Discover the Astonishing Tokyo Castles: A Perfect Reflection of Japan’s Illustrious History!

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Exhibiting a captivating fusion of metropolitan city and charming villages, the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, leaves travelers spellbound. A city with a fascinating history and traditional culture, Tokyo is consistently progressing towards a brilliant future. While modern architecture, contemporary shopping streets, restaurants offering innovative and delicious dishes, and the towering skyscrapers showcase the urban and present-day city, Tokyo fortresses allow travelers to embark on a journey to the ancient era of the capital. Unlike many other renowned cities, fortresses in and around Tokyo entice tourists with their unique Japanese architecture and accounts of battles.

Awesome Tokyo Castles

Providing a magnificent contrast of modern and traditional worlds, Tokyo offers a wide range of hidden experiences for travelers with diverse preferences. Kind-hearted, friendly, and vibrant city dwellers simply enhance the already captivating time. The extraordinary authentic Japanese architecture and historical atmospheres of the fortresses in and around Tokyo are experiences that should be cherished at least once in a lifetime. Keep reading to discover our handpicked list of fortresses that one should definitely include in their bucket list.

Top 6 Fortresses In And Around Tokyo

Showcasing a mesmerizing blend of old and new, Tokyo embraces delightful experiences for travelers. With modern skyscrapers representing the contemporary city and some of the finest fortresses in and around Tokyo showcasing its historical side, this metropolitan city of Japan leaves spectators in awe.

Matsumoto Castle

1. Matsumoto Castle

The graceful and poised architecture with dark walls and low ceilings, surrounding serene water bodies, breathtaking cherry blossoms, and the surreal backdrop of snow-covered mountains has earned Matsumoto Castle a place in the list of ‘National Treasures of Japan’. As one of the Tokyo fortresses that played a major role in the warring period, Matsumoto Castle allows visitors to admire the narrow windows that were used by archers and gunmen during battles, offering mesmerizing views of the Japanese Alps and the swans gracefully swimming in the moat below.

Distance From Tokyo: 230 kms

Himeji Castle View

2. Himeji Castle

A traditional, authentic samurai castle constructed atop a hill, Himeji Castle serves as the embodiment of genuine Japanese architecture. Himeji is among the castles in Tokyo listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The brilliant snowy whiteness of the structure enhances its allure for travelers. Erected under the command of the samurai warrior Akamatsu Norimura, this castle has never experienced any form of devastation, rendering it one of the impeccably preserved and exquisite castles in the vicinity of Tokyo. A lush green lawn adorned with lovely cherry blossoms offers awe-inspiring scenic vistas to onlookers.

Distance From Tokyo: 574 kilometers

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