Discover Milan’s Cultural Past and Rich Heritage: 20 Must-Visit Destinations in 2023

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Located at the heart of Lombardy in Northern Italy, the much-renowned fashion capital of the world – Milan is a bustling metropolis with a wealthy heritage and a historical past. Home to world-famous brands like Prada, Armani, and Versace, Milan attracts millions of visitors throughout the year and from all over the globe. There are countless remarkable places to explore in Milan that would guide you through its cultural past and rich heritage. Being one of the most cultural cities in the world, discover the prosperous past glories of Italy’s financial capital through the famous destinations to visit in Milan Italy that also happens to be the third most-visited city after Rome and Venice.

Top 20 Destinations To Explore In Milan

Check out the list of destinations that you should discover in Milan on your trip. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Milan Cathedral

Dedicated to Saint Mary Nascent, Milan Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. Being one of the top 13 remarkable destinations to visit in Milan, the roof is topped by 135 intricately carved stone pinnacles and the exterior is adorned with 2,245 marble statues. Its dim interior is in striking contrast to the dazzling and elaborately patterned exterior, with its 52 colossal pillars. The stained-glass windows in the nave are the largest in the world which makes this magnificent piece of art and is a Milan points of interest.

Location: Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Timings: 9am–7pm

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Santa Maria delle Grazie

2. Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Wondering what to see in Milan? Then visit the Santa Maria Delle Grazie and its experience is something you’ll cherish for years. It’s a 4.6 meters high, and 8.8 meters wide marvelous painting made with tempera and oil on a gypsum preparation. Visiting this was unique owing to the technique used in the painting of Leonardo’s Last Supper that was not common during the fresco period is one of the things to see in Milan. Nonetheless, it is indeed an ideal place especially if you are a historian, novelist, or a researcher.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Location: Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday from 8.15 am to 7 pm

3. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Constructed during the tardy 1800s, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the oldest enclosed shopping malls in the world and unquestionably one of the attractions for tourists in Milan. This mall with azure glass vaulted ceilings, mosaic flooring, and towering central dome is as breathtaking as the high-end fashion offered in its shops, which include Louis Vuitton, Borsalino, and Prada. Tradition dictates that spinning on one’s heel over the mosaic bull under the central dome brings good fortune. It is a must-visit once travelers explore Milan.

Location: Piazza del Duomo, 20123 Milano MI, ItalyTimings: Open 24 Hours

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Quadrilatero D’Oro

4. Quadrilatero D’Oro

Image Source

Being in the Italian fashion capital, how can one overlook shopping here? The Quadrilatero d’Oro is not only Milan’s most elite shopping district but also recognized as one of the world’s most significant centers for fashion. The “Golden Quadrilateral” encompasses several city blocks, most of which are adorned with Neoclassical architecture. However, Via Sant’Andrea features some of the brightest stars of the fashion world and is one of the top Milan tourist destinations during the night.

Sforzesco Castle Milan

Location: 20121 Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

5. Sforzesco Castle

Constructed during the 14th century as a fortress, the Sforzesco Castle is one of the many sights to see in Milan, Italy, that transformed into a display of power and prestige. Today, the castle is home to the Museo d’Arte Antica, which showcases the Pietà Rondanini – Michelangelo’s ultimate masterpiece. Additionally, an extensive exhibition of Egyptian art is on display in the castle’s former ducal apartments.

Location: Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano MI, ItalyTimings: 7 AM to 7.30 PM

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La Scala Milan

6. La Scala

One of the most well-known Milan tourist attractions, La Scala was designed in the Neoclassical style by architect Giuseppe Piermarini. Over the years it has enjoyed a reputation of being a premier opera house since its first performance of “L’Europa Riconosciuta,” by Antonio Salieri, in 1778. La Scala, the crimson-and-gold theater is renowned for its exceptional acoustics that reveal the true talents of a vocalist, and attending a live performance is a must-see experience in Milan.

