Discover Remote Islands in Close Proximity to New Zealand: Get Enchanted by the Southern Tip of the World.

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Fiji Island

New Zealand is a landmass country located at the south-western Pacific Ocean. Predominantly, New Zealand’s topography comprises of two islands – the South Island and the North Island. Once you are in New Zealand you will not have the desire to pack your bags and depart from this splendid country. Wellington, the capital of the country is situated on the ‘North Island’ and it houses the Te Papa Tongarewa, one of the most extensive national museums. And if you are a fan of ‘Lord of the Rings’, then New Zealand’s ‘South Island’ is the ideal location for you where you may have the opportunity to stay in the Hobbit’s village. There is another aspect that you will find in abundance in New Zealand and that is a volcano.

10 Finest Islands Near New Zealand

Approximately 600 islands surround New Zealand. Some are more accessible than others but all of them possess their own attractiveness and magnificent landscapes to share. Here we present to you the 10 finest islands near New Zealand that will surely provide everyone with breathtaking photographs and memories to cherish for the remainder of their life.

Waiheke Island

1. Stewart Island

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Stewart Island is also recognized as Rakiura Island. It is the third largest island in New Zealand. If you have a passion for strolling and trekking amidst extraordinary wildlife and splendid natural beauty, then you must visit this scenic island. The island is located 30 kilometers south of the South Island. There is only one town on the island, Oban. Oban is on the eastern side of the island facing Halfmoon Bay.

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New Caledonia

2. Waiheke Island

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Waiheke Island is one of the stunning and largest islands of New Zealand. If you have a desire for a destination wedding or wish to dedicate your honeymoon to an island, then this is the perfect island for you. The island offers picturesque vineyards and exotic coastlines. The island is densely populated. Waiheke Island is easily accessible. You can simply board a ferry from Auckland and arrive at the island in just 40 minutes. Due to its easy accessibility, the island is ideal for a day trip.

Little Barrier Island

3. New Caledonia

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New Caledonia is one of the most astonishing tropical islands in close proximity to New Zealand. New Caledonia provides an entirely distinct setting and encounter as it is located on the mainland of New Zealand. To arrive at this tropical island, a mere 2 and a half hour flight from Auckland is required. This exquisite island offers sandy beaches and transparent water. New Caledonia possesses a European culture, specifically French, and it presents delectable cuisines.

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4. Little Barrier Island

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Little Barrier Island houses the primary nature reserve established in the Kiwi land in 1896. This island holds immense significance in conserving the indigenous flora and fauna. Access to this striking and critical island is exceedingly restricted. To visit Little Barrier Island, one must obtain a specialized certification provided by the Department of Conservation. Following that, you will be granted access to a permitted vehicle that will transport you to the island. ‘Little Barrier’ Island is positioned 80 km north of the city of Auckland. It serves as an ideal location for diving, snorkeling, and birdwatching.

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5. D’Urville Island

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This island is named after the French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville. The magnificent island is situated in the Marlborough Sounds. D’Urville Island ranks as the eighth largest island in New Zealand. If you seek adventure sports in New Zealand, then this picturesque island is the perfect choice. On this island, you can engage in activities such as diving, snorkeling, hiking, spotting marine wildlife, and cycling. The inherent seclusion of the island serves as its main attraction.

Rangitoto Island

6. Fiji Island

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Fiji Island is the most stunning among the Pacific islands close to New Zealand. Fiji Islands boast one of the finest infrastructures for tourism. This magnificent island is the ideal destination for romantic getaways with your significant other. You can immerse yourself in relaxation while enjoying a captivating ocean view, explore the underwater world to witness awe-inspiring marine life, and partake in thrilling adventure sports on the captivating islands of Fiji. It only takes a 3-hour flight to reach Fiji from New Zealand.

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Poor Knights Islands

7. Rangitoto Island

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If you desire to explore an island that was formed by nature just a few centuries ago, then a visit to Rangitoto Island in New Zealand is a must. Rangitoto Island and its youthful volcano are one of the most recognizable natural landmarks in Auckland. This island emerged from the sea 600 years ago. Rangitoto is also renowned for its adventure activities. Visitors can engage in bird watching, sea kayaking, and hike to the summit of Rangitoto Island.

8. Poor Knights Islands

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Enderby Island

Do not be deceived by its name. The island is far from being poor, in fact, it is home to a thriving flora and fauna. Poor Knight Islands are the remnants of ancient volcanoes that have transformed into a breathtaking network of underwater caves, tunnels, arches, and cliffs. These stunning islands are located on the Tutukaka coast of the North Island. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities to enjoy in these islands. They are also a marine reserve, allowing visitors to experience the incredible marine life it harbors.

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9. Enderby Island

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White Island

10. White Island

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Enderby Island is positioned in the North of the Auckland group of islands. The island is renowned for its wildlife. During your exploration of this exquisite island, you can marvel at observing the predominant species of seabirds such as Auckland teal, Auckland shag, and Auckland snipe. Enderby Island also serves as a habitat for sea lions, northern giant petrels, yellow-eyed penguins, and northern giant petrels. Therefore, if you desire to witness these splendid fauna, a visit to Enderby Island is a must.

Your trip to New Zealand remains unfinished without experiencing an active volcano. There is only one active volcano in New Zealand, known as Whakaari or White Island. This island is located in the ‘Bay of Plenty,’ 48 km away from the eastern coast of the North Island. It attracts both tourists and scientists as it showcases geothermal beauty and the surrounding water of the island is one of its awe-inspiring assets. You will have the opportunity to witness underwater steam vents and the diverse aquatic life. Make sure to include this island in your itinerary when you visit New Zealand.

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New Zealand is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. There are nearly 600 small and enchanting islands near New Zealand. Prepare your luggage, book your flight, and explore these magnificent islands near New Zealand. There are plenty more holiday islands to explore during your trip to New Zealand.

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