. Many locations provide amazing opportunities for scuba diving in New York.

7 Locations For Scuba Diving In New York

New York is fortunately blessed with numerous spots that are excellent for scuba diving and engaging in various water sports activities. If you have dreams of obtaining diving tickets and are seeking a combination of favorable conditions and reliable dive outfits, here is a comprehensive list of scuba diving sites in New York, including wrecks, shore dives, artificial reefs, and various inland sites.

Canandaigua Lake Diving

1. Cayuga County Diving

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With the temperatures rising, there is no better place in New York to enjoy water activities than in Cayuga County. It is the ideal location to indulge in scuba diving in New York City with abundant opportunities to spend time in the water. Cayuga County boasts 170 square miles of water, making up nearly 20% of its area and providing more freshwater coastline than any other county in New York State. Whether you prefer lounging around a lake or engaging in water skiing and windsurfing, Cayuga County is undoubtedly the place to be for water-filled fun. There are plenty of picturesque spots to splash around and swim in Cayuga County, such as Emerson Park, Long Point, and Fair Haven Beach. These are excellent places for a dive in a safe environment. Other parks like Frontenac Park in Union Springs and John Harris Park in Cayuga also offer swimming on uncrowded, pristine beaches.

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2. Canandaigua Lake Diving


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Here you will discover a small island, Canandaigua Squaw Island, situated near the northern end of the lake. This is one of the smallest islands in the state with a fish and Wildlife Management Area and at risk of becoming even smaller as the lake’s water erodes its banks. On a calm day, you will be able to see through the lake’s clear pool two sunken vessels – the Lady of the Lake, which unfortunately caught fire and sank near the town dock, and the Onnalinda, which was scrapped and set ablaze. It drifted out towards the shallower water on the eastern side of the lake where it eventually sank. These sites are favorites among scuba divers. Besides enjoying the scuba diving, you can also take a tour of the lake to learn about its history and see impressive homes along the lake’s shore. While exploring the lake, keep an eye out for boathouses – in excellent condition, these boathouses were constructed over 150 years ago.

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3. Montauk

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Skaneateles Lake Scuba Diving

Experience the passion and warm water of shark enclosure by embarking on a diving journey to Montauk. The regular day shark dives will take you 15-30 miles south of Long Island where tepid waters from the bay stream bring a variety of life during the summer months. Sharks, (blue and mako), whales, fish, sunfish, porpoises, and sea turtles are among the creatures you could encounter on an enclosure trip. A dive off the coast of Montauk offers the chance to see mako, thresher, and blue sharks, as many as twelve at once. A day of cage diving starts with comprehensive scuba diving lessons and a boat orientation at the dock. Once underway, the journey to the open sea takes 1 to 2 hours. Upon arrival, the team begins luring the sharks into the vicinity. The dive time depends on when the sharks appear. On average, each individual will have around two rounds of approximately 30 minutes.

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4. Skaneateles Lake Scuba Diving

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The glistening turquoise waters of Skaneateles Lake, America, shine like a gem amidst the forested surroundings of the Finger Lakes region. The sixth largest of the Finger Lakes, Skaneateles Lake is remarkably stunning and tranquil. Local towns, including the city of Syracuse, utilize the lake as a source of untreated drinking water. It is highly popular for sailing, diving, and other leisure activities. Diving opportunities are available on the lake, along with fishing facilities. You don’t have to travel far and wide to enjoy scuba diving. Set out on the Skaneateles Lake for a more intimate scuba diving getaway.

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