Piazza Dei Mercanti Milan

Location: Via Filodrammatici, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

7. Piazza Dei Mercanti

Looking for places to explore in Milan at night? Once an administrative center of the city during the Middle Ages, the Piazza dei Mercanti is an integral part of Milan sightseeing that offers a glimpse of Medieval life in the city after dark. While the 13th-century Broletto Nuovo that once stood at the center of the piazza now marks the square’s northeast boundary, the buildings look much as they did centuries ago. On the southeastern side is the Loggia degli Osii where the city’s authorities once addressed the people from the structure’s balconies. Nowadays, the square is transformed into a vibrant Christmas market during the winter holidays.

Location: Piazza dei Mercanti, 20123 Milano MI, ItalyTimings: Open 24 Hours

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Pinacoteca di Brera Milan

8. Pinacoteca Di Brera

Milan has an array of world-class art museums in it and the lovely Pinacoteca di Brera is one among them. This is probably among top places to explore in Milan for art enthusiasts. Housed in over 40 rooms, the collection of Italian paintings are located upstairs from the Accademia di Belle Arti – a still-operating art school founded in 1776 by Maria Theresa of Austria. However, travelers can also wander through the picturesque streets outside the museum, dine at the numerous restaurants, shop at the adorable shops, and do much more.

Navigli Lombardi Milan

Location: Via Brera, 28, 20121 Milano MI, ItalyTimings: 8.30 AM to 7.15 PM, Mondays Closed

9. Navigli Lombardi

Dating back to as early as the 12th century, Milan’s Navigli or the canals were constructed to facilitate the irrigation system. In the 1300s, the canal system was expanded for the transportation of goods that continued well till the 19th century. Travelers can enjoy a 55-minute cruise along the remaining Navigli Lombardi as it is considered to be one of the best places to explore in Milan. Tour boats depart from the point where the historic port of Darsena and the most important canal of Naviglio Grande meet. So, come here if you want to spend some time watching and indulging in performing art.

Place: Pirelli Skyscraper, Via Fabio Filzi, 22, 20124 Milano MI, ItalyHours: Open 24/7

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Teatro Dal Verme

10. Theater Dal Verme

Picture Source

A perfect destination to explore at nighttime in Milan is the renowned theater Theater Dal Verme. Giuseppe Pestagalli was the innovator behind the establishment of Theater Dal Verme. It serves as the main venue for organizing dramas, live performances, and exceptional music. Additionally, exhibitions and conference meetings are also held annually at this esteemed location.

Place: Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Hours: Not Available

11. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard

Picture Source

In the year 1482, Leonardo da Vinci relocated to Milano as one of the writers in the royal court. This period marked the peak of painters in Milan, and Leonardo da Vinci was presented with a vineyard as a token of appreciation for his work. Among the noteworthy places of interest in Milan, Italy, this is a must-visit location. Whether or not you are an enthusiast of vineyards and wine in general, a visit to this place will transport you back to a different era when art was becoming a catalyst for societal transformation.

Place: La Vigna di Leonardo, Corso Magenta, 65, Milan, Italy

Hours: Not Available


12. 10 Corso Como

Picture Source

This is the birthplace of the concept of a lifestyle store. Carla Sozzani founded this store, which brings together a selection of products that are essential in everyday life while also exuding a sense of high fashion. Fashion, food, art, design, publishing, and music all converge at 10 Corso Como. So, visit 10 Corso Como to acquire some items for your beloved home, which you can also cherish as lasting memories of your Milan excursion.

Location: 10 Corso Como, Corso Como, 10, Milan, Italy

Hours: 10:30am–12am


13. Castle Sforzesco

Image Source

Searching for places to explore in Milan in 1 day? Here is one where you can spend your entire day. Constructed by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan in the 15th century, Castle Sforzesco is a location where one can become acquainted with the city’s medieval and modern history. The renowned Pinacoteca gallery that houses marvelous artworks like Tintoretto and Titian is also situated within this castle. This castle includes numerous museums and galleries that are worthy of a visit during your trip, so it is recommended to spend at least 4 hours here.

