Discover Poland’s Breathtaking 2023 Beach Retreats and Unwind in Nature’s Embrace!

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Poland is an exquisite country in Central Europe and is bordered by other stunning countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Poland is home to some of the most magnificent historical monuments, castles, and remarkable infrastructure. The architectural designs of buildings are distinct and represent their cultural heritage. The lush green landscapes and natural attractions also draw a large number of visitors, making it a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Speaking of natural beauty, Poland boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. The azure waters, towering waves, sunny skies, and sandy shores lined with palm trees will instantly captivate you. If you appreciate nature, the following list of the finest beaches in Poland will undoubtedly entice you to visit this stunning country.

10 Finest Beaches In Poland

Here is a compilation of the premier beaches in Poland that will provide you with the most revitalizing vacation experience. Take a look!

  • Krynica Morska Beach
  • Debki Beach
  • Swinoujscie Beach
  • Jurata Beach
  • Brzezno Beach
  • Gdynia Beach
  • Sopot Beach
  • Niechorze Beach
  • Jelitkowo Beach
  • Stogi Beach


1. Krynica Morska Beach

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The Krynica Morska Beach is one of the most exquisite and bustling beaches in Poland. It is particularly popular among families and offers a wide range of food and beverage stalls for refreshments. If you arrive early, you will have the opportunity to secure a prime spot near the water where you can relax and soak up the sun. Stretching about 20 kilometers in length, this beach is brimming with beauty, vitality, and people. However, it can get quite crowded during peak seasons, so if you desire a serene and tranquil time with your loved ones, it is advisable to avoid these periods. It is unquestionably one of the top beach resorts in Poland.

Location: Bulwar Sloneczny, Krynica Morska, Poland

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Swinoujscie Beach

2. Debki Beach

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Debki Beach

Debki Beach is an incredibly spacious shoreline and experiences a high volume of visitors during peak seasons. There exist multiple entrances to this picturesque beach, allowing you to choose your preferred spot for relaxation. Despite its popularity, there are also secluded areas where you can enjoy some quality time with your family. Numerous dining options are available, providing a wide range of refreshments. It’s important to note that this beach allows optional clothing, so be aware that you may encounter nudists. If you are with children, it may be advisable to stay away from more isolated areas.

Jurata Beach

Location: Plaza w Debkach, Debki, Poland

3. Swinoujscie Beach

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Swinoujscie Beach appears to stretch endlessly. Immerse yourself in the clean sandy beaches and enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst the picturesque surroundings, taking shelter under the shade of trees. Even on scorching summer days, you can comfortably walk barefoot on the sand without feeling any discomfort. There’s a convenient mobile coffee van where you can grab a cup of coffee while exploring the beach. The beach is easily accessible from the town, and nearby restaurants make it an ideal place to unwind with your loved ones.

Location: Promenade, Swinoujscie 72-600, Poland

Brzezno Beach

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4. Jurata Beach

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If you’re looking for a place to swim in the sea or take a leisurely bike ride along the shore, Jurata Beach is the perfect destination. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities like windsurfing or fly surfing, while those seeking relaxation can simply bask in the sun with a beach towel. This serene location offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, devoid of any noise or disturbances.


Location: 84-141 Jastarnia, Poland

5. Brzezno Beach

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Stretching approximately 500 meters long, Brzezno Beach is home to numerous restaurants and bars where you can relish delicious food and drinks. Convenient transportation options make it easily accessible to visitors. Unlike other beaches, there is no entry fee, and it tends to be less crowded. This Gdańsk, Poland beach offers ample photo opportunities, featuring a long wooden pier for leisurely walks. With its breathtakingly beautiful sandy shore, crystal-clear water, and vigilant lifeguards, this beach is perfect for activities such as jogging and running.

Location: Brzeźnieńska 4, 80-512 Gdańsk, Poland

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Sopot Beach

6. Gdynia Beach

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The finest part of the Gdynia beach is that there is a forest behind which enhances the view completely. The view of the sunset is also very astonishing from this beach. It is highly populated in the afternoon and most of the people enjoy sunbathing here. You will easily find a restaurant and coffee places around the shore where you can unwind and grab a bite. Although the beach is highly populated the cleanliness is well preserved. You can relish the waves of water and illumination of the sun both at one place.

Niechorze Beach

Location: Gdynia, Poland

7. Sopot Beach

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Don’t miss to have a boat trip if you are at this place. This white sand beach is a very roomy and entertaining place to spend your summer vacations. The sea is shallow which makes it good for swimming particularly for non- swimmers and other activities based on the water can also be done with full safety and makes it suitable for children as well. You can spend very good and superior time at this beach and don’t forget to take a spa treatment before anything as Sopot is famous for its spa treatment. It is an incredible tourist attraction in Poland because of its extensive length, saunas and kids playground.

Location: Sopot, Poland

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Jelitkowo Beach

8. Niechorze Beach

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This white sandy beach is very exquisite and remains crowded most of the times. The beach bar and variety of restaurants make it more popular amongst the tourists. In the afternoon on weekdays, the beach is less crowded so, try to come at that time if you want to spend some time alone at here. You can also spend some tranquil time towards the lighthouse. The overall ambiance of the beach is very serene and soothing and it is a good place to take a break from your daily routine life and spend some superior time with nature.

Stogi Beach

Place: Szczecińska, 72-350 Niechorze, Poland

9. Jelitkowo Beach

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A pleasant Gdańsk Poland beach with sunny weather, serene natural scenery, and pleasant cafés and bars makes it a complete destination to enjoy vacations. You can unwind here for an hour or two with your loved ones and share the delightful anecdotes of your life. The attractions available around this Gdańsk beach include traditional cuisine, beer, fresh seafood, live music, and favorable climatic conditions that make it an ideal place to relax and have fun. The beach is tranquil and not overcrowded all the time, allowing for activities such as jogging, running, and other physical exercises.

Place: Jantarowa, Gdansk 80-347, Poland

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10. Stogi Beach

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This beach is not far from the center of Gdansk. Here, you will find affordable beer and food items. The beach offers a nice and refreshing atmosphere, and you can find soft sand perfect for sunbathing. You may even spot small jellyfish and swans on this Gdańsk beach, which adds to its attractiveness and excitement. Although the place is quite commercial, with many sun loungers available for rent, it always provides a cool ambiance and plenty of fun activities to make your day unforgettable.

Place: Wydmy, Gdansk, Poland

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If you are in Poland, do not miss out on visiting the aforementioned beaches, as they will surely make your trip unforgettable. If you have a love for nature, these beautiful beaches will provide you with mental tranquility and relaxation. Come and explore this stunning country with your loved ones. Plan a journey to Europe, visit Poland, and explore these places for a perfect vacation!


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