Location: Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Hours: 7am–7:30pm

Biggest Cathedral in Milan, Duomo

14. Duomo

Similar to other European countries, Milan is also famous for its iconic architectural sites. One such attraction in Milan is the majestic Duomo that is situated at the center of the city in the heart of Piazza del Duomo. This magnificent structure is built with pink-toned white marble which was sourced from the quarries of LakeMaggiore. It is the largest cathedral in Italy and was constructed in 1386. Remember to ascend to the rooftop of this stunning cathedral to capture the panoramic views of the entire city!

Location: Piazza del Duomo, Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Hours: NA

15. Novecento Museum

Camibaart Gallery

After exploring Duomo, you can stroll down to this astonishing gallery called Museo del Novecento that showcases an exclusive collection of Italian art from the 20th century. This immense gallery houses over 400 artworks that are displayed in chronological order, presenting the gradual changes in Italian society and culture over time. If you have an appreciation for art or wish to delve into the history of this stunning place, then make sure to visit this enlightening gallery.

Location: 8 Piazza del Duomo, Milano, Lombardia, 20123, Italy

Hours: 9:30am–7:30pm

16. Peck

Italian cuisine is a major draw for international tourists. Don’t you want to indulge in some delicious Italian delicacies while vacationing in Milan? Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or just a tasty bite, Peck is the ultimate gourmet destination in Milan, offering the finest Italian food in the city! Originally known for its smoked meats and salmon in 1883, today this restaurant is a paradise for food enthusiasts visiting Milan.


Location: 9 Via Spadari, Milano, Lombardia, 20123, Italy

Timings: NA

17. Parco Sempione

If you’re seeking a serene green escape in Milan, Parco Sempione, the city’s largest green space, is the perfect choice! You can go for leisurely walks or simply relax while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of this beautiful city. Within Parco Sempione, you’ll find the historic Castello Sforzesco and the fascinating art center, La Triennale di Milano. For the best experience, plan your visit in the early morning to explore the entire park. If you’re visiting Milan between September and November, the park’s exquisite beauty will surely captivate you!

Location: Piazza Sempione, Milano, Lombardia, 20154, Italy

Timings: 6:30am-9pm

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18. Chiesa Di San Maurizio Al Monastero Maggiore

If you’re planning to visit Castello Sforzesco and Doumo during your next visit to Milan, be sure to include Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore on your list, as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milan and considered the most significant Benedictine monastery in the city. The highlight of the place is ‘The Sistine Chapel of Milan,’ which features a detailed cycle of frescoes.

Location: 15 Corso Magenta, Milano, Lombardia, 20123, Italy

Timings: NA

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19. Milano Centrale Railroad Station

Milan is the domicile of this fascinating railroad station called Milano Centrale Railroad Station that was established in 1939 and still functions as the primary entrance and exit point for Northern Italy and middle Europe. You can pay a visit to the station to observe the captivating architecture. From a curved glass roof to exterior corners, there are numerous intriguing points to explore at this railroad station.

Location: 1 Piazza Duca d’Aosta, Milano, Lombardia, 20124, Italy

Operating Hours: Not Available

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20. Monumental Cemetery

Positioned in the north of this vibrant city, Monumental Cemetery is an immense cemetery edifice that you must not overlook while you are sojourning in Milan on your impeccable vacation! It was established in the late 19th century and showcases the life history of Milan from the age of Gothic to Byzantine eras. The place serves as a burial site for notable politicians of Milan. You can also catch a glimpse of the sculptures contributed by Italian artists.

Location: Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, Milano, Lombardia, 20154, Italy

Operating Hours: 8am–6pm

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Are you thrilled to visit Milan after discovering these astonishing historical and cultural locations to explore here? If so, then why wait? Plan a trip to Italy immediately and include these Milan attractions on your bucket list, allowing you to live your dream in this culturally rich destination. Enjoy your trip!

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